Buhari declares intention to re-contest 2015 presidential election

Maj. Gen.(rtd) Muhammadu Buhari, the 2011 general elections Presidential Candidate of the CPC has made known his intention to re-contest for the presidency in the 2015 general elections.

Buhari made this known while addressing CPC supporters in Kaduna who visited him, telling the crowd that he would not quit politics and urging them to close ranks for victory in future elections.

“I am still in until the polity is sanitised and people enjoy the fruits of democracy at all levels of government.” Buhari said.

The CPC leader also pledged to ensure that the party continued to field credible candidates at the polls.

Buhari advised security agencies, the judiciary and INEC to exhibit high degree of professionalism and patriotism at all times for the progress of the country.

He also urged youths to shun acts of violence, thuggery and money politics to make their future better.

Buhari enjoined the people to canvass for their rights by emulating Nasarawa and other areas where CPC triumphed.

Mr Ibrahim Kailani, the Leader of the group and Igabi Local Government Council Chairmanship aspirant in Kaduna State, had earlier urged Buhari not to abandon the people.

He solicited for Buhari’s support ahead of the upcoming local government polls in the state and subsequent national elections.


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  5. Its unfortunate that even after the disaster called ‘gej’, some Nigerians still cannot allow their heads do the work for which God almighty created it. How can anyone, in their right senses, still accuse Buhari of having anything to do with boko haram? Well its a display of the terrible state of our education, that some cannot differentiate btw light and darkness. God be with you the general of truth.

  6. Why do we always abandon substance and go after shadows? Why are our thinking abilities clouded with utmost confusion? When will we learn to be divinely guided? The government and governance of this country rests on the shoulder of every reasonable nigerian regardless of who is @ Aso Rock. We can contribute our individual quota from wherever. Its too early to be talking about 2015 elections.a. Let Burhari quell the northern insurgency before talking about contesting. Antecedents and providence will judge! Beware!!

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  9. Let’s be realistic if buhari wants to recontest we don’t have any reason what so ever to critisize his decisions, it might be because he still believes in nigeria and has a dream for nigeria, Let’s just pray for the best from god.