Bomb blasts and gunfire hits Bayero University, Kano

A Bomb explosion has on Sunday morning hit Bayero University, Kano.

The blast occurred at the old campus of the university at a theatre building where Christian students gathered for Sunday worship.

Reports suggest the assailants may have targeted the Christian students who were holding a religious service in the theatres building.

Witnesses explained that those who survived the bomb blast ran into gunfire coming from unknown gunmen who had taken positions around the church building.

Eye witnesses report that multiple explosions and gunfire echoed around the old campus and that the building went up in flames.

The scene of the incident has been cordoned by the security operatives.

Mohammed Suleiman, a history lecturer at the university, said security guards had to run for their lives when the violence broke out.

“For over 30 minutes a series of bomb explosions and gun shots took over the old campus, around the academic blocks,” he told Reuters news agency.

“Several dead

Reports say about 20 people have been killed in the deadly attack.

The exact number of casualties is still unknown, as rescue workers are making frantic efforts to save lives.

“We have recovered 14 dead bodies so far and transfer same to Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital.” A rescue team member said, adding that many others including women and children were injured.

The police referred calls for comment to Nigeria’s military

Military spokesman Lt. Iweha Ikedichi said soldiers and police had surrounded the university and were searching for the gunmen who carried out the attack.

“There were casualties, but I don’t have exact figures,” Ikedichi said.

“Some are so injured and have been rushed to local hospitals.” He added

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but the dreaded Islamist sect Boko Haram is active in Kano as the groups deadliest attack to date, which claimed about 180 lives, was carried out in Kano.


  1. I don’t knw y people still attribute this sect as an Islamic group. So many Islamic cleric has said on both media on several instances that wha these act is non-islamic. I won’t say more coz these people r everywhere monitoring

  2. @ Ade, If they are not from Islam, where are they from then? They said they are “ALLAH” worshipers, so whats d difference? Well may the blood of Christ cleans them n may God forgive them cos they don’t know what they are doing! Am sure God is watching everything n will take vengence @ d appropriat time… May d peace of Christ comfort our hearts brethren.

  3. I knw it is only d hearts that were opened by God will knw that this thing has no business to do with muslims or islamic religion the only thing we need to do is to pray wether u are christian or muslim or even pegan we should keep praying to our country nigeria bt am sry to this boko haram is a setup by our leaders.

  4. Mr president,it is time you tell us what you know about BOKO HARAM we know you are not one of them. please call on the northern leader both old and currently serving in you government to ALLOW us peace and freedom of worship and stop killing our children we suffer to train in the midst of obscurity and suffering.please we tried and fed up with this killing.GOD PLEASE HELP US NOW AND SPEAK COMFORT TO THE FAMILIES OF THE DECEASED

  5. Mr president sir.we voted u in 2 lead us 2 d promise land as tins might b we are losin hope,confidence,trust, and security.u still declare ur intentions on leading us again. In d history of nig 4rm 1960 til date ur regime is….do sumtin we still believe in U dnt let us down again

  6. Govt. Of Kano State is not even trying at all.ur excellency u cant provide a good goveranc to ur people but u can provide first class medical treatment to ur own people ur children infact ur not a father.and i knw u stil want 2 rule again,imagine.leadership is not wot public fund wil do 4 u rather wot u wil do 2 for d public fund.

  7. There is war going on in this country, no room for pretense. It’s time for us Christians to wake up and rise to the occasion. If peace means praying and get killed by the uncircumcised, then that path is only for the weak. But if war can make people realize how important peace is, then let us prepare to die inorder to pave way for peace…

  8. At first they said they were ‘BOKO HARAM’ which means WESTERN EDUCATION IS BAD but now they are no longer fighting against WESTERN EDUCATION but against CHRISTIANITY and CHRISTIANS.pls let it be clear that this group is no longer BOKO HARAM but CHRISTIANITY HARAM!!!
    May God help us but let them know it clearly that CRIME does not pay.

  9. Christianity is a religion of peace. How else does one explain the purpose of jihad in Islam. It is nothing but a tool for war and social unrest, not peace. It is time we called a spade a spade – Boko Haram is fighting nothing but the President Goodluck Jonathan Admistration. Though their activities were curtailed during the Yar’Adua administration, some unsatisfied presidential candidates and their cohauts of Northern extraction, who have failed to secure a seat against President Jonathan, have decided to re-awaken Boko Haram as a tool to fight the government while they watch from afar and in silence. The only time they are not silent is when they accuse the government of incompetence. How else does one explain the fact that a general who has ruled the country for several years would fold his arms while his people, whom ordinarily would listen to him, cause problems in the country. It is even more pronouned when crisis provoking statements such as ‘I will cause problem if I lose the election’ is already lingering in the air. Even without the issue of a command, an eager follower would carry out neferious actions as triggered by such statements. This is the most cowardly way of fighting a government. The Irony of the whole issue is that Boko Haram claims western education is a sin, yet they use weapons, vehicles and other items which are direct or indirect products of western education and civilization to fight the West. It implies that Boko Haram is commiting the same sin they accuse the West of commiting. But I tell you what, they are making the biggest religious mistake of their lives. God or Allah, whichever name you choose to address him by, does not need the intervention of mere mortals. How does one explain the fact that he is God if mere mortals could fight for him – what an irony; what a funny world, or religion to be precise. No creature can fight its creator. If you believe this then you can agree with me that no creature can fight for its creator. In other words, if you think you can fight for your creator, then you can as well think of one day fighting your creator. It is coming to a timelight for Boko Haram to think of fighting Allah. That is when they will afterwards think of calling it a quit. But it will be too late.