Jonathan Debunks Azazi’s Claim That PDP Created Boko Haram

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday in Abuja refuted insinuation that the “undemocratic’’ nature of the ruling party, the PDP, led to the emergence of the militant Boko Haram sect. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that some national dailies on Saturday quoted the National Security Adviser to the President, retired Gen. Patrick Azazi, as saying that the emergence of undemocratic elements in the PDP led to the creation of militant groups like the Boko Haram sect. Fielding questions from newsmen after visiting the premises of the ThisDay Newspapers building bombed on Thursday, President Jonathan said the Security Adviser might have been misquoted by the media.

“So, until I read it, I don’t believe that the NSA means that the practices in the PDP are anti-democratic. “I cannot comment much about what happened in the First Republic, but the aborted Second Republic that I marginally participated, and this Third Republic that I am a key actor, presently as a member of the first eleven, I still see that the PDP is one of the most democratic parties. “So, I don’t believe that it is undemocratic practice in the PDP that could give rise to Boko Haram or any other group. “So, probably, people need to ask NSA to explain what he really meant, but I read it from the papers. I don’t believe it is undemocratic practices in the PDP could give birth to this or any other militant groups.

’’ On the bombed building of Thisday Newspapers, Jonathan called on all Nigerians to join hands with the government in fighting the menace of terror groups in the country. According to him, any terror attack on any part of the country is a terror attack on all Nigerians and indeed the whole world. “You really see that this is a media house; it’s not a government establishment. Media helps to inform all of us about what is happening and of course the media is now also a victim and that is why we all as Nigerians, no matter what we do, where we come from, we must join hands in fighting this terror.

“And I can assure you that we’lll get over it; other nations have passed through it. Sometimes, when I say that, Nigerians begin to misunderstand that we are just sleeping to wait that it will come and go like wind; No. “We say that countries have faced it; U.S. has faced it and other countries have faced that they were able to conquer it, we are working very hard; our security services are working very hard and we will conquer it.

’’ On the debate on whether government should dialogue with the Boko Haram sect or not, the president said the two options could be possible depending on the circumstances on the ground. He reiterated the determination of government to address the challenges posed by terror groups in the country, saying that dialogue with members of the Boko Haram sect was not totally ruled out. “Yes, they are correct; those who are saying we should dialogue are correct; those who are saying we should not dialogue are also correct.

“When you have a terror situation, you also look at global best practice all over the
world. Just like war situations, you may dialogue; you may not dialogue, depending on the circumstances. “But we’ll exploit every means possible to bring this to an end.’’ (NAN)


  1. I no blame una na bcos only common man dey die dats why nothing meaningful has been done. .if na to divide dis country make Evryone ans em papa name make we do am.iam so so disappointed wit dis country ,dis govt and d pple of dis country who can’t stand up against bad and corrupt leadership.when SA deported some nigerians bcos of lasser fever issue naija govt acted bcos a senator was among those deported d day a rich and very popular politician will die in bomb attack uwill see naija govt acting fast fast .our govt don’t give a damn abt us

  2. I think something is wrong wit Mr President. Why is he debunking d truth as said by d NSA (Gen. Azazi)? Instead of summoning d NSA to find out ways to stop Boko Haram, he is busy denying d truth about his party (PDP). This is a case of misplaced priority. May God save Naija people from our senseless leaders.

  3. I am not surprised, for a whole president to denied the truth that we all know to be true, is absurd and untenable. Instead to agree and call on all elders of his party to seek solution on how to quench all what they started ‘these diabolic act of these devils’ treating the peace of our dear nation he’s busy seeking ways to defend is party. My prayer is that, if it pleases God and is the only solution, let Nigeria divide! because there’s no honest in the game .

  4. My dear president Goodluck Jonathan, why don’t you bring in Israili’s and US Intelligent officers and soldiers to stop this dreadful situation in my dear country, Nigeria? I’m sure you know how to stop them but I can not understand why you remain mute.

  5. My dear president Goodluck Jonathan, why don’t you bring in Israili’s and US Intelligent officers and soldiers to stop this dreadful situation in my dear country, Nigeria? I’m sure you know how to stop them but I can not understand why you remain mute.

  6. Na wa! Even the president cannot stand and let the truth come out,We knw all this even before Azazi said it.All these are happening simply because it is only affecting the poor masses.Mr president should understand that this thing is giving him a bad record and posterity will know his govt as weak and disappointing one.He should stand up and act as a man or quite if Nigeria is too big for him to control.Remember Obj and the Niger Delta militants,why is jonathans own becoming too hard to control.Understand that other group maybe sitting on a keg of gun powder if the activities of the boko haram are not looked into and assauged and this may cause a civil war…………..GOD FORBID

  7. BABA OBJ Nuetraized what people called Cabal today for his 8 years as a president of this country.He started with the Armed forces, the Police and others.But suprisingly the number of those cabal that has readuced to a minima now double less than 2years of GJE ruling.Our presido always scare to talk straight on national issue.Thanks to Our Rtd but not tired Gen.A,O.Azazi.fmr DMI,GOC,COAS,CODS,now NSA.If GEJ make mistake and. ask the Gen to go base on what he said, which is factual statement i bet you,he will have problem in picking another Loyal NSA.