Jonathan seeks Germany’s technology to tackle Boko Haram

Angela Mmerkel and Goodluck Jonathan

President Jonathan, who is currently on a 3-day state visit to Germany, yesterday appealed to Germany and the UN to assist Nigeria with her security challenges resulting from the violent activities of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

Jonathan specifically wants Germany to help Nigeria with the necessary technology to boost the country’s security arrangement.

The President made the plea at a joint press conference he held with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, shortly after a bilateral talk between the two leaders in Berlin.

“The area we expect our development partners especially countries like Germany to help is in terms of our security architecture, training and providing us with some modern equipment.

“You have to fight terrorists with technology because terrorists do not need to come with a rifle and you confront them one-on-one.

“They will surprise you; they will not come to engage you except to defend themselves occasionally. So, you must have superior technology to monitor them and know how you can relate with them.

“And these are the areas we believe that countries like Germany and others and even the United Nations can assist us.” Jonathan said.

Jonathan also assured potential foreign investors of the safety of their lives and property in Nigeria regardless of the Boko Haram threat, while faulting news reports that the entire country is unsafe.

“Nigeria is still safe for investment. Nigeria is one country where investment returns are quite high and where we believe in the rule of law.

“As a nation, we have security challenges because most investors talk about security. At present, we have the local terrorist group code named Boko Haram.

“From publications on this terrorist group, it paints a very gloomy picture as if the whole country is in tatters. These terrorists operate in some states in then North-East part of the country but go into other states from time to time.

“But what I can assure the global community especially our investors from Germany, is that government is working very hard to bring it under control.” Jonathan said

Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in her reaction promised her country’s willingness to work with the Nigerian government to bring the security situation under control.

“But I think what is most important is the resolve of the Nigerian government to deal with such a group and to remain on top of the situation and protect the peace loving people of Nigeria who suffer most from such attacks.” Merkel said.

She added the newly established bilateral commission between Germany and Nigeria should be able to discuss the issue with the aim of coming up with greater details of the areas where Nigeria may need help.


  1. a country without peace is a country without progress, in d sense if dere is no peace, dere can’t b development. let us all put hands together to combat dis criminal act frm dis country.

  2. Mr President,I think you are doing your best but nigerians are something else and very difficult to control.
    Just like a couple of days back,a genuine nigerian businessman was delayed for about four hours at an airport in Italy because of the impression we have left in that country.This is very embarrasing but then who caused it.
    Keep doing your very best though.

  3. Chris when the news says he has flown to Germany to solicit for their aid or what ever, they did not mean in person, it could be in kind. Jonathan abi J.J is just using this opportunity to make money from foreign donors and we stupidly believe he is doing what is right.
    The only thing that is right is to be fear and just to himself and to Nigerian. Boko Haram or whatever are people that can be handled provided the necessary military and security mights and equipments are available. But for where. I am certain that the arms used even by the military are outdated for modern warfare or to face any security up avail.
    Useless THING.


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