JTF kills 2 suspected Boko Haram militants in Maiduguri

The Maiduguri Field Operations Officer of the Joint Task Force, (JTF) has yesterday confirmed that JTF soldiers gunned down two suspected Boko Haram sect members, after the sect members allegedly killed five bakery workers Thursday morning in Maiduguri, Borno State.

“The suspected Boko Haram Islamic sect members were killed in a shoot-out with the military.

”As soon as we got information that a bakery was attacked by suspected boko haram members where five people were shot dead, we immediately reinforced security in and around the area.

“We conducted a thorough search in the area which inconvenienced the suspected members who started shooting in a bid to escape before they were shot dead by my men.” Colonel Victor Ebhaleme, the Field Operations Officer of the JTF said.

Ebhaleme said there was no casualty on the side of the military and assured residents of their safety noting that “we are more than ever ready the crush Boko Haram.”

According to the Colonel, items recovered from those killed included “2 AK-47 riffles with 20 rounds of ammunition.”


  1. Thanks to JTF. This fight against BOKO HARAM and similar armed/common criminals should be the work of regular/special police force. The most potent weapon in fighting criminals is intelligence information- starting with personal identification anywhere you are in the country, the nature of your work,business in line with your Id and educational level. An unemployed 17-35yrs old driving around with personal car, lodging in hotel/govt guest house and surrounding himself with so called innocent wives and children – is definitely a criminal/BOKO HARAM. These common criminals should not be difficult to catch- asked 10 them well structured questions they will contradict themselves in 3-4. An uneducated, unemployed 16-35yrs old user of expensive Handset/consumer of N500.00 plus credit daily is definitely a criminal gang member. MTN, GLOBACON, AIRTEL etc monitoring records can be used to track and catch these criminals before they strike. JTF should focus on actions/inactions of 17-35yrs old poorly educated, unempolyed males with questionable residential addresses for potential violent criminal actions. Even unmarried, unemployed 25-40yrs old ladies without NYSC record living expensively should be monitored for criminal linkages before their gang strikes – unemployed, unmarried, status do not tally with expensive lifestyle unless someone is sponsoring it – criminals or criminal families and should be identified and checked before they strike innocent people under the guise of BOKO HARAM.


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