Mercy Johnson Beats Up Fan On Set

Actress Mercy Johnson recently displayed that when it comes to anger management, she is just as vulnerable as super model, Naomi Campbell.

While filming in Asaba, the Delta State capital a couple of months back, the actress lost her cool, seized a fan’s blackberry phone and guess what? Smashed it!

Reason, the fan, a make-up artiste on the set was filming her while in action acting a romantic scene.

Insiders who witnessed the shameful drama on the set of a movie by Amaco Brothers entitled In The Mind, says that all was well until a make-up artiste on set, a female, obviously enthralled by the callipygian decided to record her favourite star on her blackberry phone as she was acting a romantic scene.

Sources say she was in the thick of acting when she noticed what was happening and jumped off set and charged at the make-up artiste. Slapped her across the face, grabbed her black berry phone and smashed it shouting: “This is how it all begins, this is how it all begins. Before you know it they will start writing lies about me in the press!”

So angry was Mrs. Okogie that it took the entire cast to calm her down and she only agreed to continue shooting on one condition that the said make-up artiste be dismissed from the set.

“I am really shocked,” the said make-up artiste moaned as she sobbed obviously in shock at Mercy’s attack. “I respect and love Mercy so much. She is my role model. I never believed she could get so angry and do such a terrible thing to me. Now I have lost my blackberry phone; I am so sad.”

Few years ago, super model, Naomi Campbell had a similar experience after she threw her Blackberry phone at a maid who eventually sued her for assault.



  1. lets reason it with Mercy, befor u know now, u will see dat video everywhere in d internet, newspapers and magarzines. D girl deserve wot Mercy did to her.

  2. I don’t really blame Mercy for getting angry over that. People tend to write all sort of rubbish about stars. Don’t forget she has been a victim once or severally eg. She was rumoured to have gone blind before just because the character she played went blind in the movie. If the ‘said fan’ or the press had published the video with the caption..”Mercy Johnson cheats on husband..”, you would have believed it without knowing the genesis of the said video just like what US secretary of States, Hillary Clinton is going through.

  3. the fan deserved more of the slap.. this is what they do, spoiling people’s future/ image .before u know some ignorant fellow will believe &start comenting robish.. this is exactly what some folks conspired against pastor chris, in the name of masturbation…BB users be careful.

  4. If i were 2b dat lady,i will return bak d slap.she is mad 4 doin dat.she needs 2b sued 4dat phone.MERCY JOHNSON IS “DISGRACE” 2d Nigerian film industry.

    • true talk no matter the fuck up the lady did….Johnson should have controlled her self. she deserved to be sued for assault and willful damage of property

  5. Lets all tell ourselves the truth,Mercy is a celeb,nobody is doubting that,she could have spoken to the make up artiste politely to find out her reason not to slap,I must agree wit @Tega she is rigth Mercy needs to be sued for assault and battery.

  6. what does mercy has that the girl don’t she slapped her if i were the one i will sue her till she runs dry what about her phone what about her contact in fact if the girl can get a video of that scene as evidence i will sponsor my lawyer ad show mercy that she can be humble shame on her

  7. @Tega and Shaback, be realistic the young lady got what she deserved. If u are a celeb u’ll do more than that. We all hear stupid things about Mercy, she is human not stone. Mercy was right about d statement she made. If u love her buy and watch her movie not capturing when d movie is not out in air. I suggest camera phones should not be allowed wen making movies atlest it’ll reduce bad rumours. Mis BB by another one the way u bought d 1st one. Mis lawyer use ur money on better things. If u want 2 be a celeb like her u wouldn’t want her down fall. Dnt be jealous pray 2 be 1 some day.

  8. Although mercy over reacted bt I tink dat fan deserve more of real sense I don’t tink d girl is a fan bt 1 of those dat r luking 4 a way 2 tarnish mercy’s image.I’m not mercy jonhson’s fan bt I support her 4 her action

  9. U guys sayin against Mercy shld jst hang off,d lady got wht she needed,dz z same tn d said on Tonto’s case,making luv wit d so called Wizkid.Y shld d lady b so calous 2 video n record d scene,dats vry wrong nd i cals it eavesdropping thou its nt wht it means bt dats it in my own explanatn.

  10. The truth of the matter here is that Mrs. Johnson is playing to the gallary. There is a show of stardom and pompousity here. We the commentators shuld try to examine issues in diverse point of views. (1) Mrs. Johnson has been into this 4 several years now and her husband knows the type of profession she is into (2) do u people think it’s the first time such recording is taken place? It is a very common activity that happens in everyday shooting. People takes records of scenes and even during an audition. If not so, the girl wuld have not tried such thing in the first place. Probably, Mrs. Johnson has a secret hatred on the girl unaware she is one of her fans. (3) can somebody take a careful and closer cross-examinations on the reactions of Mrs. Johnson? (a) she slapped the girl across her face (b) she grabbed her bb phone and smashed it (3) she asked 4 the dismissal of the girl from that set as a make-up artist. Come on, lets be little bit more civilized in our dealings with people. She is actually loosing out in this actions of her’s.

  11. I don‘t blame mercy i think d girl actually got what she deserved or why should she decide to film her during the romantic phase of d film, i believe it is obviously to get d newly married mercy enmeshed in another scandal.

  12. My advice goes to the make up artist, even if he/she mean no harm, as claimed, having such record on her phone, which no doubt any body else can have access to.
    she should quitely apologise and make Mercy understand that she mean no harm, and restore her relationship, than God it did not get to the extent of injury

  13. that serves her right…………………tank you mercy for giving her dat slap…before you know it dey will start wtiting rubbish and postn it on d internet.go sis……………………..

  14. The girl is indeed a bucket of shit, so na only romance part she see film with BB? She is soooooooooo stupid and deserved even more. I am not a fan of home movies, but i think mercy johnson is more dan right, this is how people break peoles home and marriages, at d end everybody is confused and dont know d truth behind some things.

  15. thats babaric, mrs johnson took the laws into her hands just because she feels highly placed than the make-up fellow. The make-up artist should simply look for a lawer and sue that monster. What…. In this day and time … Mrs johnson need to do some time at an Anger rehab. Facility

  16. @tega stop saying all this i really dnt blame her what she did,that is what they do and before you know it they have started spreading fake news about people who are progressing so if you dnt know what to say shut up k,becaus if it were suppose to be me i will do the same and i know you willl do the same if it were you so this has got nothing to do with disgrace………………………..MERCY JOHNSON keep going nobody can stop you from you shining

  17. I won’t blame her for her action coz a lot has happened to her recently and all she could do is to protect her integrity buh she took it wrong!right application of it is better for a star like her

  18. I think mercy should have handled it in a more matured manner, after all she’s still in the press now with this news and would always be cos she’s very good at what she does. Also a warning to other fans, things like recording a star on set especially in that mood is totally absurd and unacceptable!!!

  19. U all shuld go and die mercy johnson is still d bitch she use 2 be and she must pay for dat fone fuckn bastard celeb take dis Fuck u sign and shove it into ur sexy black ass fuckn adult rascal fuckn shit

  20. So she should have left the girl nowww. And the next thing the video will be on the internet with a headline like Mercy johson caught red handed romancing so and so. The make up artist was very unprofessional and deserved what she got. If it were me I’d do more than slap her. Why are camera phones even allowed on set.

  21. Wait, will the movie not come out for everybody to watch abi what are u guys talkin about? Its just like some acting blue film and still asking for privacy, no be the whole world go still see am. I don mark d title of the film and I dey go watch am… Idiotic johnson mercy

  22. What Mercy Johnson did is absolutely right, I’m in TOTAL SUPPORT of her action bcos before u know it, that so-called fan will broadcast the video and give it another story….

  23. Both parties involved are at fault. Mercy is a human vulnerable enof 2 react, though d lady was wrong especialy as d reason behind her action was not known, but mercy’s action was 2much 4 her 2 handle. I fink mercy should do her d favour of an apology and buy her a new phone, cos dis is more lyk an intimidation. Bt d lady has 2 pick corrections, cos u just dnt do tins at ur own wil witout permision 4 d oda party

  24. Imagine wat d. Girl did was wrong but dat doesn’t mean d next step shuld be assault she culd hve asked her to delete d video and ensure the action doesn’t repeat itself dat would hve been enough embarrasment for d make up artist very immature action on her part petty and totally shallow. She shuld be made to restore d phne

  25. am nt suporting any of them but mercy should take care she should know she’s now marriged nw she should stop all those part u can c omotola in her films

  26. Am not supportin mercy johnson for what she did,why because d fan was tryin her best to show a kind of luv she hav for mercy johnson,no need of blame for dat fan mercy johnson acted right any way but not supports to be like dat atlease let her control her anger for makin things in order confirmation have to be done before any action should take place.

  27. Mercy actually messed up. For crying out loud why should she slap, our destroy ones property and walk someone out of a deal just cos of a careless mistake she made. Let’s try to be reasonable here. Though the girl was wrong, we all know but that does not require such harsh treatment. Nigeria is so lawless if this where to be U.S her ass would be toast…for me if I were to be in dat ladies shoes,I would let the slap be as a reward for my mistake but that black berry she must compensate me or we would act a new movie there that would definitely sell international…..bull shit !!

  28. The supposed fan shouldnt have been allowed access tothe scene so directors take note.also mercy shouldnt have hit her,there are better ways to handle such matters e.g bringing such action of the girl to the notice of the director and d video would have simply been deleted with a stern warning.And everyone would have been happy

  29. Tnx 2 Teshi nd Ogechi marian. Lets be realistic here, Mercy over reacted. She shuld hav cautioned d gal rather dan slapin her, destroyin her phone, nd demandin dat she be dismissd. Come on… We ar al humans.

  30. People still do not understand this case at all. Mercy is my colleague. As a production manager in the industry, I will have to educate u people little more on this case. The girl committed no offence by wat she did. It waz a mere share wickedness and a height of hatred on the part of Mercy to the girl. Listen, no scene is taken without the presence of a director, a D.O.P, a boom mic controlar, an assistant director, a continuity, some production assistance and many more. So, how culd dat supposed to be a secret scene? More so, there is a censor board in Nigeria to control any movie dat goes beyond the border of our cultural values. Finally, I said b4 dat it’s allowed 4 people to take a record of any action on set even during an audition. So, how waz dat supposed to be a private deal? Mercy Johnson secretly hates the girl.

  31. No matter what d lady did, that did not give mercy the right to hit her.will All those castigating the lady allow their sister to be manhandled like that. Let us be fair in our assessment. I am for the lady seeking redress in court even though I am a fan of mercy.

  32. @Iteshi thank you u understands it see lets be factual if phone recording are prohibitted she would not have tried to record it and perharps she records it she (mercy) shd not have taken the law in her hands i am still standing on the ground that the girl should lets make mercy a scape goat and lets sue her i know someone ….. i mean a camera man has that recording lets see the recording and the rest is history if the girl can get hold of that scene in recording we will first sue her for 200 million naria then perharps after the case she will be humble

  33. Fellow Nigerians, permit me to say that the fears we’ve all nutured to our individual breast, lest it becomes instances of conflict, may soon become our fate. The picture in view calls for moral justification and that of self evaluation. Apt to say that the future of certain people who weed in other peoples farm, leaving thorns to grow in thiers as they jettisson personal uprightness may soon be catastrophic.

  34. I pity Mercy. It is not easy to be up there. But if I were her d best thing I would have done is to wipe out d recording & handed d bb to d gal. On d other hand if d girl is not up to something why is it d romantic scene she chose to film. To me it smacks of indecency. So one bad measure attracted another. Period!

  35. Jaycey,u are a beast 4 kaln mercy johnson a monsta.Al of u who stnd against mercy johnson u are al zombies.wen ur mum s makn lav wif ur dad du u video it.Asshole.Up mercy

  36. well, i tank u all 4 educating m on dis premature issue. What hav hapen, hav hapened. We ar all human and we act and react d way we understand things. Mercy pls am sory onbehave of d overfannin actist. Actist am sory onbehave of unmerciful Mercy. But most importantly dis is nt d reason 4 us 2 b in dis planet earth. We ar all here 4 love and in love shall all be rewarded. Wen we do dis we shall know and do d right thing at d right time, tanks. Udo dili unu.

  37. I blame the make up artist for neither retaliating Mercy’s attacks nor suing her for assault & battery. Either of these actions are remedies for the type of barbarism displayed by the GOAT called Mercy Johnson.

  38. Its a pity 4 d embarassing show of shame dt ws exhibited by mercy johnson on set.jz bkos a fan of her’s ws simply tkn a video scene of her favryt star doin her work. This goes on 2 say dat nollywood actors nd actresses cnt control themselves wile in public.May the lord hv MERCY on mercy 4 d fan whose BB phne ws smashd,tke hrt.a beta phne than that wil cum.

  39. i dnt lyk all.none of dis is mature.4 ha 2 slap nd assault d a public fightin scandal wich is nt mature.nd 4 d artiste 2 film ha on act is also amateur.both of dem ar amateur

  40. The guilty ones are always afraid. If Mercy Johnson didn’t have skeleton in her cupboard she wouldnt have gone to that extent. In fact Mercy Johnson acted like an illiterate and an unbeliever. If I where the makeup fan I would have pushed her so hard that she will fall to the ground ‘gbim’. I see no reason for slaping your fan. Now Mercy Johnson has behaved like a child and so many people will now suspect her. After all the film will be watched by so many when it is released. Will she now go from house to house slapping and smashing BB. If I were the fan I would have come with a monster camera whose memory is attached directly to the internet. Let me see how she can erase it. I cant marry a Nigerian home video actress. It’s the same boat that is carrying them about. Mttcheew!!!

  41. If a kind actor is kind in film it is called STAINLESS.
    If a kind actor is cruel in film it is called INTERESTING.
    If a cruel actor is cruel in film it is called TRANSPARENT.
    But if a cruel actor is kind in film it is called HIPOCRICY.
    Mercy Johnson acted like a hipocrite. She would always shed her crocodile tears to have nothing to shed when the real world senario comes. I used to watch her in films with pity. Sometimes I shed tears with her. But not anymore. I can now see her true colour. Who knows, maybe she would slap me one day while I am watching her emotional displays with tears in my eyes. HIPOCRITES

  42. if Genevieve was d one taking dat video wld she have slapped her,if i was d girl i wld have been making some mahd money off mercy Johnson, what d girl did was wrong n if i was mercy Johnson, i prolly wld hav stopped filming,grabbed d fne,deleted d video n send d girl out of d set… She only slapped d girl cos shez a nobody

  43. The artist deserve what she get,she is a make-up artist not a camera woman or d one shoting d movie while will she leave her work and start to vidoe Mercy J while on set.I wouldn’t say she deserve what she got but MJ gave what a puck noiser like her deserve.Next time she better consetrate on her job.infact she should be questioned properly to know who sent her bcos I believe she is up to sometin.Directors be warned while shotting a movie.make sure ppl dat u r working with dnt leave der work to do any other tin.


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