Radio and TV personality, Toke Makinwa, says Linda Ikeji is not a role model

Toke Makinwa

Radio and TV personality, Toke Makinwa, recently gave her opinion about Linda Ikeji, an ex-model and a popular blogger.

Makinwa says Linda Ikeji should not be taken as a role model.

Toke Makinwa who works as a radio presenter on popular urban radio station Rhythm 93.7 dropped her comments on air while she was co-anchoring ‘The Morning Drive’ recently.

I don’t think Linda Ikeji is a role modelShe’s a gossiper, She sells gossip’, Makinwa said on the show

Linda Ikeji

The Radio presenter also appealed to her listeners not to take the likes of Linda Ikeji and popular US blogger Perez Hilton and seriously.

I’m appealing to the younger generation not to take Perez Hilton or Linda Ikeji as a role model’, Makinwa said.

Ms. Ikeji, within a few years has moved from being media subject to media player; growing her platform to become one of Nigeria’s leading blogs; using mostly third party contents, reader engagement and shocking personal revelations.

The popular blogger is normally under regular fire from readers and celebrities who think she often crosses the line.

But the successful blogger is not all about gossip. Passionate about human interest stories, she has often dedicated her blog to supporting worthy causes, a recent example being the case of Okeoghene Ighiwotho – a diabetic patient who lost his toes and was bedridden for six years whose medical case has been taken up by the delta state government as a result of Ms. Ikeji’s blog.

This apparently does not impress Makinwa.

[UPDATE]: Linda Ikeji has reacted to Makinwa’s comment by giving a brief biography of herself on her blog, detailing how she struggled as a teenager to make ends meet.

“One of the things I said to myself back then was, the day I sell my body to a man for money, may God strike me dead.” She stated.

“Once in a while I think of that 19 year old girl who trekked for miles to school because she would not sell her body and I say to her, we made it, Linda, we made it!”

Ms. Ikeji concluded her reaction by saying that she may not be a role model in terms of what she does, but, as she puts it;

“I know I’m definitely a role model as a young woman.”


  1. which one be dis? Whether she is a role model or not,how does it concern you and anybody? Na wa on? Toke plis mind ur business and stop saying stupid things to draw d way her role model will not bring food on my table.

  2. As in dis toke should shut up!!! Toke wacko jacko(dat was her name back in unilag) as she changed overnight from a black girl to yellow paw paw..n on top of dat,she was a heavy aristo n runs girl..if anyone is talking bout role models,toke makinwa should just park well n keep shut

  3. Why do I feel like Linda doesn’t like to be criticized? She had better get used to criticism it comes with the business.

    That’s her opinion of you and everybody is entailed to one.

    Arguing about opinions is useless. You can not tell a person how they feel & that is exactly what an opinion is based on. Gut feelings.

    You talk about people and they too must talk about you. Now someone feels you are not a Role Model and you get all emotional and sentimental taking us down memory line to make us feel sorry for you.

    Like you had to prove yourself to the world!

    We all have stories that touch my dear Linda…you just pulled a stunt throwing that pity praty @ your blog.

    That only shows your low self esteem and the fact that you still haven’t grown tick skin.

    So if you are 2face or Kim Kardashian you will kill yourself ni?