UNI-ABUJA: ASUU passes vote of no confidence on VC

The University of Abuja chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities on Friday passed a vote of no confidence on the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. James Adelabu.

The decision was arrived at after an emergency meeting convened to assess the situation in the institution, which led to the suspension of the faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering.

This has added a fresh dimension to the crisis of confidence that erupted in the institution two weeks ago when the Federal Ministry of Education took the action to suspend the faculties.

Chairman of ASUU in the institution, Dr. Clement Chup, told our correspondent that the emergency meeting was convened to assess the situation and suggest a way forward for the university.

He said, “We met to assess the situation in the university and this we have done. We have come to the conclusion that the vice-chancellor is a cog in the wheel of progress. We, therefore, call on council to take an appropriate action.”

He said the council met on Thursday and was supposed to meet again on Friday, but could not because the chairman of council did not show up for the meeting.

The ASUU chairman noted that council was supposed to receive and consider the report of a committee set up last year to investigate allegations levelled against the VC.

This, it was gathered, may have prompted ASUU to convene an emergency meeting to appraise the situation and take a stand before the council reconvenes.

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  1. The most important thing is that people should understand that prof. Adelabu lack Administrative skill and there is no doubt he did not only suceeded in privatising the university ,i think it is more than that it is better called a commercialised university where people pay and get admision let me say this by way, why should prospective candidate payed N1000 for post UME that no exam was conducted where did this money go to ? . So the best thing is that mr vc should step aside, for he has once been discribed by a sociologist in that same institution as agent of “crises and faliure“and indeed this is a clear manifestations of his statement so let Adelabu go !!!

  2. A vc that is involve in collecting #180,000 to #250,000 before given admission is purely out to make money. This was aired on Raypower(political platform). Uni Abj is nothing but a commercialise institution where money exchange hand.

  3. The above comment as posted by me gives the reader an insight of the illegalities in the system, and all this while youths are vigilant on the actions and in action of the ICPC and EFCC to trash out this abnormalities, i will not say their effort are in vain but it is taken too long to finalise, now ASUU as taken over do it or we do it ourself, what then is the position of EFCC & ICPC let watch and see

  4. The VC is an epitome of inefficiency,corruption,incompetence,and a complete scally wag who refused good counsel in the appointment of some green horns as DVCs.He out of wickedness killed the soul of the university.he will always delay staff claim mutilate staff payments refuse. To sponsor conferences or even attend conferences organised in his university.he manipulates senate meetings and freed candidates caught cheating in exams NUC may need to have a look at his papers again

  5. Peace and efficency is all we want in our country, the security challenge in our country is enough for us to bear, why should a single individual distabilized every thing in the system, for those who know the school will unetstand better, i had people saying inherited problem that is a total mess. Nuhu Yaqub is an administrator and he praticalised it by making Adelabu head of admision and DVC which was a total failure look at the mean campus Nuhu Handed over all the present structure enjoy by Adelabu‘s tenure also take a look at the transport system and some other thing i will not mension so in my opinion let him go

  6. What enabling Laws actually established University of Abuja and other similar universities in Nigeria? If none, that means they are all illegal institutions! And they should all be closed down – how can universities be admitting students and running non accredited courses like Medicine, Engineering etc for 5-8yrs!. Only only primary and secondary schools can legally do that; knowing that there is WAEC, NECO, GCE or similar exams bodies to certify their products. After all, University College Ibadan took University of London degrees for several years in the 50s before it became University of Ibadan and never offered engineering till the 70s. Similarly University of Jos was a College established by UI in the 70s before getting legal approval several years later.All these FG, STATE, LGA, PRIVATE mushrooms universities should revert to colleges of legally established universities if education can be made sensible in Nigeria.The illegalities of the military rule and similar civilian govt’s impunity can only keep Nigerians in poverty circles What is the value of university in a place where 22-25yrs olds die in 30ft, 30yrs old abandoned water wells at Ekpoma. Even illiterates in Nigeria have never been known to die fetching water. Closed down these senseless schools so that their VCs, ASUU’s can find something more useful to do. BOKO HARAM may be right if not that they are more confused by using violence on innocent citizens to put across their poorly articulated message. Let them stop/renounce violence and come out openly to challenge, in the civil/sharia courts and free Press the illegalities in the Nigerian educational/political/economic system.

  7. Prof james adelabu should pls jst step aside coz he’s not competence n confident enof to handle the school affair. The university is meant for learning and not extorting money from people,infact he has made it a place of money market. Xo the ASUU did the wright thing by casting the vote of no confidence on him.

  8. What happened to PG forms money being sold for over two years the vc will now know that procastination indecision is the thief of time he has spent. Almost three years ighting imaginary enemies time to let him face EFCC

  9. d most annoying part is dt admission is nt given to d qualified std bt to those that have money or knw d pple on the high seat cos i dnt knw d essence of d jamb we are writing when it’s nt useful in n institution. I’ll urge d FG to cross check admission list of d sch and make amendment bcos d poor are suffering and neglected 4rm getting admission.

  10. The situation on grand now ought not to create room for exchange of defamatery statement. The problem in the Unibuja has been a long standing issues. Going for strike or the removal of VC can not solve the problem. Let us not be an agent of crises, let us think of the way out of the agony. The affected students are pleading with the school authourity to take a lawful and peaceful steps in their affair. Also, the entire students call and plead for proper procedures.


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