2Face Idibia Weds Annie Macaulay Secretly

It has been confirmed that 2face Idibia got married to Annie Macaulay on Wednesday, May 2nd 2012.
The couple exchanged vows in a private registry wedding witnessed by only family members and close friends.
This was after the introduction and brideprice ceremonies held at Annie Macualay’s family house.
However, according to insiders there will be another wedding ceremony between these two which should hold all the pomp and grandeur befitting of a celebrity like Tuface later on in the year.
2face Idibia (Tuface) who has 6 children from women stunned everyone when he proposed to Annie Macaulay on Valentine’s day, weeks after it was revealed that Pero Adeniyi was pregnant with his child.

More details on 2face Idibia’s wedding soon.


  1. @ last,she won his @ wit patience and endurance.S̲̅o̶̲̅ happy 4 her,cos i wanted her 2 b d bride I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d first place.i wish them well.HML.

  2. At long last I hope she finds peace bcos a man like 2face would always ve women nd mother of his kids in his life. Congrats all dsame

  3. Finally;although 2face is nt 2 b trusted.it wil b betr if Annie prays harder cos 2face is a very badguy on his own.

  4. Tu baba, it’s a great thing. As a fan, i wish u well in your marriage. A message to d Tu face’s wife wanna bes- ‘keep off’.

  5. I wish Ў☺ΰ guys happy maRried life. Ani, I know Ў☺ΰ have thought well. And @ Tuface I know Ў☺ΰ can keep this home of urs may God help Ў☺ΰ †̥ keep †̥ U̲̅я vows. Receive God’s Grace Amen and Amen.

  6. Wish them HML, but Annie hope she has a prayer team on her side cos it won’t be easy o… I wish her all the best. And I hope I can wait for my love like that..but d deal is off immediately someone takes in for him.. Abeg o.

  7. 2face 2baba 2much 2big 2good 2nice 2gbeski if i keep on writing this page no go reach love u Man. Now u’re a real Man


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