Bishop Oyedepo denies slapping church member, says he cannot be sued

Nigeria’s richest pastor and multi billionaire, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Christian Church International popularly known as Winners chapel, has denied slapping a female member of his congregation.

The man of God further added that he or his church cannot be sued.

Bishop Oyedepo, in a notice of preliminary objection filed at the High Court of Ogun State, maintained that he and his church are “non juristic persons” and therefore asked the court to strike out the suit as it lacked jurisdiction to adjudicate on the matter.

A YouTube video clearly showing Bishop Oyedepo viciously slapping a young lady who admitted to Oyedepo that she was a witch for Jesus appeared last year.

A second video that surfaced days later showed the bishop justifying his action adding that it is “his ministry to slap” and that “if he sees another witch, he’ll slap.”

Robert Igbinedion, a Lagos based lawyer, had in April, filed a suit on behalf of the young lady, who was slapped during a church service, for the enforcement of the lady’s fundamental rights to freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, human dignity, fair hearing, and freedom from discrimination.

Mr. Igbinedion prayed the court to award the sum of N2bn as ‘general and exemplary damages’ against the bishop as well as compel him to publish a public apology in two national dailies and one international satellite television.

In a counter affidavit deposed by Olugbenga Adegboye, the church’s senior legal officer, Bishop Oyedepo stated that “his ministry is a ministry where the holy bible is preached and people are prayed for without coercion.”

The church also said that there is no record of anyone called Miss Justice – a sobriquet given to the young lady for the purpose of the suit – in any of its services organized in the past.

A written address to support the preliminary objection signed by F. B Agbanwu, the church’s Solicitor, insisted that the matter is not within the Nigeria constitution or the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights.

Furthermore, the church urged the court to determine whether Mr. Igbinedion is capable of “bringing this kind of application” before it and whether “it is proper to bring this application against the 1st and 2nd respondents (Bishop Oyedepo and his church respectively).

Arguing that both Mr. Igbinedion and the respondents cannot sue and be sued, Bishop Oyedepo’s lawyers noted that the cause of action must centre on clear infringement of a fundamental right.

“The cause of action or principal claim in this application centres merely on slapping one Miss Justice by the 1st respondent.

“The slapping of Miss Justice is an act that could be described as an assault which is a criminal offence punishable under the criminal code…

“We submit that slapping being an act of assault an item outside the provisions of Chapter 4 of the 1999 constitution and the African Charter, this court therefore lacks jurisdiction over same.”

The court sits, June 1, for parties to adopt their motion before judgment is fixed.


  1. Robert Igbinedion, is it because of money that is why you are saying all these rubish? listen, how could you man diong this all because of your own share from 2billion naira or is it a fixed price in the constitution? OUR LAWMAKER HAVE SOLD THEIR DIGNITY IN THIS COUNTRY OF LAWLESSNESS

  2. The Hypocrate is denying slapping the girl after he boasted on TV that he would do it again.If are man anaugh,then,go and face the law to prove your innocent that you are God sent.After all,REV KING did the same and was sentece to dearth,you would equally be giving same treatment.When Zamfara amputate a man who stole,you raised your voice,what’s the difference ? PLEASE FACE THE MUSIC and clear not above the Law

  3. 4 God sake hear urself, why would a man of God slap Som1 like dat? He doesn’t stop there, he wnt ahead sending the girl 2 hell imagine. U ar sounding lik those Dat worship their pastors. Dat a complete assault on Dat poor girl. Richest pastor in Africa how many average Nigeria can aford Dat skull fees robish. He is not safe 4rm hell cos he’s a pastor good work Igbenedion.

  4. de pastor says he didnt slap, then utube video hsows he slaped. which are wu taking to bee true? moreover, wen did this happened since utube showed last year event!

  5. Is witchcrafty punishabl under Nigerian law? If yes,kudos 2 Bishop,If no kudos 2 Igbinedion. Hweva, seek peace with all men and women. If u av not done such a thin b4 then cast d first stone. Bishop softly,softly,Bless u.

  6. Sometimes I wonder how dull and daft people tend to be. If I may ask, where u there wen he denied slapping d girl? Hw many of ur relatives has been brought to court 4 slapping their wives and mothers? Even all yu. Drinking panadol in other pples headache. Very quick to point @ oda pple.I advise u all to concentrate on putting food in ur family’s table and stop dis gossip..Who God bless no nation hw much more “mere”men can put down.. Irre’s. mscheeeeeeew

  7. I wonder weda pastors are sending congrigation to hell or heaven.It is disgraceful that men of devil claims to be men of God.Oyedepo,not only richest in africa but also richest pastor in d whole world.It is a pity for these kind of thing to b done by Oyedepo.
    My advise to Oyedepo is that he better repent now,apologise,ask God for forgiveness and take away any shame around him,go straight and say u are sorry.
    If u like bost with money,if u like claim what u are not,but your final destination shall tell.
    Lastly remember hell fire dey for any body.

  8. Some peaple are taking courses upon there self,that lawyer ll soon face his judgement wit God 4 assaulting a prophet of God Bishop David Oyedepo,He is a fire and fire does not plead for respect but it carries power on its own.court should not worry there self ajoining the case.

  9. This is to “Hotman”- I am not a winners chapel member but you are very stupid to make that statement. No wonder your name is “Hotman” because people that are “Hot” are people that are not feeling fine; you are sick. And for other foolish children saying nonesense- you just saw a video which might be doctored. So SHUT UP because you were not there. His calling is best known to GOD and those that are baptised in the HOLY SPIRIT which I know some idiots here don’t know about. Good Day.

  10. Is unfortunate that some people are still leaving in ignorance. God cannot be mocked, no matter how much the devil tries. The youtube u guys saw is possibly a makeup. Bishop I pray God will always give u grace to overcome the devil

  11. Its rili unfortunate to read some of the comments being posted here! Haba! This is a man who came out publicly to boast about the slapping and insisted he will do it again if the opportunity presents itself, but now that its a court matter worth his pricely 2billion he is denying it! What a shame…I’ve said it times without number every man shud work for their salvation and stop thinking any random pastor will stand for them on judgement day…all men will account for themselves, why can’t the so called bishop be exemplary and just appologise?? But pride will not let him, and pride goes forth b4 a fall.

  12. Why are we talking about an issue that is no issue? If the pastor has slapped a member, what is the hungry lawyers problem? I am sure that even the so called lawyer igbinedion is a wife beater, who has sued him?
    with this attitude he is putting up, i believe he must be a bully that is claiming to be human right activist.
    Pastor if you see more witches abeg slap them. I am looking for witches to slap too when am empowered like you. The bible says suffer not a witch to live.

  13. ….Let it also be known that nobody is passing judgment here but let’s face it I for one wud not tolerate any bishop or pastor assulting my sister or wife as the case maybe in public bcos I know the God I serve is merciful, forgiving, loving, and caring no matter what the fault is, even when Jesus Christ drove people frm the temple there was no record of Him attacking any1 physically so what da heck?? Can the bishop try it in a place like America?? Its bcos Nigerians are all hypocrites who pretend to love God yet are wicked in all they do that’s y this is happenin…one day he will kill a church member and some silly people will say its ok bcos he’s a bishop! May God have mercy on us all especially in a country like this!

  14. I know OYEDEPO for whom is he. He will never lies nor denies issues. Have you heard him speak? Youtube should drop the clip where Oyedepo denies the allegation…. Nigerian’s press all the name of making name, money and recognision……… is well.

  15. Thanx koby, you have said it all. Not in America or other civilised countries. It is only in Nigeria that such thing could happen and some people justify it or try to deny it. What manner of people are we?

  16. Let us see it this way.
    If it is Oyedepo’s wife that someone else slapped in the name of practising a witchcraft, won’t he sue the person? Or even see to it with his wealth that the person is being jail for life?
    To those of u, who have been taking side with him, if he does that to you, or your mother, your sister or your wife, will you still be defending him like this?
    Can he ever try the rubbish in a white man’s land? I bet it, if he can even try it in other african country!
    Why can’t he deliver her from the witchcraft instead of molesting her?
    As for the lawyer, he is doing his job. The girl opted for him to be her lawyer, so he has every right to fight for justice for is client. The money is for compensation for the assault inflated on her. Her case is not the first to be compensated on, so what’s the headache?!

  17. Is only the lord that knows way can happen ….. If truly he is a man of God this cause will just be justify by mercy and every thing will be over but as for me if I want to judge this cause I will tell the parent of the girl to go and seek for God’s face consine the issue and let god take over the matter…… Oyedipo God is in charge he knows how he do his things….. People of Nigeria just let us wait and see the judgment how it wil be…. Thanks

  18. Sometimes i wounder if poeple have respect at all for God……the bible said do not judge or u too will be judge nd moreova u guys dnt ve the power to judge a man of God,u re nt de ones to judge allow de one dat called him to judge him.i really dnt knw y some poepl re takin de panadol for anoda person dat ve headache….becareful of wat u say to avoid incurin God’s wrath.bydeway who among u ve nt raised a finger on some1 before? Y is dis case different? is he nt a human being?tak off de plank out of ur own eyes so u can see clearly to remove the speck frm anoda person’s eye

  19. mr igbinidion what is your problem?so u want money shame on you.i believe that anointed slap has delivered the girl from witchcraft spirit and u need one to be delivered from grrediness.leave d bishop alone b4 u die premature.

  20. You people are all talking jagoons and arant nonsense.Why must u disturb and insualt one another over what does not concern u ppl.if the pastor slapped the lady let him face the law for nobody is above the law,even the president

  21. it is quite unfortunat dat d modern age we re,al is possibl if u beleiv nd work towards it.peopl can incriminat each oda easily jt 2 acheive a goal.hw sure are u dat d person doin d action is d pastor?a pastor or a priest has d rite 2 cal a memba 2 oda even if it means slapin bcos we re like a child 2 to dem bt dat does nt mean dat d person should tak laws into hands.i am nt a member of his church bt as far as i am concern,dis culd b a tryin tym 4 him.let us nt b to fast in judgin odas if we dnt want 2 be judged d sam way.i observd dat instead of bein factual,some of us re speakin out of envy,mak una tak am easy ‘judges’


  23. Who is Miss Justice? Yes, I was at the service when the slapping of the WITCH occur. But can she come out that she is a witch and a member of the Church? Can she prove that she is the one slapped at the service? The answer is NO. We all know what happen to witches at the town/village market square. So who is Miss Justice. nothing but fictitious person, As such there is no case. Though the incident occur and there are witnesses. But where is the “Witch”. It’s a case of unknown soldier, unknown police, unknown student, unknown Boko Haram, unknown arm robber, unknown killers, unknown Igbinedion, Unknown …. So what is the gain of Lawyer Igbinedion? Just to add another case to his CV. make name and draw attention to himself. And we are all here talking about no issue. In the book of Job 1:6 “The sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them”. So anywhere there is a gathering of the ‘people of God’ there also you have ‘people of the devil’ among them. If one of the devil’s agent happens to get slapped let him or her come out to sue for N2b not an hungry lawyer.

  24. I swear, all of you are fool and cant still understand why this must be an issue…or a talk about at this tyme in life.I can say this world is going to an end indirectly..Just see or look what all of you are saying.Is there truely a man of God this days again.Trust No one but you that is the law of life we are living rite.Surviver of the fittest is the principle of the life.So,i beg all of you to leave this issue and if the pastor did this he surely be judged but remember No one disgrace the witch person publicly and goes scoot free.Take it or you leave it …Its a principle laid down by the Almighty God in Heaven.Those witches you are looking are mere the instrument of God to punish the unserious ones in this world indirectly to teach the unserious ones to know about God if he/she is been tortured.So why are you all disturbed.Arest my case…Remember! you all have problems individually.The problem we are facing in Nigeria is enuf for every to think about….

  25. Fools will all post dat wat d man did was wrong. Do u tink such a man has tym 2 apear in court. Wat he did might be dat he sent his lawyer wu denied it. Afterall d bible says suffer nt a witch 2 live.

  26. He didnt lie bt instead he spok d truth. He didnt slap a girl or miss justice bt rather he slaped a witch which is 2 dfrnt tyns. Nd 4 d girl dat wat suits her cos i didnt no since wen dat my Lord Jesus started havn a witches or stared rearin witches nd 4 lawyer i tynk he shld go get busy nd stop been jealous. Nd 4 al dos insultn d bishop, jst bear it in mind dat we must all giv account of evry idle word we speak nd dat God said we shld nt touch hes anoin or judge anoda mans servant

  27. To me i see no reasons why people should be mislead by a mear public media broadcast.. When and which video tape did Bishop denied of the act.. Mind what u say to the annointed ones… I was right at my setallite church watching it live that faithful evening…. Bishop ask all the witch in the church to step to the alter, the lady left from her sit to the alter with her two legs without being force by anybody.. When bishop started asking them question, She was ask if she is a witch she claim she is a witch for Christ. Then Bishop slapped her and said there is no witch operating for christ… She wasn’t force down to the alter at first… So be mindful of what you comment so not to attract Gods punishment.. When ever your around a prophet be mindful cus Even a smile of a prophet is Prophetic.

  28. if some of u dn’t want 2 go 2hell. stop critisizing a man of GOD u dn’t hav a right 2judge him even d court dn’t hv d right 2judge d only person dat can judge him is GOD

  29. I suggest this matter be resolved out of court amicably, putting into consideration the personalities involved, the Bible teaches same.


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