Breaking News: Three High Calibre Time Bombs Uncovered In Bayero University Kano Again!

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For the second time in two weeks high calibre bombs have been discovered in Bayero University Kano (BUK) old campus, the discovery of the bombs sent the school into total confusion as students and lecturers could be seen running out of the campus.

This comes after the Boko Haram terrorist group successfully detonated bombs in the school, killing 15 students and staff.

The location are the Faculty of Science, Sports Complex and in front of the  Sub-Dean’s office, Faculty of Law of the school.

According to eyewitness accounts, “a strange object was found in front of the Faculty of Law.

The account further revealed that the police were alerted who quickly deployed its men to the scene adding that “everybody around the area has been evacuated to safety”

There is a total confusion as students and lecturers and non-accademic staff could be seen running out of the campus”, an eyewitness said.

Confirming the incident, the police Image maker in the state, ASP Magaji Musa Majia said on the phone that the police were alerted by the authorities of BUK..

Magaji Musa Majia revealed that the Command has deployed anti Bomb disposal squad to the scene.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  1. They can bomb the whole of the north for all I care. ‘Gambari kill Mallam bakomi’ when other Nations are thinking of how to surpass the other interms of technological advancement, some stupid Ignoramus are destroying what it took years to build. They are purely on their own and if the securerity system have chosen to be hypocritical about it so be it. They should just restrict it to the North shikena. my heart goes to the christians in the north.

  2. @Essien Wisdom, you must be a fool and from your comment you must among the conspirators trying to destroy the north by all means. For your info God is able and will definitely come to our rescue. Bunch of haters, cultists, armed robbers and kidnappers. Bastard!!!

  3. Nawaoooo.dis islam of a tin,how i wish God will help humanity and eraze all islams so dat peace will envelope nigeria.

  4. @Essien Wisdom, from your commet I must say that you are given birth by a prostitute cos you totally lack manners and the education you claim to have acquired through exams malpractice and cultism does not add value to your life. Right from 1st October 2010 when you people detonated the first bomb in the north, we smelled conspiracy at work. For your info we are aware of your antics to destroy the north with your conspiracy theory. The anti-islam campaign from the southern media and those your people caught in terrorism act her would not work against us by God’s grace! Bunch of jingoists, cultists, armed robbers and kidnappers! If you like as you suggested ask your clueless man to divide Naija now! Bastard….

  5. @liman u must be stupid 4 dat ur rurbish coment, don’t u know dat dis life existing 4 de seak of islam, it seems dat u’re had gone mad, u beta go nd explain illines at phsycatric hospital.

  6. Why should north trying to paint this black. That the igbos and Christians are boko h? Are they not the people that declare jihad war against igbos and Christians living in north.? Why should our politicians playing politic with innocent human life? Why are northErn elite are not ready to tackle boko h? Where are they driving this country to? Oh muslin is a force and evil religion ,if not why killing innocent peoples for God sake and religion? Oh Nigeria is a fail state ,can we tackle this evil call boko h? If not am seen another Somalia ,iraq, afghanistan.

  7. Yesooo I don kom.i go 1side b4.woss abi beta,u n muslim,infact u ppl called muslis are not many miracle has happnd in islam’s sake,if not for bombing,killings and oda forms of evil.i was formaly lik u but now,muslim my foot.y shud i b worshipin moon n stars,God forbid.wake up fools.

  8. The security agents/agencies should be applauded and encouraged for preventing and averting another disaster in this country as it is only when they are extremely motivated they can perform maximally ad nobody want to die as can be seen in BUK.

  9. Pls Nigeria, dn’t let us mingle religion wit d act of boko h. It is true dat d sects were majorly muslim, bt no religion wat so ever encourage such deadly act. Islam encourage peace, if we must b sincere wat brought abt dis sucide bombin n killin of innocent peoples is injustice. D solution is d way out nt 2 abuse each other on religious mata 4 nw, i belive d fedral govt n d security agency re try there best 2 combat dis. So let keeps prayn 4 dem sha.

  10. By d Grace of God, am a Pastor, i lived all my life in Kaduna state, i went to 2muslim schs, Shehu Abdullahi pry sch nd Sardauna Memorial college.
    I dont believ Muslims and Islam is bad.
    Muslims also like dev. Qatar, UAE, Bahrain ar all dev by muslims.
    I want 2 believ dat dia ar som out of dem dat ar been missled.
    No good muslim will kill or bomb any one.
    May God help Nigeria.

  11. Let me call the attentions of mr. Okorafor peter onyeogaziere and mr. Essien wisdom. Mr. Okoroafor peter onyeogaziere, i saw your animalistic and uneducated comment. Well, actually i did not blame you for your action. Because an illeterate is capable of doing any sort of stupidity. I was able to understand the level of your erudition simply by seeing the way your gramma was. You wanted to write: we’re tired instead you wrote ” we’re tried” i suggest you should go back to school and learn how to speak Queen’s tongue. Otherwise from now onward stick to your mother tongue which i am expecting you to be good at, that’s english broken. Essien Wisdom, i read and saw your comment. I was extremely ashamed and surprise at your sentimental, tribalistic, sectional and inhuman comment you have made. You stated clearly that you sympathised with the condition of north but only to your christian fellows. This meant that all the none christian souls are nothing to you. Is that how the bible taught you regarding the souls of none christians?. I want to you to go and ask your parent if you have any unless if you are a bastard. Because i knew majority of you used to be coming before marriage. Ask your parent to teache you how to make a public speech. Now to all of you and every sectional and tribalistic christians who are mad enough to share the same notion with you. My problem with you is, you always claim to be religious but you do not even study your bible talkless of adhering to it’s teaching. Let me ask you. What do you know about christanity itself and what do you know about islam as well? I have no doubt that i know christanity better than you do. One thing you could not control is that, you allowed your personal aversion for islam to became so blatant that you even got yourself mislead by the world politics. You are always voicing out that Nigeria should be divided or separated. Another question. What do you know about patriotism and what do you know about Nigeria in particular. Let me give you a word of wisdom. All of you need to venture out, wake up from that slumber, mingle, fratanize and acquire wordly knowledge. Because i could see you are all local chompions. And let me remind you once again, from now onward do not talk anything about Nigeria, islam or showing your religious faith. You do not know anything about Nigeria. You do not know anything about islam. So also the religion of christian. And also get wise and understand world politics. My fellow christian friends am sorry my comment here is only to these two: Essien wisdom and okoroafor peter onyeogaziere. I hundred percent knew that same christian are understanding, wise enough to see into things with human reasoning.




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