CLO, IYM score Jonathan low, lament corruption level

TWO groups, Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) and the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), yesterday reviewed the state of the nation since inception of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and declared that it had failed to restore the confidence of the people in the country.

In separate statements, the groups which lamented alleged inability of the President Jonathan’s administration to record any meaningful achievement, described the past one year of his government as “directionless.”

National President of IYM, Elliot Uko said: “The truth must be told that it’s been one year of promises and promises; one year of ‘we are planning, we are laying foundation, we are doing this; we have 15000 Mega watts this month, we will do this in 18 months, we will do this in one year; we will complete the second Niger bridge before so, so and so; promises, promises, and promises”

He recalled that the IYM worked hard to convince Igbo traders associations at Onitsha, Alaba, Ladipo, Aba, Nnewi, Kaduna, and Kano to support Jonathan, “but one year on, we are asking ourselves what the same Jonathan has done and we find it difficult to point at anything he has achieved in one year.”

He continued: “We are everywhere searching for the ‘breath of fresh air’ we can’t see; and we are asking, when will the transformation begin? High crime rate, kidnapping, you don’t talk about the bomb blast, we are getting used to that already.

Our roads are still bad, inflation on the increase, unemployment frightening and growing every day and the government introducing cosmetic palliatives where over 40 million Nigerians are idle. We are telling President Jonathan that all of us are not sycophants; we don’t want to tell him sweet things, because we are not job seekers.

Uko continued: “We wanted him because he told us he would transform the country, we want to see that transformation. We want killings to stop, we want him to fight corruption, we want him to bring to book all corrupt officials. The kind of corruption we hear of today is frightening; a former Senate President was removed over N50m fraud, but today people steal trillions of naira.”

Executive Director of CLO, Ibuchukwu Ohabuenyi Ezike, urged Nigerians to prepare to rescue the country from the corrupt, visionless, inhuman and unjust politicians before it was too late.

According to him, “no government has a right to victimise, traumatise, loot, plunder and cage its citizens and society as Nigerian system has done and continued to do. Rights are not given, they are fought for. We must rise now and reclaim our good land-flowing with milk and honey.”


Ezike said that in line with Section 16 of the 1999 Constitution, the major objective of government was to, among others, provide security for the lives and property of the citizens as well as guarantee their welfare, lamenting, however, that in the first year in office of President Jonathan, security of lives and property of the citizens and residents have been gravely threatened and eroded.

According to CLO, poverty, hunger and homelessness have become the order of the day, human rights of the citizens, rule of law and due process have been grossly violated with impunity by both state and non-state actors.


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