FG to send 100 First Class graduates to top world universities

The Presidential committee on the award of post graduate scholarship to first class graduates has been mandated by President Jonathan to send 100 First Class Nigerian graduates to top 25 universities in the world to prepare them for the role of transforming Nigeria.

Jonathan swore in the committee on Thursday

The Federal Government says the number of beneficiaries would increase from 100 graduates when more funds are made available through the 2013 budget.

Jonathan said that the best brains are to be selected in the areas of sciences, engineering, economics and expose them to the best facilities available in the world.

According to President Jonathan, part of the mandate of the committee is to, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education travel to negotiate for positions in the top 25 universities in the world.

In his words, Jonathan said;

“The idea is that for you to benefit, you must have a first class. It is based purely on merit, no quota. We are giving opportunity for first class brains. We are going to spend money, so, we need to tap a little of what they get, so in the first five years, they should work as lecturers or researchers.

“This idea is for our best brains to form the core of human tools that would drive the sustainable transition for this country.”

“We need to transform this country because, wherever you go, the expectation is quite high on us as Nigerians, they believe Nigeria is a leading country in Africa and for us to maintain that status, for us not to depend on the oil production because we have other countries that produce more oil than us and for us not to depend on population because when you have large population you cannot manage, it is even negative.

“For us to maintain that position as a leading African country and transform this country, we must do things differently, we are to have tools, the human tool is critical, a human tool that is well educated. We are committed to change the educational system from the primary school to the tertiary level. President Jonathan described as embarrassing, the information from the executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission that, about 60 per cent of the academic staff in Nigerian universities do not have Ph.D, adding that, that is not good enough.”


  1. This man is the biggest DUMMY to ever rule Nigeria. Why can’t they build ONE ”first class university” IN NIGERIA for those top students to attend? Idiots drowning in inferiority complex can stupidity.

  2. In reply to ross
    It’s a gradual process, sumtimes u need to admit dat there’re people who’re superior to you, it is the knowledge dat you gain frm dis group of people dat will make u or put u in the class of superiority.Even countries like kenya and Ghana dat hve sum good varsities still hve graduate dat got their master degree frm outside universities. does dis means dat all african leaders are dummy? I think dis is a welcum developement, we hve being complainig dat nigeria hve talent bt no sponsor so lets try dis initiative and see if it works.

  3. This is a good gesture if the purpose is not used as opportunity to “eating” some money and/or to favour some of the children of the “cabals”. There are a lot of people endowed with excellent intellect but lack opportunity in this our great country. They just need to be encouraged and allowed to release what they have to offer to the Nigerians. Let this process be plain and the purpose pure and Nigeria would again find her green pasture.God bless me, God bless Goodluck Jonathan,God bless Nigeria!!!

  4. I would like to know the range of the sessions involved in that. Are those still serving(or even yet to be deployed for service-NYSC) legible for the scholarship award or not? Moreover, are they going to invite all the first class graduates to an interview or how are they going to know the TRULY best firs class graduates? Nevertheless, it should be born in mind that there might be fake first classe graduates! In fact, only God can help us from injustice in Nigeria.

  5. Its indeed a welcoming idea, well thought and digested by Mr. President. We pray the Nigerian factor (corruption) doesn’t derail de president’s plan. Even countries in Asia and Eastern Europe do send good and talented students abroad to world class schools for further brain development. As a suggestion, there should be no segregation to the fields concern, Mr president should call for first class graduates from every field as all the fields have their relevance in one way or the other. Let’s pray that with time, Nigerian universities will feature among those world class universities. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria.


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