‘How To Check Pipeline Vandalism’

PIPELINE vandalism has remained a major concern to oil companies but Group Managing Director of Nestoil Plc, Dr. Ernest Azudialu, says creating employment for youths would check the trend.

He, however, reasoned that it is also crucial to look for technical ways to prevent the act, adding that there are now new designs of laying pipelines to stop vandalisation.

Azudialu spoke at the weekend during the official lunch of Injury Free Club (IFC) in Nestoil Industrial area Abuloma Port Harcourt.

“I can tell you that we have come up with new design of laying pipelines to stop vandalisation,” he said. “For the new pipelines we are laying, they will need very special equipment to be able to vandalise them.

“This is because each of the pipelines goes 4.5 metres into the ground and it floats water on top of it. So, nobody can vandalise it. You need to go 4.5 metres into the ground to get there. With that, a normal person cannot vandalise the pipes. But there is need to create employment for the youths, because when they are occupied, they will not think of vandalism.”

He said the company was able to remain in business during volatile times in the region because it engaged youths who desired to work.

“You know what the Niger Delta region was like about 15 years ago. We were able to continue with our business despite the volatile nature of the region as at that time. We were able to manage the situation by talking with them and also giving jobs to some of them that wanted to work. And today, things have started getting better.”

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