Jonathan’s first year as president, a huge failure – ACF, SNG, others

As the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration clocks one year in office this Tuesday, opposition political parties and some socio-cultural groups in the country have given a damning verdict of an abysmal performance on the government.

But President Jonathan yesterday disagreed with the opposition parties and groups that his first one year in office was a total failure. Such assessment of his administration, he said, is dishonest and uninformed.

Through his special adviser on media and publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, the president told LEADERSHIP Sunday last night that it was very unfair for some Nigerians to hide under partisan platforms to make sadistic comments, while well-meaning citizens and the international community have admitted that, though the present administration had been working under a very unhealthy environment created for it by those who swore to make the country ungovernable for it, the country was still making progress on all fronts.

Abati said, “Consistently, the objective of this administration has been to pursue its transformation agenda and there have been many deliverables in this direction. But the opposition, with its shrilled voice, continues to deny the truth”.

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) and major opposition parties including the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) have described the first year of the Jonathan presidency as an abysmal failure with nothing to show for it except poverty, insecurity and an unprecedented level of public corruption.

An opposition party has also advised Nigerians to brace up for the three years left of the Jonathan presidency, as things could only get worse judging from the scandals and events of the last one year.

The spokesman of the ACF, Anthony Sani, said if the president’s performance were to be measured in accordance with the promises he made and what has so far been delivered, then, not much can be said.

Sani said, “The president has awarded contracts for railways and the dredging of the River Niger. He has talked about plans to improve power supply. He has made efforts and I will give him a pass mark for that. But deliverance of the plans is yet to be realized.

“As far as security is concerned, most Nigerians are still experiencing incidents of armed robbery, kidnapping, bunkering, communal clashes and Boko Haram attacks. He is not trying enough. We want peaceful co-existence and are expecting results.”

Dr Usman Bugaje, a former national secretary of the ACN, said yesterday: “It is still not clear what Jonathan is trying to achieve. He talks about fresh air and transformation, there is none. Maybe the transformation is in the Villa.

“We only see what is on ground and there is nothing. Nigerians are feeling what is on ground. What has he done in the last one year? What the public has seen is unprecedented public corruption, poverty and insecurity.”

On the possibility that there will be improvements from the Jonathan government, Bugaje said, “You can never rule out any possibility. But if we are to make projections like they do in statistics, there is no likelihood that things will get better. From what is on ground, things can only get worse.”

The spokesman of the SNG, Yinka Odumakin, said the Jonathan government has failed in its primary responsibility of maintaining law and order as “Nigerians have been besieged by insecurity and the president appears more like the mourner-in-chief.”

Odumakin said, “The worse thing from the last one year is that the president is user-friendly to corruption. Before Jonathan, we were measuring corruption in the billions but now we are metering it in the trillions and the president himself has been named in some mind-boggling cases.”

If the government continues like this, he said, “then we are heading towards insolvency, and will end up broke. If there is no change, the signs are serious and will lead to a very precarious situation.”

The CPC, on its part, said, “Beyond the grandstanding and abundant rhetoric of the government, there is nothing worthy of note that the administration of Dr Jonathan has done to improve infrastructural development, education, security and economy of the Nigerian state.”

CPC spokesman Rotimi Fashakin said, “The policy summersault in the economic management is enough indication of the confusion at the top echelon of the nation’s governance. The leadership-induced sleazy tendency is still nightmarish, as the like has never been seen in the nation’s checkered history.”

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  1. The Jonathan administration should be given a chance to survive. Whatever miracles you are expecting him to perform in the already dead economy before he took over, needs some fresh air. Criticism is good, but Political parties should be constructive. All I read in our dailies is “ The nagging housewife talk or the bad looser complain“. It is just one year, the administration has three more years to go. Please give some kudos to this man. These greedy people fabricated the Boko Haram to distract the government and still complaining just because you are not in power. They talk as if they care for an ordinary Nigerian. They only seek for their pocket and that of their immediate families. We cant be fooled, you guys are talking too much. Play politics the way it should be played. Let peace reign in this NATION. Long live President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Long live the federal Republic of NIGERIA.

  2. Am very sure that ejuo is from the south south and that is why he is talking this way.Let’s not be sentimental,let the truth be spoken. GEJ administration has bought nothing good to this counntry rather we are subjected to more pains,poverty,corruption,insecurity and loss of lives that are innocent. GEJ should tell us those things he has done so far he came to power even if its just one thing and Reuben abati opened his mouth to vomit rubbish. Is only in Nigeria that the government hail itself instead of the populace. Shame on GEJ,shame on abati and shame on all evil perpertrators.

  3. I laf those who sed “I voted for Jonathan not PDP”,on d balot paper did u c Jonathan there?Until Nigerians learn to vote reasonably nd witout bias,nd learn to guard our votes nd make dem count,nothin wil work.We ar d masses,we own d we must wrench our power nd mandate from these thieving hawks nd giv same to worthy persons.Jonathan is d most confused Nigerian as it were,cant u all c dat?

  4. U guyz should stop being idiotic president gudluk is a very nice man, dose bad eggs of nigerian are only fabricating 2 spoil d gud name of our luvly, humble and God fearin president. Shame 2 u pple ur plans will neva work, bad eggs i pray dat 1day God will bring u pple out of darkness 2 light, long live our president God ll give u d grace 2 lead don’t mind dose idiots!!!.

  5. Special advaisal on media&publicity ruben abati i know u can back mr president bt know day of judgement hw u and mr president rule u are going to give acct. Bcs u advicer to jntn wat ever u said he will respomd. May god help u to do de right thing. Happy democracy day.


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