Man shoots bricklayer over attempted r*pe of daughter

The Lagos State Police have confirmed the arrest of one Asiribo Baba, 40, for allegedly shooting a bricklayer who attempted to rape his 14 year old daughter.

Police Inspector Femi Martins stated that Baba allegedly shot a bricklayer identified as Ifeanyi Arinze, 29, who was moulding blocks at a building site in Agbara, Lagos.

He said investigations showed that Arinze climbed the fence of Baba’s residence in Agbara to pluck oranges in the compound when he saw Baba’s 14-year-old daughter, who was sleeping outside.

“After he plucked the oranges, he went to the girl, sleeping on a mat, and touched her breast but the girl screamed.

“Arinze covered the girl’s mouth with his hand but her younger sister, who was playing outside, came and called people,” he said.

The inspector added that  Baba, who heard the screaming of her daughter, came out with a gun, ran after Arinze and shot him in the leg as he was about to jump over the fence.

He said other workers at the building site reported the case immediately to the police while Arinze was taken to the hospital.


  1. That’s his reward for touching breast without permission. The man deserves more than that. Pls release Baba immediately

  2. For sure,’desperation causes desperate acts’and the said brick-layer exhibited it in full fore.He should,at least face the punishment that will be meted on him for attempted rape and probably child abuse of a 14-year-old girl about to attain the physiology and make-up of ‘womanhood.’But the fact that your daughter was about being raped does not give one the legal right and licence to shoot fellow human.In summary,the attempted rape is the ‘main evil’ while the shooting is the ‘lesser of the two evils.’

  3. The babä should be release so far the stupid boy did not die. If at all he even die he deserve it cause he just want to use the small girl for fun for eun

  4. He’s he meant to have gun?ever little scream u bring out gun,serves d rapist rite.just only breast wey u touch c were e land u

  5. Thank God he did not die,most times we put ourselves in terrible situation.The baba should be released. And this should serve as note of warning to anyone who wants to play a fast one on the other.Now see what jumping a mans fence to pluck citrus has cursed him. May God help us all.

  6. Good for him ,after plucking babas oranges he wanted to go another mile by plucking his daughters virginity too!stupid fellow if its was me I would av castrated him instantly!he’s very lucky he got away with a mere gun shot to d leg it should av been the bum!

  7. Many ladies n women r victims of such untrained,illmannered,uncontrollable n promiscuous men ,tink abt wat dey pass 2ru nw psychologically.TNKGOD BABA WAS ARND,D HLPLES LAD WUD HAV LOST HA HIGHEST POSSESSION 2 AN INGRATE.tnkGOD 2 4 sparing his lyf,let him go n tell d wrld wt hapnd 2him

  8. Dats gr8,what about if he succeded and even got d girl pregnant along d line and escape as he planned what will be d hope and future of d girl. Baba shld be set free.

  9. pls, bfore condeming ifeanyi, we should at least knw d truth of wt actually happened. Bsides, is baba’s gun licensed? If no, he should b prosecuted for possesing fire arms illegally. And if his gun is licensed, d police should carry out a proper investigation to knw if actually ifeanyi atempted rape. And if at all he did, baba still dont hv d legal rite to open fire on someone who is armless.

  10. ifeanyi only touched the girls breast he did not rape the girl and so baba should be punished for shooting him in the leg.

  11. I hope that the man is doing good now. As good citizens, we must always be of help to others especially when we feel that something’s going wrong, and especially when kids are involved. I am a parent and I’m worried and I don’t want anyone to experience threatening cases like this especially my kids. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who still find it quite hard to manage issues like this, I found this great application which featured safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button.

  12. The only thing that might be against Baba is if he does not have the necessary papers to own a gun………..If he does hv a legal backing for possessing a gun, then a case could be against Ifeanyi for intruding Baba’s residential premises.


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