Miami Police reveals identity of face eating cannibal

Rudy Eugene

The identity of a crazed naked man who Miami police officers shot and killed on Sunday because he refused to stop feasting on the face of another man has been revealed as 31 year old Rudy Eugene.

An officer saw a man chewing on the victims face and ordered him to back away, when he refused the officer drew his gun and shot. After the man was hit and still refused to back away, the officer fired at least half a dozen more shots.

Police believe that Rudy’s cannibalistic behavior may have been triggered by an overdose of “bath salts”, a new form of LSD, or that the attacker was suffering from cocaine psychosis.

Rudy’s victim, identified as Ronald Poppo is said to have lost about 75% of his face to the gruesome cannibalistic attack. Poppo is alive but in critical condition.

The crime scene

According to Miami Herald news, Rudy Eugene had previously been arrested for a battery charge when he was 16, and was then arrested seven other times between 2004 and 2009, although charges were mostly petty.

A woman who was married to Rudy for about one year claimed that her ex-husband was extremely violent towards her.

The ex-wife told a local news agency that she would not say Rudy had a mental problem, “but he always felt like people were against him. No one was for him, everyone was against him.”

Former classmates of the crazed attacker say the cannibalistic Rudy is not the same Rudy they remember in high school, with one saying that the Rudy she knew was ”a beautiful person”.

“No, that’s not him,” said Victoria Forte, a former classmate from North Miami Beach High School. “Drugs did this to him. Drugs took over a person we knew as a beautiful person.”



The victim, Ronald Poppo

Ronald Poppo is said to be a homeless man who lived a hard-knock life among other homeless men who call the space under the causeway home.




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