More reactions trail baby born holding a Quran

More reactions have continued to trail the story of the baby born on Monday with a copy of the Quran in his hand at 1, Sonde Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

According to the mother of the baby, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a cosmetologist, her husband deserted her when she refused to heed his advice to abort the pregnancy.

While some readers described the story as outright fabrication by the mother of the baby to to make money, others described it as one of the mysteries of Allah to demonstrate his presence in the affairs of humans.

Reacting to the story, Dr. Akinyemi of the All Souls Infirmary, Agege, laughed it off, saying it was a fiction.

“Wonders shall never end in this country. I have not seen such a thing since I started my medical practice many years ago. It is medically impossible. I’m not saying there is no magic, but the question we should ask is: ‘How did a Quran get into the baby’s hand?’ So, it’s not possible”, Dr Akinyemi told P.M.News this afternoon.

According to Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, “the story is not true. It is not possible for a foreign object to be found in the hand of a baby during birth.”

Dr. Paul Akintelure of Broad Hospital, Ikotun, said: “medically, there is nothing like that. There is no way an inanimate object like the Quran will enter the womb and come out with the baby in its palm. The matter should be investigated. It is strange.”

A matron at the Ikeja General Hospital, Lagos, dismissed the story outright, saying it was not possible for a baby to be born with a Quran in his hand. “What kind of nonsense is that? It is not possible. I have been in this hospital for a long time and I have taken delivery of several babies to know that such stories are not true. It cannot be proved scientifically,” she stated.

She said a similar incident was broadcast on a Lagos television programme sometime ago and when it was properly scrutinised, it was found to be a ruse.

Miss Becky Eromosele, a matron at Blue Sky Hospital in Egbeda area of Lagos also debunked the claim. She said she has been involved in the delivery of babies for seven years and has never seen such happen.

But Miss Eromosele said something similar happened in Benin City, Edo State about two or three years ago.

According to her, a sister took delivery of a baby who had a crystal white sheet of paper in its hand. And in the paper, it was written in gold, ‘Jesus is coming soon.’

The incident makes me to believe that anything can happen,” she said mockingly.

In her own reaction, a student, Anabell Nadal, said: “I have never witnessed such an incident before. I believe that something great and wonderful will soon happen in Nigeria.”

In her comment, Adebimpe Olaniya said: “What happened showed that the baby’s mother should have been a prominent person in the society because from her story, she had taken several drugs to abort the pregnancy, but God did not allow it to happen. I believe the baby was truly sent by God.”

Adeniyi Akinola, younger brother to the landlady of the house where Kikelomo delivered the baby said: “With God, all things are possible. The Bible says when it gets to the end time, you will see different strange things happening. I don’t see anything controversial about the baby.”

Bose Adeshina, a trader said: “I believe it is the Lord’s doing. My advice is that when a woman is pregnant and her man abandons her, she should not abort the foetus. She should keep and protect the pregnancy. What happened now is a lesson to women who have taken abortion as their pastime.”

A businessman, Sanyaolu Femi, expressed doubt about the story. “When I heard about the story of the baby born with a Quran in his hand, I did not believe it. So, I went to the house to see things for myself. Now, I believe. I pray for the boy to survive and become an important person in life,” he stated

A Muslim scholar, Ustadh Tajudeen Owode, described the birth of the baby as a sign from Allah to mankind to be holy. “The baby’s birth is one of the signs from Allah. He sent the boy with Quran in his hand to remind us of the need to be holy. I can tell you that the baby’s birth is a miracle. All those doubting the story are fools. They are dead spiritually. The story is real,” he stated.

An old Islamic cleric at Ijeshatedo, Surulere, Alhaji Usman Odekunle said: “I want people to check themselves and accept God. The incident serves as a lesson to other women that whenever they are pregnant, they should not abort, because you don’t know what the child will become. The story is true.”

Ifeoma Okafor, a student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, described the story as unbelievable. “It is unbelievable. When I heard of it, I decided to go to the house to confirm it. I saw the baby myself with the Quran in its palm,” she said.

To Vivian Opara, a student of the Lagos State University, LASU, the story sounds mysterious. “I got the information today and I told them it is not true. My reason is that people are going through tough times financially and this can make them go the extra mile to create something out of nothing. My question now is that since the mother said she is a Christian, why didn’t the baby come with the Bible? Finally, I will say it is mysterious,” he said.

Alhaji Imam Sulaimon, a.k.a. Were Nise Oluwa, a Muslim scholar, said: “What I can say is that it is the work of God. I witnessed a similar one in West Germany where Lailah-ilalahu, meaning There is no King but God, was written on a grass. The mother is a Christian before God granted her favour. This is a great thing done by Almighty Allah. There is nowhere God cannot perform miracles.”



  1. This is unbeleiveable ”BUT” with God everything is possible. May God have mercy on us all. The end time has come, every man and woman should get closer to God and turn back from all their unrighteousness.

  2. this should nt be a suprise. coz its a sighn dat d world is coming 2 an end. ALMIGHTY ALLAH can do more dan dis.

  3. wat we need research on is can i baby truly old things at dat age…if not ALLAH put it there HIMSELF…ALLAH is great dan ur imagination

  4. I can’t belive all those medical personnels saying they been in the sector of delivering babies for years and have never seen anything as such.. Well for their information Allah has been creating humans for years only (thy) knows.. And (thy) can make what ever (thy) want!

  5. I believe der is nothin God can nt do,he is a miraculous God.remember in d bible wen moses said he wnts to see his face and den he saw fire and God told him(moses) dat he just saw His backside hw much more……….dis also shows dat christains and muslims re ONE in Christ!

  6. Wow diz iz d greates news i ever heard. So my people with god all tinz ar possible,nd 2 dose who ar gossipin let dem gosip coz allah has send his message…..

  7. Where is d nurse dat delivered d baby? Question her and find out d truth from d people who were with d baby when d baby was delivered.

  8. @kingsley,i pray it won’t be 2 late 4 u,all i knw is god truely exist,believe it or not with god all things are possible.ALLAHU AKBAR.

  9. some how fallacious….which hospital was d baby delivered? Let us here from d doctor dat performed d delivery wether he or she see sometins initially…abi my people…

  10. Yes,many have commented from thier own opinion.But if i may ask is d so calld a copy of qura a mental or a wood that did not disolve right inside d womb?bcox if it is a paper,it can’t b true.i believe dat d woman needs money may b 2starts up somthing but no means rada dan 2 somulate such.Hmmm muslims are happy dat a terro has b burn.All ur happinex.shall turn 2shame.

  11. Anything can happen in this good and evil world. The devil always tries to copy God. Because God has done something like this before, the devil is faking it. ONLY THE BIBLE IS THE BOOK OF LIFE

  12. Allah is great and their is no doubt in his work. The baby was sent to the nation just to believe the presence of Almight Allah. Wonder shall neva ends! Allah has done it past and il neva end their’ sometime ago in Ibadan mysterious baby familia to this has happened. So the birth of the baby wit QURAN is acceptable and true. Now my question is, is the baby a Male or Female? ALLAHU AKBAR-RU

  13. There is no time we Nigerians will not have fake stories. This is not true. They gave him Quran after his or her birth and for new born babies, whatever their hands catches, they hold it very strong until one opens that hand to take it away.

  14. I’m sure the child was delivered in an hospital were doctors and nurses were present and witnesses to the delivery of this baby. Why can’t the medias ask them to testify to this miraculous incident. I’m sure they are the only one that as got the perfect word to explain this.

  15. Let d doctor come back to his normall sense cos he is betting around d bush, let him knw that if god allmighty can create JESUS without a father. and create ADAM without a father and mother so there is no big deal to say it is impossible a woman to born a child with d holy qur,an. or did he wnt to tells us d bible make a wrong statement where they said in d scribture WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. or d doctor is illitret concerning d BIBLE. let someone teach him b4 is too late 4 him.

  16. Whether its true or lie, wat i know is dat JESUS is d only Way, Truth & Life.
    No one can ever make in 2 Heaven except through HIM.
    My fellow Christians, don’t be deceived.

  17. See what unemployment is causing… How can this rubbish story be possible? All in the name of MONEY … Muslims are happy because of d so called quran involve… And still the same quran says BOKO HARAM should be killing christian …. And when they die 6 virgins is already waiting for them in heaven? GOD’s anger will soon fall on u muslims … FOOLS

  18. Whatever it is,they are trying to divert our attention to other things.but i knw God is the ultimate being.but to me its a gr8 lie…

  19. Hmmm……..all xtians you should ask yourself this simple question, since all these signs you see and called fictions because all of us know this is not the first time……..and it as never come through muslim families,its alwayz come from xtians………..itz better we think deeply

  20. I will like those concerned to run a check on this Quran from the womb to see if it has any publisher’s name on it. It’s hard to believe there might be a printing press in d womb.*sarcasm. Nonsense! Put a foreign body in a woman’s womb, Quran or Bible, the baby WILL abort. Get off d fairytale. It’s not true.

  21. I think we need an eye witness in dis matter before we know what to belief , when Jesus was born there were wltnesses, they saw hls star from a far country and lt was traced to where Jesus was laid so God is not a God of confusion, if truly that child is a miraculous child he or she cannot be delivered underground where Gods miracule will be doubted.

  22. Allah has perfected the source – A Christian, Do you know that Mohammed’wife Khadija was a Catholic? Mohammed never condemned Christians. Please note that Islam came to finalize Jesus’s teachings thro’ the Quran. It is clearly stated in the Quran itself. Dont be surprised why Christians are being used by God to correct the Christian distorted doctrine. Please search ur minds.

  23. If you need more info about who delivered the baby ? Where and other info, should go and read the story in Compass news… the Address is in the write up or news, you can kindly go to the address and confirm. ONLY THE GUIDED ONES WILL SEE THE SIGNS OF ALLAH AND BELIEF IN IT.

  24. If you need more info about who delivered the baby ? Where and other info, should go and read the story in Compass news…
    the Address is in the write up or news, you can kindly go to the address and confirm.

  25. Why ist that in nigeria people like to take side on religious matters,instead of wearing their thinking cap. Aimighty Allah have said those that have gone astry they canot hear nor see, The child came from God so what is impossible with God . Just bcos its Quran, what of if its Bible. On the day of jugemt some people will enter hell bcos of their tongue,

  26. i cant believe pple r foolish disbelieving wat happend. Is it bcos it is d Quran? God has proven his religion as islam to u disbeliever
    s who ll be disgraced on judgment day with man-made religions. For example, no whr in d bible whr God or Jesus called u or himself christian. Bring ur proof disbelievers. Rather u took men, false pastors & prophet as ur saviours. U had better repent 2 islam b4 death comes 2 u.

  27. foolish disbeliving doctors
    is it possible 4 a man to give birth? has it not happend b4? Why do u believe dat? We nw kn ur prblms. U ve been disgraced by God. No whr 2 hide. I pity u foolish disbeleivers. Hell is ur home if u dnt become muslims. I swear by God, hell is ur abode 4ever if u dnt REPENT as MUSLIMS.

  28. God said in Quran ‘ do not die except as muslim’ now, r u going die as MUSLIM. Ask ursef dat question. Pls hv u ever read d Quran? If not go get a translated copy 4 ursef & read. Compare wit ur books.

  29. sometyms ago, a baby was born wt drugs his mother was taking 2 abort him in his hands and we all believd it. We din’t say it was medically impossible and ask why d drugs were not metabolizd n absorbd by d placenta. But b’cos ds has to do wt d holy quran and invariably islam, we question it’s spirituality. But wherever Allah mention His signs and evidences in d quran, He always end it wt ”…4 those who think or 4 d pple of knowledge” meaning, his signs r not 4 everyone…

  30. I think it is high time we start to believe that the existence of God is real,, people should for once accept any wonder displayed by the almigthy ,we need not to argue about the autenticity of the story if not we might just be walking within the corridor of SIN. A Virgin lady told her husband that she was pregnant for God you as a man can you believe that from your wife??????yet today we uphold the believe that jesus christ came like that ,so please we cannot fight for God and let’s stop being sentimental.God will continue to demostrate his existence till eternity.

  31. @Juliet u must really be a confused person. So if u say he Quran was given to d baby then d question is who gave the baby the Quran? Is it the mother, is the matron or did someone came in with it? Could she have swallowed the Quran @ some point prior to delivering d baby? The answer is Almighty Allah is showing his signs to the world. Repent b4 it’s too late Juliet for certainly Allah is “Gafur” (the forgiver of all sins).

  32. Whether this is real or not, we already believe that Allah is the only lord and Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger. This is a little among miracles of Allah, We ain’t forcing anyone to be muslim. The people that are trying to be funny, saying “it can’t be possible” are telling people how stupid they are.

  33. God! You are mighty, You and only You have the right to be worshipped.
    My fellow compatriots, we are not the only country in the world. But, we suppose to ask ourself: why this happened in Nigeria? It is a sign, evidence and proof from our God so that we can believe Him wholeheartedly. If we can do this surely, He will wipe away our sorrow.
    We all have passion for better Nigeria now, who can do it? Why many are still disbelieving in the oneness of God? Ok, do you hate Islam or your Lord? Justify yourself! If truly you know God is your creator. Beleive His sign and that the only way you can worship Him is through Qur’an. You cannot do this except you are Muslim.
    O’ God, help us in this country to accept the truth and ignore that which can lead us astray. Guide us aright to have a better Nigeria. You and only You can do it.

  34. This mysterious incident emphasis the saying of Allah dat “non of u should die, except you are muslim”. People should learn from dis, and accept ALLAH as d only LORD dat deserves to be worshipped.

  35. 2 all pple is ur cal 2 blieve or nt 2 all i ave 2 say is dat wat as hapen as hapen no man cn change d history, it remains we 2 tink and kep retinkin why nt how since we all blieve dat wit god anitin is posible abi r we runin away 4rm it. insultin each oda in d name of diferent religion wl nt work. if u study base on xtian real bible meanin old testement and quaran dey say similar tinz. bt xtian 2day uses new testement nd everi tym d new testement wl b updated meanin change 2 suit wat dey wnt by pastors. if u go all over d world quaran is d same 1 book same word, same chapter y d bible all over d world is nt dsame, everi country nd state use diferent bible. all i am sayin let us tink.

  36. I’m not surprised abt the remarks of the unbelievers, the propagation of Islam is solely carried by Allah, He has been manifesting to the Christians through Christians. this miracle is not comparable to the making of prophet Adams, Eve (Nana hawawu), Prophet Isah (Jesus) and several praises of Allah inscribed on humans and non-humans alike. If they could deny the prophet of Allah Muhammad saw, surely they will be apt to deny anything related to him. For those Allah has guided no one can misguide him/her, and for those He set astray no one could. May Allah open their minds. Ame en

  37. I wont say it is nt possible. But to make humans believe sometin dat happened at their absence, u need 2 show them a picture. We need a picture proof please.

  38. For dos of u sayin dat it is bin faked dis shows ur stupidity as non muslims because u did not believe dat ALLAH exist! U ‘ll soon knw d truth ranan kiyama! Bakaken arna!!!!!

  39. GOD help us and all this controvesy… is,was and would still b that JESUS IS D WAY,D TRUTH AND D LIFE…..Jesus never asked us 2 condemn any religion bt luv nd respect them..So all my muslim bro dat has blasphemed against d bible and Gods only son calin him a prophet{wat insult 2 d king of kings nd lord of lord}I pray God open ur eyes 2 d truth. My bible teaches me peace and luv,ur quaran teaches u 2 fight nd kill any one that abuse ur religion. REPENT NOW!!

  40. To me there’s nothing new under the sun,it doesn’t matter if the parents are christian or muslim.We are all serving one GOD,dat a child is born with a Quran is not mysterious at all but I guess JESUS is reminding us of his second coming,so I will advice those of you dat are involved in abortion to pls depart from it coz the kingdom of God is at hand.

  41. allahu akbar,i read all dis comment i saw that many of them did nt know the meaning of GOD,what i know is dat there is nothing GOD cannot do,just know in mind,concerning abt d baby that brought d AL QURAN, dnt says it is nt true, it’s true this is nt the first time that GOD has been doing his miracle if u can rem. A hen dat cock Ema ki run @ ilorin and many other things like that, if the mother of d baby is lieing just leave her for GOD,but what i know is dat it is true bcos there is nothing my almigthy allah cant do.

  42. Man with beared in uni is a prof. While a man with beared in mosque is a terrorist. If this story comes with bible they will say it’s true. Even with Allah greatest signs they would not believe. Allah is one and with Him all-things are possible.

  43. allahu akbar either you believe or denie it, its from allah and he will continiue to show you befor you meet him. I beleav in one god Muhammad is a messenger of god Allah is great.

  44. Is not only a SIGN to those that does not believe, but also an encouragement to us muslims that this is the true religion ALLAH send NOAH,LUTH,JOSEPH,ISAAC,MOSES,JESUS etc. and may the blessing of ALLAH be upon them. and the last and final prophet MUHAMMAD RASULALLAH ALAIHI WASALLAM. If you go through all the scriptures, right from the old testerment to the new testerment.You will that, all the prophet are being fought by the unbelievers of their era. As for AL-QUR`AN the last scripture from ALLAH,those who believe in it and pratice what it teaches will have everlasting life in JANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. If there is no news coming from Nigeria they must just short up, are we Nigerian suddenly becoming so backward that we be reading and listening so such crap news, wake my great people let think how to fix our decaying infrastructure.
    We must actually check if that guys is a qualified doctor or book haram argent

  46. God Almighty has said it over 1400 years in the Glorious Quran that “We shall show them our signs until they will believe that GOD IS ONLY ONE”.The child with Quran in hand is another acid proof that THERE IS NO OTHER god worthy of worship except ALLAH,the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.Believe before it will be late to do so.

  47. God can do what he feels like Mr Doc, am also a medical doctor and believe in this because am not an atheist and believe that science does not dictate what God does rather the reverse is true

  48. Do christians really fear God? Do they really worship God? If yes, I wonder what the religion preaches about intolerable utterances. Anybody who doubts Allah’s miracles is not more than devil.

  49. Am sure if u were born a christian,u’ll marvel @ dis and rejoice as muslim nd vice versal if the case was d opposite…what ll u tell a man born into the hindu,Buddhism, Judaism and many more,u were raised in a certain manner nd u ll live and die by it…d devil is powerful my people and causing confusion every where. GOD is not confused and will not confuse HIS most loved creation! Christ died to redeem man unto GOD,so his followers are called christians,as no man gets to FATHER except through Christ,and GOD said this in the book of Luke,this is my belove Son in whom I am well pleased with that whomsoever believe in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life…like it or not Christ is the Messiah who delievered you all out of she shackles of hell by dieing and ressurecting on the 3rd day! Its just painful y we humans tend to question GOD authority, Christ said its finished! No xtras. The devil’s 1 and biggest problem is christians,try to call the name of Christ in the gathering of false powers and see what happens! No man can get to GOD except thru Christ as ur holiness is rag in HiS sight…when u want to cause problems in d house of your adversaries,u throw stones it so they dnt understand themselves! Christ said it is finished…that means no extras!

  50. Talking about the fear of GOD…we Christians don’t just fear GOD,we LOVE GOD! Ya’l should stop making a fuss about this like u scored a point against Christians,this is not a football match. @ Joseph, the Old testament and new testament is 1, d reason 4 d new testament is to state and emphasize GOD new plan 4 man thru Christ…and dat plan is love! The devil has taken full charge of the affairs of this world and GOD ll not stoop so low to challenge a mere creation of HIS, that’s why we have CHRIST! Even a thief believed in Him @ the hour of death! We are all children of of GOD, a breath of life of GOD is in us all,dat means GOD is in us,so if we call Christ the son of GOD,we re not wrong, cause only He ever came and did completely according to the nature of GOD and according to the will of GOD! So Christ is Lord because all power in heaven and on earth has been placed on Him…many religion try to place GOD in a box and think they know HIS ways,if u can’t believe in GOD word according to the book of Mathew 3:17 den u re calling GOD a liar, besides that the Bible had already been completed and in use b4 the misunderstanding that led to the creation of islam…the Bible said in the book of Revelation 22:18 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. 20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

  51. 17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

    18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. 20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

  52. When d story of a mysterous child filtered my phone tru d ascology news i doughting, but when i read d news and also seen d true picture of d miracle child wt Holy Quran in his palm. It dazed me. God is great! To my own opinion, this is a great signs dat d future of dis country (Nigeria) shall be good, despite d challenges of insecurity and bonch of ignoramus of bad courrupt leaders ruling us. At d sametime, dis is a great sign from Almighty ALLAH to unbelievers and heavil doers to repent and be righteous and do good to fellow humanbeing before d day of resurrection!

  53. Allahu Akbar…when heard dis strange things,i didn’t believe,how baby could born wit Holy Quran holding in his’s a mysterious thing,until i see it…moreover,dis is an advice 2 some people who wil conceive & tryin 2 abort it….nowaday some different powerful &glorious baby are sent to d earth..Nothing is impossible…so beware nt gud idea…GOD IS GREAT

  54. Allah prmises in Quran dt HE wil continue 2 show His 'signs in d horizons nd in ur ownselves until it'll bc

    Allah promses in Quran dt He’ll sho dm His signs in d horizons nd in dr own selves til it’ll bcom crystal clr dt it’s d trut.So ppl’s rxns r nt surprising.It’s Quranic prophesy dt such a sign ncrses faith f blvrs nd disblf f unblvrs nd infidels.Rmmba miracls f Moses wr tagd magic.Clr miraclos bth f Jesus confounds Jews til date.Dey cal hm bastard.Glaring signs of Prophet Muhammad wr denied by unblvrs f his tym, dey cald dm magic.What a tradtn! D rxns r both tradtn nd fulfilmt f Quranic prophesy.Bt beware! Hellfire awaits unblivrs. Olanrewaju.

  55. Allah is great. This is one of His Miracles. Believe it or not, it is a promise by Allah that He will spread the religion of Islam. You christian, wake up and have rethink of what u are doing. One again, Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. mankind, I mean U, yes U and u should tell others ‘ After the truth, in what else will you belief’.

    The boy born by a christian, yet with a Quran in his hand; so what are u waiting for- is it when it’s too late? to accept Islam .i.e. worshiping ONLY God

  57. pls, what if the child was born holding a bible? There is nothing the creator cannot do. There are clear signs for us the creatures if only we can think.

  58. Wow. Its great, a child born with a koran, its nt a new thing, nothing is new under the sun. According to what that same quran says .’allah misleads who he wants and shows the right part to those who he would’. That same koran says allah has prepared people specially for hell.
    If this child is a clear sign to the world that islam is d right religion and wants everyone to die a muslim, then what he said about creating people 4 hell is technically saying HIS word is nt his bond. Moreover
    the devil is manipulating people to turn their ways 4rm the truth. Wow. A strenght to oppose JESUS is born, but as it is said, the truth is already in us, we the ones the holy spirit is in. So my fellow brothers in the lord, dnt be mislead by their foolish doctrines. May His name be glorified for ever mone. He is Able. JESUS IS LORD.

  59. Y insulting Islam nd Muslims? Afterall, none of d parties involved is a muslim – d moda, d midwife or d evangelist. If some ppl shd b accused of falsehood n ds issue,then it shd b xtians. It’s AGAINST Islamic teaching 2 propagate d religion wt deceptn. Y not leave d issue 2 Allah – d Creator, Who promises 2 ”sho dm His signs in d horizons nd in dr own selves til it bcoms clear 2 dm dt it’s d truth” (Quran), nd stop castigating d innocent ISLAM nd MUSLIMS.

  60. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sawahun alaihim ahanzartahum am lam tunzir um la yuminun, atamo lahu ala kulubihim wala sam hihim wala absorihim gishawa.[Q2: 6-7] Allahu Akbar!!!

  61. D person dat bllief wit all d prophets includin jesus is d one calling 4 peace or d one rejecting a some nd accept some

  62. with God all things are possible, and i believe nothing is new in dis world again, i av seen a water dat is flowing dat lahilailalahu appear on it and so many more like dat, so who so ever dat did not believe dis is just cooking his/herself and he/she is a unbeliever.I believe dat Allah is d Greatest.Moreso, am happy 4 d mother of d new born baby, 4 not aborting d pregnancy.(Abdul Wahab) d baby name is a glorified child 4 d family

  63. Believe it or nt, dis tin really happened. Sciencetific or unsciencetific, ds’s a human concern. To GOD all tins’re possible. The 1 who created everytin including d science itself. So many unsciencetific tins had happened. A child wz born by a mother with out a father, nd at dt very day he address a multitude wt a knowledgeable speech. That’s also unsciencetific. U can go and do a research on my statement. Let me gv U d name of dt child. His name wz ISA otherwise known as Jesus.

  64. if u luck in to your bible thare is no any chapter or vaser that cristen shoul go to chu on sunday. who as you to blif why god creat fare is for you allah creat janna for muslims . shege dan iska wanda ba ya son gaskiya me kake so ka ga ni bible to ba za ka ga ni ba duk ka ga ma disko acoci i dan ka mutu ba ka yi imani ba to wuta za ka je

  65. Those people denying this miracle especially the christienns, it is base on the fact that it was not the Bible. It can not be the the Bible cos it is not completely the book of Got as the Bible tells us that…But I Corinthians 14:33 says: “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” Doctrines made by men create confusion. visit the address below for more information
    Subject: A List of Biblical Contradictions
    By: Jim Meritt (JWMeritt@AOL.COM)

  66. So you don,t believe this, but you accepted holy pregnancy. Pls read your bible very well, the geneology of your acclaimed saviour according to mat. of 21 names & luke of 41 names, the only similtude is david & joseph, others are contradictory. The true ones in your book is in the holy quran of the same contents. Your pastors are just fooling you around bcos of 10% go and peruse your bible. God is one not three.

  67. this is just one of d signs and wonders of allah. It shows that there is no religion dat will b aceptable exept islam. And islam is d only way to salvation

  68. wait every 1 let us fink abt dis issue every where in the world we see sings of Allah every where which indicate islam is a true religion yet sm people disbelief Allah has created hell(for disbeliefers) and also created heaven (for beliefers)d fact is dat christians and muslims are not the same and can never be.nd we keep on wondering which religion is true.muslims support islam while christians support theirs now Allah came up with sings so that people can realise the truth yet people of hell disbelief my advice is that u all shoul try to make research of ur religion since u ar provided with brain fink about thins that ar happening and see who God(Allah) is in support of time is going dont just sit there u will be asked in ur grave ur religion dnt say i dnt warn Allah (swt) knows all.


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