MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel to pay N1.17bn as penalty for poor quality of service

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on Friday came down very hard on the four major Nigerian telecommunications operators, MTN Nigeria, Etisalat, Airtel and Globacom, over poor quality of service across the networks.

NCC slammed the four GSM operators with a cumulative fine of about N1 billion, one hundred and seventy million Naira (N1,170,000,000) as penalty for the poor quality of services they rendered to their different subscribers in the months of  March and April 2012.

A breakdown of the penalties indicates that MTN and Etisalat, will pay N360 million each while Airtel would pay N270 million. Globacom’s fine is N180 million.

The affected telecoms operators had already been informed through letters to their Chief Executive Officers, the NCC said.

The commission also directed all the affected operators to pay the penalties on or before May 21, 2012 or risk additional payment of two million, five hundred thousand Naira, (N2,500,000) daily, for as long as the contravention lasted.

In the letter communicating the penalties to the different operators, which was signed by the Director, Legal and Regulatory Services, Josephine Amuwa, and the Head of Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement, Ubale Maska, the commission said, “all the operators are to pay the penalties on or before May 21, 2012 or be liable to payment of additional N2.5 million per day for as long as the contravention persists.”

The penalties were as a result of the contravention of the provisions of the quality of service regulations by the Nigerian Communications Commission “as the operators failed to meet with the minimum standard of quality of service including the key performance indicators (KPIs).”

According to NCC, it monitored the performance of the operators on the different parameters, in line with the provisions of the regulation, and discovered that operators were in contravention of the provisions.

Paragraph 13 and Sche-dule 3 Paragraph 2 of the Quality of Service Regulation 2012, provides that any company which contravenes the provision will be liable to pay a fine of N15 million only for each parameter for a service contravened in a particular month, and a further sum of N2.5 million for each parameter for a service for each day the contravention continued throughout the month that is under investigation.

The commission however said that it noted the performances in the months of January and February 2012 as being below the specified thresholds, “but that for the purpose of enforcement of the new Quality of Service Regulations, the Commission took those periods as grace period.”


  1. To who should Mtn, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat pay the money to? And what will the money be used for? If these service providers pay fine for poor service, what then shall be the punishment of PHCN for worst service?

  2. Its not all abt poor network,most times we xperiences low batri,4 goodness sake d fine is too much,i c no reason y d moni should b paid’expect it wil b given back 2 d subscribers

  3. This is total billshit, then what will our govt pay for bad governence.the benificiaries aint supose to NCC but the subscribers…
    Well, we hope they improve in the quality of service most especially MTN wey don tey(10 yrs) no b beans

  4. Nice job. Bcuse every body has taken Nigeria as a country u do what u want. let dis teach others lesson. After subscribing for a package they well collect there money and dere well no network for u to do any thing with it.

  5. What is goin on in d country 2day is frm our top pple,when al dis company want 2 establish in d country,we didn’t knw they agremnt of d 2 party,in ghana mtn tarrif is veri cheap,but in nig.they use axe 2 cut our moni,not only mtn other netwrk ar also there, it depend on bargain of d fgvt nd company,our so cal minister ar fightin for d citizen..but 4 they re selfish interest of what they wi c in d negociatn.the president is increasin phcn tarrif without adequate provision of power supply in d country.

  6. Please, who are this money meant for? To NCC or we the subscribers that suffer for the poor services. It seems like this NCC guys are really broke. They should have pleaded with the masses to organise a charity organisation for them.

  7. NCC, what will you do with the fine? Who will be compensated? Let them credit all their Subscribers with #1000 worth airtime. Though their services are poor but we don’t trust you. You will loot the money. Then the price system of telecomunication sector is absurd. I think that’s what you should look into.


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