Nwankwo Kanu gets Honorary Master’s Degree from Unijos

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Professor Hayward Mafuyai, has revealed during a pre-convocation press briefing that the tertiary institution will honour ex- Nigerian international and Eagles Captain, Nwankwo Kanu, with a Master of Arts Degree [honorary] for his achievements in the field of football and philanthropy.

Prof. Mafuyai  said the University’s Senate unanimously approved the conferment of the honorary degree on Nwankwo Kanu, whom he described as a deserving Nigerian and the most decorated African footballer.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 12th of May.

”This is in recognition, not only of his outstanding achievements in the field of sports, but also for his exemplary contribution towards the rehabilitation of many indigent Nigerian children with debilitating heart conditions through his Kanu Heart Foundation. This has enabled many of them to recover and return to pursue their education”, Professor Mafuyai said.

Professor Mafuyai said the award was to honour a youth who has striven to be exemplary as a footballer and became even more exemplary with the heart foundation which had offered treatment to many who would not have been able to afford the treatment.

He said the university was focusing on the youth because “we have not done enough to honor our own young men and women”.

-Vanguard NG