[Opinion] Attack On Jega’s Convoy Uncalled For

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

The attack on the convoy of the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Attahiru Jega while emerging from the palace of Emir of Kazaure, Alhaji Najib Hussaini Adamu in Jigawa State is unwarranted. One now questions when it has become a crime to attend or honour wedding invitation of an Emir whose daughter is being wedded.


Reports said that trouble started around 12:30 pm when the INEC chairman emerged from the Emir’s palace and was identified by the youths who have gathered at the place to witness the ceremony, where upon “a young girl allegedly led the attack when she collected  sand  and threw  it at the  vehicle in which  the INEC chairman was [email protected]”.


According to Sunday Vanguard, the youths “began to hurl stones at Jega’s convoy. Several cars in the convoy were said to have been damaged and their glasses smashed.  Sources said the situation would have been worse but for the intervention of security forces. The youths sang war songs alleging betrayal on Jega’s path”.


For me this is not the best way to express one’s anger or protest for alleged election rigging as according to the youths and as reported in the Sunday Vanguard of May 20, 2012: “You cheated us, you cheated the North, you declared falsed result, you denied General Buhari the chance to be the president of Nigeria, it was injustice, we will not forgive you”, some of them said. 2015 is not too far a period, these youth should have waited till 2015 to massively vote for Buhari that is if he clinches his party’s ticket to run for the highest office in the land rather than attacking Prof. Jega.


Needless to say that this shameful act is the aftermath of the alleged inflammatory and inciting remarks made by Buhari who has been belligerent, frustrated and angry for not being able to occupy Aso Rock, having contested four times for the seat and failed.


If I were Buhari, I would have invested energy, time and money in more useful ventures than to continue to waste huge amount of money that would have impacted positively on the lives of his numerous supporters rather than chasing the wind. He should borrow a leaf from the likes of the Dangote’s, as his past records which are negative do not speak well of him. It can only be imagined what Nigerians can benefit from a coup plotter and executioner, anti-journalists, regionalist, non-conformist, alleged advocate of the sharialization of Nigeria etc. Let it be known that Buhari will be a hard Presidential aspirant to market to Nigerian electorates as he is being pursued by karma every step of the way in his bid to be president of Nigeria.


The attack on Jega should not be treated with kid’s glove as it is an indication of the alleged potency of Buhari’s remarks in the minds of his supporters.


Nwaorgu Faustinus writes from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Mobile: +2348035601312. Email: [email protected]


  1. Your write up is extremely biased & absolutely bunkum! I still fail to understand why any setback Jonathan’s failed govt has, his apologists attribute it to Buhari’s comment. Now tell me,was the election violence in Imo state where properties worth millions & some lives were lost incited by Buhari’s comments? Pls don’t count on blames to gain sympathy, Jega, GEJ & everyone in this govt have failed Nigerians period!

  2. MR. NWAORGU FAUSTINUS, You are a disgrace to journalism profession, you are a shameless jjournalist that is ready to blackmail the opposition in order to gain some due advantages from the ruling party, Your presntation and analysis has no any professional competency, you are completely biases. The so called president of Nigeria can categorically identify any significant impact that has been achieve since his inception in office, among his unachievable agenda can you pin point a single project undertaking bu this so called MR. President. Anyway let call a spade, spade, is it buhari that ask these youth to be nuisance and chaos? You are a disgrace to a jounalism, no wonder the boko haram are hunting you guys for falsification and inventing false information.

  3. Majority of u northener need to go to sch. And acquired knowledge and understanding becos majority of u haven’t seen d four walls of a class room and as a result those of d northener who ve seen will tell d foolish northeners wt to do, al in d pursure of their own selfish interest and they foolish ones wil follow. As thou d dnt ve brains. Must the northeners away solve a probs wit voilence. This country dnt belong to the north. Its a democratic country. A president frm d north have ruled and nigeria seems not to be goin anyway and now a president frm d minor region is ruling give him a chance. A bad ruler is a bad ruler whether frm d north, south,west or east. If d riot had led to jega death. GEJ wil stil be on seat. Wt really ve you gain when d situation you seek to change stil remains!!!

  4. My advise 2 my Northeners brothers & sisters that we should stop given birth 2 plenty children so that they would be able go 2 school,because i think education is our major problem in the north,if not how can somebody would said that 2011 election was not free and fair,even with the massive rigging in north just because they want BUHARI 2 win.Is NORTH the only part of country? while BUHARI and his supporters knw that leadership is from GOD and so he should forget dream of being a president in NIGERIA.

  5. my advise 2 my NORTHENER brothers and sisters that please we should reduce given birth to plenty children so that will be able 2 attend school,because i very sure that is our problem in north.if not, how can somebody will said that 2011 election was not free and fair,even with the massive riggin g 4 CPC in the north.Pls BUHARI and his supporters should 4get the dream of being a president in NIGERIA.LEADERSHIP is from GOD.

  6. Northerners are a big disgrace to this country. At times i wonder which planet they came from, must they always be d one rulling all d time? If they dnt like GEJ regime, they shud all go 2 hell or they as well jump in2 d ocean, that was y they keep bombing themselves. God will punish them with their sponsorers IJN Amen. Rubbish people.

  7. Islam is a religion of violence or better still a religion of piss and the northerners are only good for the force were ‘killing’ is vital, so buhari should go and sleep cos the presidency in this democratic dispensation is strictly for the educated ones.

  8. jega’s attack is bad, but every blames goes to mr president for his failure, despite his education and even as a former govr. is a shame on mr president, even obasanjo that is close to his grave performed credibly compare to this mr jonnathan, a secondary school boy will never be a total failure like this our jonnathan.

  9. People are just saying rubbish against buhari.buhari didn’t instruct anybody 2 pour sand or throw stone on jega.we have 2 be sincere to him we should stop castigated them just bcos we hate them.