Opinion: GEJ, Lip Service & Corruption

Weeks after  reports of the Police Pension and Oil subsidy probes were made public, Nigerians are still shocked to their bones at the magnitude of fraud and corruption perpetuated by our political and ruling class.

Its more saddening that as usual the indicted persons who are larger than the Nigerian constitution and the Nigerian people would never be reprimanded or prosecuted, in fact,the probes are already being swept under the carpet,if we are to follow the submission by the Political Adviser to the President, Alhaji Ali Gullack who said that the oil subsidy probe lacked credibility and “looks like the probe is targeted at some individuals”.

How would a so called elder statesman say a probe by the Legislative arm of government lacks credibility and be assumed to be targeted at some individuals?
I have never heard anything more ludicrous.

Hear the Probe Panel: “The NNPC was found not to be accountable to anybody or authority. The corporation in 2011 processed payment of N310.4 billion as 2009-2011 arrears of subsidy on kerosene contrary to a Presidential directive which removed subsidy on kerosene in 2009 without any provisions in the Appropriation Act. Direct deductions from funds for the Federation Account in contravention of section 162 of the Nigerian constitution and illegal granting of price differential or discounts of crude oil price per barrel to NNPC to the tune of N108.648 billion from 2009-2011.”

The former national Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr. Ahmadu Ali who was also the Chairman of the PPPRA, another conduit pipe for funds siphon was also indicted.

On him the panel said: “The chairman of the board of the PPPRA from 2009-2011, and the entire members of the board during the period are hereby reprimanded and their decision which opened the floodgate for the bazaar is condemned in the strongest terms”.

The case also affected the former Accountant-General of the Federation who is now the Governor of Gombe State in the North eastern geo-political hemisphere of the country, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo. The Panel alleged that his office made excessive payment amounting to 128 times within 24 hours.”

Likewise the Police Pencom Probes by the Senate uncovered that billions of naira had been fraudulently diverted. Farida Waziri and Ibrahim Lamorde, the past and present heads of the EFCC were also indicted. It was the regular practice for huge sums to be paid into the accounts of workers, who would them remit such monies to their bosses according to the sworn testimonies of witnesses at the probe.

Truth is, all other government agencies are riddled with chronic corruption,if a probe was carried out in every government agency,none would be found without blemish. Even monies at the Security Exchange Commission were diverted into buying Rolex wristwatches and luxury yatches as recently discovered.

In my opinion,the government is only playing lip service to this fight against  corruption, you and I know President Jonathan would never rock the boat,take the bull by the horn and fight corruption come what may.

May i conclude with the words of John Lennon, “revolution or a life time of exploitation”?. I suggest you choose carefully.



  1. Most of all the people who will probe and persecute the so call evil cabals, the so called cabal are their gods father,my question is can you probe or persecute your gods father???? Nigeria is a hopeless country.

  2. Indeed there is no doubt that the government is paying a lip service to the issue of corruption i think we should pray for God‘s intervention in this country

  3. My opinion on dis matter is dat president Goodluck knws everything concerning dis subsidy issue. B/w 2009-2011 in which all dis malpratices took place, he (Goodluck) has been on power welther directly or indirectly. 2ndly, all dis atrosities is being by his party (PDP). Without fear or favour, I would say dat Mr President is either one of them (CABALS) or he is incapble, incompetent of dat position,


  5. Well u ve said it all : “revolution or a life time of exploitation”?. u no dis country of ours is a very funny place, u only know d beginning of corruption probe, but b4 u say jack, it is sweep under d mat. Is no news dat every sector (both public n private) in dis country is corrupt, fighting corruption to it fullness in dis great country of ours is a dream dat i doubt will ever come thru cos those in authorities to fight it are themselves corrupt, still we do not have the gut to stand and fight for freedom from this monsters. As it is, except God intervene, its sure going to b a life time exploitation.


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