Oshiomhole’s aide assassinated after an alleged attempt on the Governors life

Adams Oshiomhole
  • Unknown gunmen on Friday attacked and killed Oyerinde Olaitan in his Ugbor GRA residence.

Oyerinde Olaitan, the principal secretary to the Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has been assassinated Friday morning.

Eye witness accounts state that the governor’s aide was shot by four gunmen who forcefully gained access into his residence in Ugbor GRA, Benin City,early Friday morning.

The Chief of Staff to the governor, Osarodion Ogie, informed journalists that the police have begun investigation into the assassination.

It would be recalled that governor Oshiomhole’s convoy was recently involved in a crash, resulting in the death of three journalists attached to the Edo State Government House.

Oshiomhole alleged that the crash was an attempt on his life and accused the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of complicity.



  • Oshiomhole u better seat up sleep with 1eye close,1open.b careful on any trip u take.Remember since they did not kill u with tiper,they will like to do so by any means.make sure both these killers,dat tiper,d driver are trapd.

  • This is one of the reasons why every Nigerian should shun the reign of P.D.P. Insecurity may continue to dance around the nation as long as unpatriotic elements remain in the mantle of power. Nigeria head is prolifically ill. With the help of almighty Allah and sentiment free vote that will stop this nonsense.

  • OBJ was at EDO state to see Gov Oshiomole in private. Oshiomole did not disclose the reason/out come of the PDP/ACN meeting. It looks like he has forgotten about the mystery of the murder of Bole Ige and Dele Giwa. Keep off from all PDP Boko haram people everywhere.

  • Remember,d wicked shall be turned into hell, Psalms 9;17a. By ur daily killings u prepare a place for urself in hell,even though u may be awarded wt material things here on earth. Repent now. Gov Adams I counsel u to give ur life to Christ and let Him be ur guide,frm d hands of evil men that hate men of good virtue. Take my counsel and live,either in life or in death. For if u are saved&u die u still live wt d Lord. God bless u,Gov Adams. Don’t fear them,very soon,even frm now they wl begin to fight against themselves and kill themselves.God is already against their evils. We are praying for the nation

  • Well, we may be pointing accusing figer on pdp. But there is a possibility course dat a meber of AC too can still finace d killi or a decaping frm PDP, just 4 d post be givin to them. This is election period, PDP wont be foolish to muder Osho p.a sect.my people be wise, Oshio baba trust not ur cabinet there r agent of PDP in ur party

  • nigeria has become on settle state because of d bad leader,i oladapo taiwo on comming leader of dis state,GOD should hel

  • My Gov. hear this no weapon fashioned against u shall prosper, any 1 that gather for ur sake shall fall for ur sake. These evil men that destroy Edo state for yrs, re nt happy wt the good things happening iin the state, they re witches and wizards and they Bible declare sufer not a witch to live, there4 they shall die with their sin and their blood shall be upon their own head, Edo must be great, no one no pdp no old pussy cat, nor his boys can stop u my dear comrade Gov.

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