Suspected bomber caught with grenades at ministerial briefing in Abuja

A man has been arrested with three hand grenades and some rounds of ammunition, at the Radio House, venue of the Ministerial  briefing by the Ministry of Sports on their performance in the last one year.

The man, identified as, John Akpabu, was arrested with 37 rounds of live ammunition and three hand grenades and other explosives at the national press centre, of the Radio house in Abuja at about 12:30 midday on Monday.

Confirming the arrest, Akindele James, the security officer in charge of the Radio House building stated that “we arrested him with black bags containing three hand grenades and 37 live munitions. We snatched the bag from him at the gate as he was entering the compound at the gate” he said.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Bello Adoke, Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, and Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi are the ministers listed  to present their scorecards at the radio house.

The annual briefing which involves a daily briefing by all the federal ministries on their performance, commenced a fortnight ago.

It is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Information, as part of the preparations for Democracy Day.

-Channels News


  1. Well it has always been our prayer that God should expose those who are behind terrorism in Nigeria, but the question is there is a lesson to learn again, the john in question is not a muslim now people refuse to comment because of sentiment and bias, well be that as it may, i‘m of the opinion that the present face of Boko Haram is not thesame as it started in Borno state now it seems to have political dynamics, and individuals are now using the name for there own selfish interest so i am of the opinion that there should be a serious investigation and if found guilty sentence to death, no excuse GOD HELP NIGERIA

  2. The truth is that muslims are expacts in terorism because they have the manual(Q),they grow in it,and have vowd to die any time any where.Compared to some one who have not started terorism from infant.So if muslims wants thier terorism to be moving fine,they should stop using money to buy some 1 that doesn’t knw what terorism manual is all about.And as for you john,i wish u will b killed,so as to go and meet alqeeda leader in hell.foolish fool how much u r been paid dat makes u go contrary to bible?

  3. We thank God for d vigilant security men. Try and be careful in handling that man. C how u can get useful information frm him. He shd be well secured,so that he is not killed to stop hm frm giving useful information. He must hv bn used out of his greed to make quick money,not counting d consequences first. High quality of intelligence shd be applied in this case. It shd be handled maturedly. These ministers would have been killed by now. He must hv bn promised a lot of things. He is very unwise.

  4. I now realise that the boko set are not all muslim pple as we presume althought they had a group some times in the past that are of religious extrimist. Ibo, yoruba and any tribe can be boko member as they can be paid money on that evil assignment. Just like hiired assasin employd to kill somebody innocently. Govt should not play polities over this to get to the root.

  5. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all of u saying God is exposing southeners, Who re d terrorist? who started terrorism??? Dnt u think dat dez senseless muslim militants ve tot for a way of disguising der true nature knwing dat d world hs undastud n is aware dat muslims re terrorist so de try to confuse d world by using daibolical means on non muslims to succumb to d terrorism manners lik hw de used John.. Look @ his face does he seem be be in his right senses!!!!!! Y? Re we Nigerians being so deceived by our government we re bussy killing ourselves to d benefit of some big belled Nigerians… muslims stop Fighting Christians cos we re 1 Nigeria else I see No future in Nigeria as 1..if we continue dis way 1 day we shall wake up n tell our children dat der ws a country called Nigeria!!!!

  6. One funny thing about nigeria z dat when any case of bombing crops up,we nigerians try to shy away 4rm d truth,if nt d fact!! Hu told christians that its only muslim that bomb?let’s shun all this pretence and face the fact,we dont love one another. If we do,i dnt c any reason we shouldnt appreciate gud things..if they av caught d man,gud 4 our nation..shun d sentiments abegi…God bless Nigeria…