Justice Ayo Salami recalled by the NJC

The suspended President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Isa Ayo Salami, was recalled today by the Nigerian Judical Council in a hotly contested meeting which got the judge recalled by 10 votes.

Justice Salami was suspended 18th August 2011, at the 7th emergency meeting of the NJC following his refusal to tender apologies to the NJC under the erstwhile Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu.

8 members of the body voted against Justice Salami’s recall.

A source revealed that the decision to re-instate Justice Salami was reached in Abuja during the second day of the NJC meeting which lasted for hours and ended at about 4:00 pm today.


  1. †ђξ recall of justice Ayo Salami is good for democracy and our judicial system. May †ђξ shameless politicians and lawyers who are anti-democracy stumble and fall.

  2. The reinstation of Justice Salami by NJC is a good dev. & one of the ways of protecting the sanctity & independence of judiciary in Nigeria

  3. Jonathan failed recall him long ago after a second judicial advice, bt heeded to d first wich ws Ayo’s suspension. Its A party tin. Elektns tribunals ova now so badluck tinks he stands no ills. It xposes d gutter levels of his govt-one in undemocratic, markd by d submergence of merit and justice, of probity in public offices.

  4. Y after d NJC dismissed all d election matters on lack of jurisdiction? Well, now that NJC has realized her mistakes & decides 2 call Ayo back may she also review all d cases that were politically dismissed, perhaps he may get d jurisdiction 2 grant d petitioners a fair hearing.


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