UNILAG ASUU Chairman blasts Jonathan for changing institutions name

UNILAG students protest name-change

The Chairman of the University of Lagos (UNILAG)  branch of ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities), Dr Oghenekaro Ogbinaka, while addressing a gathering of protesting UNILAG students, assured them that the Union will fight against Jonathan’s decision to change the name of the tertiary institution to Moshood Abiola University.

“I want to tell you that ASUU is by you,

“the entire University of Lagos  is by you,

“we woke up peacefully and saw a stupid man announcing a stupid decision” UNILAG-ASUU chairman, Dr Oghenekaro Ogbinaka said.

Dr karo ogbinaka, ASUU-UNILAG

Dr. Ogenekaro stated that President Jonathan wanted to score a cheap political point with the decision to change UNILAG’s name.

Jonathan’s surprise decision to rename UNILAG as Moshood Abiola University angered majority of the students of University, who immediately began protesting the decision, insisting that “UNILAG must remain UNILAG”.

Jonathan said that renaming the University is in appreciation and honour of the contribution of late MKO Abiola.

Other principal officers of the tertiary institution who addressed disgruntled students appealed for calm, saying that they were not a part of the decision and that they were also against it.

Students protesting along the Yaba area of Lagos met the Oba of Lagos along the way. He said Jonathan should reverse the decision.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the late MKO abiola, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, described the presidents gesture as well deserved.

“It is honour well deserved. We should just remember that his commitment was to end poverty. That was what he was fighting for. It’s honour for him and those who fought with him.” Hafsat told Nigeria Politics Online.


  • The ASUU president in MAU I belive is the most stupid. Calling his President names for mere Presidential decision? Well, the change has been done, MAU students should be wise and note that the name of the institution they graduate from is not the most important thing but what they learn from that, I would have had a problem with the name change if Obafemi Awolowo University was renamed Moshood Abiola. But renaming Univ of Lagos simply should not call for unneccesary protests and name calling. Very soon, the ASUU will go on strike until the name is changed and then the students will be the ultimate losers. Let’s be wise Nigerians!

  • @Veecee u are so senseless, hw many things do u wanna name after MKO is he a saint. We have mko garden,mko road,mko part is it until we have mko state
    Mr stupid president has vital issues to address he left those untouched and change d name of our great institution
    Our leaders should know hw to set their priorities right

  • the students protesting are doing nothing but only wasting their precious time……if they don’t like the name,let them go and write another jamb to change school..

  • This is a gross disrespect to the presidency, and he must be charged for it, even if the  development isn’t favourable to him, that’s doesn’t mean some people α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ not happy for the development. And for him to have addressed the president as a stupid man, even while he’s still a civil servant, ɪ̣̇ think he should be punished for that disrespectful act

  • Y dis student cn not for once think of their future and stop allowing to be used by so political thugs. To d ASUU chairman which is bin paid by d so call President GEJ who he called STUPID, u wil not go unpunished may be LASU wil employ u let wait and see. But one thing I knw is dt GOV FASHOLA wil never suport anybody to insult MR PRESIDENT. Any YOUTH dt is aspiring to be great should stop abusing todays leader no matter wot. A WORD IS ENOF FOR D WISE

  • God bles u @veecee. U see, left 4 me i wont even advice d senseles students goin on protest. But 4 dis sick man dat calld himself ASUU chairman, he is finish. Infact, any ryt tinkin person should hav disown him as a father, brother, friend or even as a lecturer

  • Mr presedent why do u like good things for your life
    Fuel subsidy 1st jan 2012
    Independence day unilag
    Mr president am sorry to say dis, u ar a disgrace to nigeria and also we need to flog u publicly
    Free word Ebele u ar jst an Idiot

  • Mr presedent why don’t u like good things in your life
    Fuel subsidy 1st jan 2012
    Independence day unilag
    Mr president am sorry to say dis, u ar a disgrace to nigeria and also we need to flog u publicly
    Free word Ebele u ar jst an Idiot

  • Mr president’s decision is rash and not so wise. For a school that has a long standing history and tradition, the name is indeed a very ‘STRONG’ name both home and abroad. Why trade that for cheap popularity. And for the ignorant comments above Jonathan pays no one, it is our money. Let Jonathan fix real issues not causing more which so far he seems very good at. To me, the move is for his selfish political agenda, cheap popularity. Nigeria is fast changing no one is falling for this.Jonathan, wrong move definitely not good.

  • So admiSsion into MAU=tribal Marks. ℓøℓ…AMA MAU MAU #Notime. Buh on a more serious note,changing d schOols name,well-no big deal. Doing it without consulting the appropriate figure heads of d school is total disregard of protocol,not that it surprises me coming from GEJ. The deeds been done and I donkt particularly support calling our president names. Good or bad,we should all be praying for the man.

  • Nigeria is a sick nation ,if not so we will not be calling the president names, is not the best we should behave maturely when passing comments on our leaders.Am ashamed for that statements to have come out from a lecturer,whom also teaches in that instituition.what legacy are leaving for the generation un born

  • It’s not right to insult the president. The Name of the university has been changed, though the students might not like it but it makes no difference. MAU students please face your studies and graduate jejely. DON’T PROTEST O

  • What some of us ar doing 2 dis man is nt good atal, bc he is cool headed president some of ar taking him to b a full bt i want u pple to knw tht he is nt a full n he can do things dey thy us to b4. Thy ar nt hapy bc d precident did nt gv theme money b4 made tht statement.

  • To “Enter your name….. ifeanyi”,you are so daft that ordinary common sense is far from you,i dont want to believe that we still have selfish and a confirm muntula(hausa cow) like you still existing on this plannet,its too bad of you,i suggest you are one of those taking from our subsidy money,some weeks ago,your so-called jo ate about 200billion naira that he stole,you didnt see to that,all you can see is unilag asuu chairman blasting him,let me tell you,if care care is not taking,i will personally track you down with codes of internet facility and kidnap you then your bros(jo) will come and rescue you for fighting for him,RUBBISHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • @vceee ur definitely d most stupid one of all!!! A good name and legacy can never be replaced!!! Even d bible says a good name is better dan silver and gold!

  • Nigerians have the mentality of being in the majority,here i come,the fact dat mr president changed d name of d institution doesn’t mean we shud b railling abuses n curses bcos møst pple ar doing dat,where is our morals, wen i c pple rendering abuses,i c dem as nt properly tutored persons n also lacking moral ettiquette ,b b u undergraduate,prof or whosoever.Remember dis student,DR Kora said asuu is behind u,if dey dare strike na una go sufffer am o,so student wise up o,it is nt name dat will give u good grades,it is hard work.b 4 i 4get veecee thubs up!

  • @Awosion u are an ldoit 4 lnsulting our president l dont blame u becos u don’t no de different between democracy day and lndependence day. Mr president carry go.

  • All Unilag Haters, because u didn’t make it to the prestigious University u have no idea wat a good name stands for! Insulting an individual u put in power is allowed because he is your mandate and your vote put him there! When he increased the price of fuel i’m sure more than 90% of Nigerians insulted him, so why are selfish individual being so hypocritic! Why didn’t he decide to make June 12 a public holiday? Why didn’t he name the Abuja Statiun after MKO? Or the National Assembly Complex? There are a millionand one things he could have done to gain the love and respect of South West but he goofed once again! Bad advisers are killing this guy! A good name is better than Gold and Silver…Unilag is an established brand! Unilag generates its own revenue…Unilag pure water, Unilag bread, Unilag Ventures, Unilag fm…haters go and hug a transformer or something!!!

  • All Unilag Haters, because u didn’t make it to the prestigious University u have no idea wat a good name stands for! Insulting an individual u put in power is allowed because he is your mandate and your vote put him there! (Freedom of Speech) When he increased the price of fuel i’m sure more than 90% of Nigerians insulted him, so why are selfish individuals being so hypocritic? Why didn’t he decide to make June 12 a public holiday? Why didn’t he name the Abuja Stadium after MKO? Or the National Assembly Complex? There are a million and one things he could have done to gain the love and respect of South West but he goofed once again! Bad advisers are killing this guy! A good name is better than Gold and Silver…Unilag is an established brand! Unilag generates its own revenue- Unilag pure water, Unilag bread, Unilag Ventures, Unilag fm…haters go and hug a transformer or something!!!

  • Everyone knows that UNILAG is prestigious and should remain intact. Changing the name serves no positive benefit for the people of Nigeria. In America, Lagos is known and respected which makes UNILAG’s creditability well known and respected for those who desire to further education abroad. The name is very neutral and should stay that way. Universal is the key in this situation. I agree with other commentators that they should think of opening up another school and name it that if its that important for him. This is not a politically correct move on his part.

  • Wat a callous slander.one tin i knw is dat wateva one sows one must reap even b4 one dies.Does dis man(unilag asuu chairman) knw d gravity of being stupid? If it is a wrong decisn by GEJ can callin him names put it ryt?.wat ll it profit a man 2 bite d finger dat feeds him?.To d students: dis has shwn ur priority 4 being a student. One who actually wants 2 acquire knowledge 2 affect d world +vely esp our country Nig has no reason running mad 4 d flimsy reason of change of name.It si time we used our brain.A word can ruin ones generatn.

  • Mr ASUU MAU, aka Unilag ℓ̊ personal tink u should retract that statement that our president is Stupid, ℓ̊ personally think that d degree of ur our Stupidity is higher than d president sayn d wrong tin at d ryt time too bad for u. ℓ̊ pray he ll pardon ur stupidity bhur next tym think b4 u say tins publicly. MR GEJ ℓ̊ think is better to have a new sch to be name afta MKO bcos to effect Unilag to Mau is more demanding than just saying

  • I don’t think the number of fools here are many, but the siddon lookers are only in the Majority. This is another diversion Mr President. Face your Business, Fight corruption, Improve Electricity supply, BE on-top of the Security challenges whereby Christians and Igbos are killed everyday at an alarming rate, repair the roads even the East-West road that concerned your Kits-and-Kins. Honestly, if not that 90% of Nigerians are on siddon-look, you do not deserve remaining in office till date. Mr. President please Improve Security of Lives, supply of Electricity and roads and Your popularity will jump hundred-fold. You won’t need cheap popularity. The sport philanthropist would have jumped in his grave if was National Stadium Surulere, that was renamed. sycophants rethink.

  • Why mr president is cossing problem all over,why the past rulers they did not changed the name?mr goodlock or badlock he dosent want us leave peaceful in this country!!!!.

  • May I make a request? Let this issue be left to those that are educated and learned. Not just anybody who can access the keypad. I hold a first degree, Masters, BL and an LL.B. Are we sure that some of our commentators even passed the GCE, WASC, SSCE or WASSCE? Or they are in mere possession of the Certificates through impersonation? Any educated person knows the importance some of us attached to names before we sought and gained admission to those institutions. Those whose arguments are based on “what is in a name” must be screened well:- they were either exam cheats, impersonators or certificate forgers. We expect to see WHAT IS LEFT OF EDUCATION WHEN WHAT WE LEARNT IN SCHOOL HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN. Mr President, there is nothing wrong in OVERULING yourself, take a second look, there is honour in so doing.

  • It’s a pity that some Nigerians are like this.The same man people up-held and honor that time is now object of protest.Are you protesting against MKO Abiola or Mr president? I believe the man in the picture is MKO Abiola and not Mr president.

  • Pls think before u type on ths site! Changing of unilag name is nt proper. And let m remind u, any good leaders will never be insulted, we are all human being and we no wht is Good for each other, so u may like the changing of the name bcos u are nt a student of unilag, and people ther doesn’t like it. So pls think before you type

  • So if u are elected as the president of ths country, u will not listen to people’s complain?? U wil just rule the way u like? It’s unfair!! America is a country jus like us, they are human being lik us, they are the best in the world bcos they listern their people’s complain our leaders doesn’t ve our feeling and that is the cause of all ths

  • The problem we as Nigerian’s have is (1) we are very Scared (2. We seems to adore who ever is in power either we are dying or not (3. We claim to be religious when we are not (4. We feel we are very intelligent, honest nd upright then we want to show other’s the way.
    The President is wost than any name whoever calls him. Renaming a sch such as Unilag what effect has that got to do with Nigerians or on Democracy. He only pleased the Family of MKO. This man was a business Mogul he has made his name either by crook or hooked b4 coming to Politics he was still going to loot money too if he was giving the seat. We av too many good ppl who lost thier lives 4 d strugle of this country who dis Mad Man could av attribute this Day to but he didnt, Nigerians are suffering he came nd brought subsidy 35.5 billion was recovered dis Month what did he used it for, why nt execute a project with it nd name it MKO or did he nt have a University in hìs place? Soon new PHCN bill will come. Nd we say he is good. Democracy was stoppose to show development nd great achivement but with him None. Did he even consult NUC or ASUU or even Unilag Senate b4 doing it. Well this is the only country where any thing happen if he likes change d name Nigeria we will move on and prosper. To the students it only show the kind of person we have as a President if he does’t restore the name never mind Alluter cöntinùe.

  • There r thousands of things in the country needing urgent attention,I would have loved to hear Mr president say an end to boko haram has come than renaming unilag.Mr president,be constructive

  • @Imma, Veecee, Steve: Please, spare us your thoughts. If somebody elected into the office of the President has no respect for the laws of the land or any one, then he deserved whatever comes his way by insults he received from the populist. Let me remind you, freedom of speech of every Nigerians is guaranteed under the law and as long as nobody insults the president to his face or cause physical harm to him you all should go and rest. Taking unilateral and wrong decisions is not a prerogative of Mr. President alone and you might as well say anyone can wake up on the wrong side of his bed and change Nigeria name to Moshood Abiola Country and it will be cool with all of you. There many things that has been named after MKO already I.e. MKO garden, estate, parks, roads polytechnic etc Also, ASU chairman is not working for Mr. President, he works for the people of Nigeria and he is being paid with Nigerian tax payers’ money, not Jonathan’s money. No matter how you tried to defend the decision of Mr president Economically and Socially, It is unwise, as huge allocation of funds will be needed to change Letter Heads, records, branded vehicles/materials etc and the general confusion that will arise from associating the new name to the old one. Finally, the achievement june 12 struggle should not be limited to the southwest zone alone. As Nigerians, we should stop hero worshiping and creating cult-like image for anybody in the position of authority, Let all of us do the right thing and it shall be well with Nigeria.

  • there is more to this. the name change is just a cover up. try to carry the people along with you Mr President. so no1 will accuse you of ulterior motives. we don’t want the new name u baptized us with. but if u insist on it, give us substantial reasons for giving it. if u don’t have a solid reason, please, kindly reverse decision ur decision. (we understand-no1 is above making a mistake)

  • Is quite unacceptable that this Oghenekaro of a man will just sit down and be cursing and abusing a president of his courntry irrespective of the circumstances,i hope u will appreciate if we had cursed you on pages of papers for keeping us home for months during your funny strikes.well everybody is now pouring abuses on the man but when the real horror was happening in that presidential sit none of u was able to come out and say a word but is now GEJ”s humble regime so everybody can come out and say watever pleases him/her,even those that just realised they have a freedom of speech.well i pray for u all including our courntry nigeria cuz a decission made by president did not give anybody the right to insult or abuse him,you guys should be enlightened plss!!!,US president just legalised same sex marriage in which many pple in the US were against but they never insulted him cuz is wat he sees as the best therefore u can vote in for what u feel that is the best and stop these silly insults ah ah aha ah!!.

  • ebele,u wanna honour mko shey,mayb u shd go to ur village,nd name dat place afta him,den his soul wd b happy…wakn up,nd just pourn out nonsense,i dnt fault u,its patience everyday gbagaun dat has causd all des.@veecee,omo gej,mayb by supportn dat confusd presidnt,he wd make u d new vc….am nt against d change of name,bt things shd b done properly.jonarthan does d ryt thn @d wrng tym.

  • @veecee didnt u say dat u’ll get annoyed if oau was changed so y cant unilag students get annoyed too they dont care about d change of name bt wat is d reason for d change of name unilag’s name is already established all over d world changing d name will affect students in a way dat i dont tink u’ll ever understand

  • of all things to change,our slow thinking, callous, unreasonable, fish brain president thinks UNILAG shld have a new stupid, nd RAZZ name. Jonathan shld be hanged.

  • I am not proud of nigerias president Mr Jonathan he sometimes acts with such insanity that leaves so many questions about his mental state,or is he beign remote controled?,changing the name of a university that have existed before his birth just because he was elected nigerias president on sentimental grounds doesnt make any sense to me…He should know that we are not in military regime.

  • Veecee may God punish u 4 insultn our asuu chairman 4 supportn us,u God-forsaken bitch. So e shld support jonathan bcos e wants promotion or increment in his salary.

  • GUD LUCK u are good for nothing@veecee you are so stupid for supporting dat bastard president of urs, God will continue to punish the two of you nd ur own na poverty go kill you wereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

  • who cares about a name, will that get you a job. my present employer has never seen my degree certificate i gradated from onne of the best fed. inst. in Nigeria all he knows is that i am the best computer engr and programmer he has ever met. he pays me well though. the name of the institution doesnt make you, it what you can do people call you by.
    I dont support your confused President or the stupid students that wont use their 4-5yrs for better things.they should stop causing hold up in lag.

  • I can assure the general public that Jonathan will sooner or later come up with a anti-governmental policy again, and the unilag community and those positively concerns will mock the general public, because we’ve been mocked, disrespected,rejected and left alone in the struggle for our name change, i used to think Nigeria problem lies in the leadership, little did i know it also lies in the heart of every Nigeria, jealous, envious, destructive and what have you? all these are the attributes of lucifer. I regret ever born in this part of the world. God bless University of Lagos, God Bless the positive concerns!

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