Yakasai craves support for Jonathan’s transformation agenda

RATHER than finding faults, it behoves all well meaning Nigerians to encourage President Goodluck Jonathan to implement his transformation agenda for the country, elder statesman, Mallam Tanko Yakasai has said.

Faulting those who are in a hurry to downgrade the performance of President Jonathan, he maintained that the president deserves praise over his decision to set a transformation agenda for the country.

Yakasai, who spoke to The Guardian yesterday, faulted those who alleged that President Jonathan has not done enough in moving the country forward in the past one year, saying they were not fair in their assessment.

His words: “I think the most important thing I can say about the first year of Jonathan’s administration is that he has set for himself a transformation agenda for the country. The problem we have been having before was that our past leaders were not setting an agenda for themselves which would have been the yardstick to measure their performance.

“The late President Umaru Musa Yar’Ádua was the first to do so following the footstep of Gen. Sani Abacha who came up with the vision 2020 document that was later abandoned by former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. We now have a president with transportation, improvement in power supply, agriculture, railway, road, the dredging of the River Niger and national security, among others, being in his agenda.

“For me, at least we know the items on his agenda. As his tenure draws to an end in 2015, it is then that we would be able to say whether he implemented them or not before we can adjudge him. It is not fair to say Jonathan cannot do these things for now. Let’s allow him the time that he needs to achieve these goals. By this time next year, we would be able to know to some extent whether he is capable or not. We should encourage the president to actualise his agenda.”

Yakasai admonished the president to not only implement his transformation agenda religiously, but endeavour to render account of his stewardship to Nigerians on regular basis.

While urging the president to ensure free and credible polls in 2015, Yakasai said: “Jonathan must make it an article of faith in 2015 general elections that the elections are conducted free and fair in the true sense of it. If this is done, alongside the implementation of his agenda, he will go down in history as a president who came, set an agenda, implemented it and ensured the conduct of a free and fair polls.


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