19 Villages Marked for Demolition in FCT – FCTA

In a statement made known to the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Abuja, the Head of Public Relations Unit, Department of Development Control, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, Mrs. Josie Mudashiru disclosed that at least nineteen (19) villages in the Federal Capital Teritory (FCT) have been marked for demolition demolition by the Federal Capital Teritory Authority (FCTA).

The affected villages are: Idu, Karmo-Dape, Tasha, Gwagwa, Suburi, Zauda, Jahi, Gishiri, Mabushi, Mpape, Kuchigoro, Chika, Aleita, Piwoyi, Lugbe, Pyakassa, Tudun-wada, Dei-dei and Guzape.

According to her, the AMMC has commenced a two-month sensitization period in the affected areas. In her words “we have commenced sensitization programmes in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Gwari and pidgin English in the affected areas before the demolition exercise… we have involved chiefs, youths and other stakeholders in the sensitisation programme”.

After the sensitization will come the “marking” period which will be followed by the demolition proper which is expected to take place before the end of the year: “…we will proceed for marking after the programme, and hopefully, the demolition will commence before the end of 2012”. She pointed out that the FCT Urban Development had, before no made several efforts to persuade non-indigenes to refrain from buying lands from local chiefs.



  1. God will surely deliver us from all these Agents of darkness in power who derive joy in inflicting sorrows & pains on d people in d name of Planning. They will turn round and share d land after demolishing pple s houses.No wicked will go unpunished.

  2. Its a good idea realizing the master plan, but in whatever u’re doing remember we’re all Nigerians. If u had d opportunity of acquiring Govt money remember those that not, put alternatives in place before embarking on ur excersice. So that u won’t create another insecurity in the FCT, the one EL-RUFAI course is still there till today. So think well oOoo.

  3. Although nigeria needs development.but what of security aspects,which is the major problem we are facing today.His excellency,d disadvantage in ur tenor,is bigger than ur advantages.What ppl hears about ur silent for terrorism,mavles every one dat hears of it.Also remember that this ppl dat are been killed by bokos are exactly ppl dat made u president dat u are today.

  4. When will mediocrity end in dis country. Masses are always the sacrficial lamb. Where was AMMC & FCTA when these villages grew to the present sizes. Why did these(AMMC & FCTA) agencies stop the dev. with a similar publicity and advocacy in order to save the innocent non-indegenes from the hands/traps of the mentioned “local chiefs”. Such action would hav equally exposed the fraudulent chiefs and as well shown sincerity from govt.. I sincerely often wonder the category of citizens whose life & property is protected by our GOVT.! Again, how many affordable low cost houses are being provided 4 the low income citizens or is Abuja mearnt 4 the rich alone. Nigerian leaders should escue deceit and embrace sincerity. MAROKO, MAKOKO, IJORA BADIA etc are similar areas in Lagos ofwhich a simple RENEWAL can bring about d desirable face lift at little cost on both GOVT. and her citizens.

  5. make the rural areas in the states more attractive for investors and jobseekers, and the shanties, slums and ghettoes in Abuja would demolish themselves naturally. you dont need to waste precious fuel and depreciate tractors that should be used to cultivate our farmlands and construct our villages. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidioooooooooooooooots

  6. you should know when you buy land just N50,000, you went and expended over a million on such land u should know there be problem later, well for your compensation claim hold your title document and approve planned very well.if u don’t have blame yourself.


  8. Nigerian Government, is shelter not part of the citizens right in the constitution? I advice you watch your actions because the present insecurity in the contry now called for caution in order not to add more members to Boko haram, arm robbers and prostitution. provide shelter before demolitions.

  9. D law of naija is a law dat only fevour d pdp’s.d land act decree of 1978 stated every land in a state b-long 2 d govt.who is d govt?nd i wil neva nd eva in my lif vote 4 any goat neither a cattle in any election again

  10. Dis not what we voted u people for, what of all d promises u made to d masses. I tout d constitution said wherever u re born, live for 10yrs nd above automatically made u an indigen. So now where is dat law. People re running from d north down to d south, down to Abuja for shelta, nd all u re doing is to render us homless. U people should ve d fear of God in u bcos no matter d wealth u acquired, non will be biried with u. Eg Late M K O Abiola, late Sani Abacha etc, with all their wealth which was buried with them.over 5,000 people will be made homeless at Mpape. We didn’t say we re not going to leave but all we re saying is give us time. Mr president, mr vice president, mr sanate president, hon. Speaker of d house nd all concerned house of Assemble should please have a rethink nd save d masses nd d poor. A lot of people will die, all tribes re involved in dis demolition except d so called gwaris dat u govt called indigens. So please ve a rethink.

  11. Mr president nd Mr vice President, u promised us freshAir, where is it. U re surposed 2 be d father of d motherless, husband of d widows, father of d orphans etc. Crime will increase, boko haram will be allover d places. So pls ve a rethink of d demolition excercise. We shall leave, but give us time. Fct minister(Bala Mohammed), how many of d houses of d developers ve been bought, do u know dat d houses re too expensive, wat ve u done about it. Mr minister, ve d fear of God nd ve a rethink, just give us time.

  12. Mrs Josie Mudashiru, as a christain, why re u lying. When was d sensitization in Igbo,Hausa, Yoruba, English nd Gwari carried out. U nd ur team, never announced anything to any of d villages. A mother nd a wife is not surpose to tell lies. Fear God nd remember ur children children 2 come. Have a rethink.

  13. God is watching everybody on earth! My shop n my properties have been demolished.hw do there want innocent citizens to survive? Beware Goodluck or u get down wen ur tenure finish.


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