2015 elections: Tinubu meets Buhari to plan PDP’s downfall

ACN strong man, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu met with CPC’s 2011 presidential candidate, Major Geneeral Muhammed Buhari (retd) in Kaduna yesterday to perfect plans to form a ‘formidable opposition’ and capture power from the ruling PDP come 2015 general elections.

Other high ranking ACN delegates, including Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun (ACN) andEkiti state Governor, Kayode Fayemi ( ACN), National Publicity Secretary of ACN, Lai Mohammed attended the closed door meeting which lasted for about 2 hours.

Reports indicate that the high power meeting between the party stalwarts is geared towards working out a CPC-ACN merger ahead of 2015 general elections.

“Certainly, we are likely to see a formidable opposition in 2015”, General Buhari  said while speaking to Journalists after the meeting.

Tinubu played down Buhari’s use of the phrase ‘formidable oppositon’ saying;

Not opposition. I hate to interrupt. We hope to see a positive change in 2015 and not opposition.  We don’t want to be perpetually in opposition. Every politician wants an opportunity to govern.” Tinubu said.

On the state of the nation, Tinubu said: “I am not going to be specific. We talked about national patriotism and the direction the country is going and the need for a change, and that change might be about us having a government of our own after 13 years of democracy.

“Every democrat must be able to sacrifice for a free and fair election. Any democrat must be able to celebrate and accept the result of a free and fair election in order to deserve the joy of victory. But every democrat too must resist abuse of power, manipulation and irregular victories in the election.

“We have areas that, even if we are not in the same political party, we can collaborate. We will not be able to face this country straight and talk to the cameras and look at Nigerians as a people and give a reason whatsoever why we have not been able to promote the course of free and fair election and rule of law in the country.

“That is very critical to our national development and goal because that is the area in which we can conquer poverty and fight for so many things. That is very necessary for the developmental aspiration of pour people. That is what we should be concerned about. It is not all about the politics, but all the progress and collaborative efforts that will result in a free and fair election in this country.”

He added that his presence at the general’s house was just a visit. Tinubu stated: “This is a return visit to the general who paid us a courtesy call in Lagos, particularly myself. And, as politicians, we discuss generally the situation in the country and how we can help to ameliorate the situation and help solve the problem.

“I will allow you to make your wise judgment about that. I am a politician and not a magician. I will rather allow you to wait until the pigeon is out of the hat.

“That is very good. I told you at the beginning that the doors were left open. We are not part of any secret about it and politics is not a dark-room event. It is openness, transparency, and the ability to work with one another and set a common agenda, and that is the purpose. We are still looking for areas where we can help our nation.

“As you know, patriotism is putting the national interest above self. If we have security agencies that are charged with the security of this country at the expense of their lives, then, the leaders must be able to make sacrifices and be flexible enough and accommodate and help redirect. It is not just anybody who can steer the ship of a nation, but it takes exceptional leadership to steer the course of things to a proper destination.”

Buhari declined to make further comment, saying; “I’m satisfied with what Senator Tinubu told you people, thank you.”

In total, the meeting, held at Buhari’s official residence in the Kaduna metropolis, had about 10 national leaders of the ACN and over 20 national leaders of the CPC in attendance.


  1. Buhari’s first obsession is to get back at Babangida who toppled him.
    So far Babangida is alive, Buhari would still be winning only Nasarawa with the usual 5000 votes forever beacuse Babangida knows more the he does. No meaningful leadership acceptance by the core north for Buhari
    especially now that the anticipated sponsored Boko Haram forced dialogue is becoming near impossibility where he would have been vindicated .
    Buhari is now scampering for regional partnership to launch the 3rd option which Atiku & Ribadu could not get .

    Tinubu’s false June 12 protagonism is now being exposed by his clear
    desire not risk venturing in to any attempt at Federal power but
    occupy Lagos.

    ACN are ever contended with Lagos and Tinubu & co’s open opposition to Abiola’s name being put on Unilag has shown sensible Yorubas that Abiola was used by ACN as scrificial lamb to attain Federal power but settled for Lagos power at least and they ‘#Occupy Lagos’ for now.
    Buhari should learn from Abiola and Ribadu .

  2. you PEOPLE are just power hungry politcians, instead of you all to help and find solutions to the problem facing thrs country, you are here talking about 2015 election while we are still in 2o12,did that shows that you are good leaders,i av also establish that most of you all are ex-leaders,what have you all achieve in your own time in power , you see, they said one good turn deserve another,i will advice you all to go and settle down for we dont need who is a politician but quality leadership,let me ask, how of your children are in Nigeria?none i quess,leaving us here idiots to suffer i believe one day God we purnish you all AMEN