Adams Oshiomole Escapes Death Again

Three days after the killing of the Rivers State ANPP chairman, Nwaofu; just hours after a PDP ward chairman was killed in Plateau State; and exactly two months after an alleged attempt on his life, Governor Adams Osiomole of Edo State once again escaped death when gunmen attacked his convoy on Thursday, 28th June, 2012.

The Governor had paid a visit to the Onogie of Usen, His Royal Highness Oluogbe II at his palace and was on his way back when the incident occurred.
In a statement by the state commissioner for information and orientation, Louis Odion, confirming the incident, he said, “At about 6pm local time, Governor Oshiomhole’s convoy left the palace. It had not travelled too far down the road when it ran into a barricade. Naturally, the security details attached to the governor came down to remove the bar. As they were clearing the [place], tens of heavily armed thugs emerged from nowhere and opened fire on the governor for several seconds”

However, the governor was able to escape unhurt. The statement continues “… dutifully, the brave security details attached to the governor, supported by an additional contingent of regular policemen deployed to maintain law and order, rose to the occasion. They were able to shield the governor, key government functionaries and others including leaders of Edo Action Congress of Nigeria to safety without sustaining any human casualties”. Several cars in the convoy were riddled with bullets.


  1. Dis is tragic! Is dis what politics has turned to in edo state where even d gov is not save? Dis is a clarion call for all other AC govs to tighten there belt in d coming general elections. Edo is laying an unpalatable precedents!

  2. This brazen show of lawlessness is too glaring of political contempt in d state. Will these omens not mean greater evil come July 14 poolls in d state? Hope d police unravels this 2nd attempt on Adams’ life!

  3. GOD wil punish those planin to kill dis gud man,de wil al die to c d glory of dis great Gov,,GOD WIL GUIDE U SIR,cus d bible said,he dat dweleth in d scret place of d most high shal abide by d shadow of d almighty

  4. This story appears cooked… It may be true the governor’s convoy was attacked but there is more to this story we’re reading… Politics…

    God bless Nigeria

  5. Good people of Edo state, pls let PEACE reign, what will b will b no matter d threatening, he who can not create life can not take it.

  6. Though I have always admired Gov Adams of Edo state but this to me does not seem real.How can in the convey of armed security men the Gov was shot and no reported incident of death from either side.

  7. am so surpris dat peaple ar so political blindfolded dat wen serious issue ar reported we fil is fake or politicaly enginerd. So until ear dat oshio is dead or he has lost aid again we belive what a mentality.


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