BBA Stargame: Maneta clings on Ghana’s Keita

The BBA stargame has been fraught with a lot crush disasters and love games. Viewers have argued that these scenarios have been accentuated by the isolations the participants get as result of the game’s rules and regulations, and so as natural humans, they tend to get attracted to the the closest people to them.

Yesterday Maneta was said to have been ready to dive into the Jacuzzi after downing one too many cocktails alongside Junia, and they had stripped down to their bikinis and jumped into the jacuzzi when something changed.

There seemed to be only one person on Maneta’s mind as she luxuriated in the warm bubbles; Ghana’s Keitta. The Zimbabwean Housemate could not contain herself and stepped out of the water, in a bid to convince Keitta to join her in the jacuzzi. Keitta politely refused, but Maneta was not having none of it. She jumped on Keitta and clung on to him like cling wrap.

Keitta attempted to extricate himself from her grip, but it was a hopeless mission. After a brief scuffle on the deck, Keitta finally broke free and convinced Maneta that he was headed upstairs to change into his swimming trunks.

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Keitta was said to have disappeared under the covers. This is not the first time Maneta has thrown herself at Keitta. Just this afternoon, Keitta asked Barbz to talk to Maneta because her interest in him has been making his stay in Upville uncomfortable.



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