BBA STARGAME: “This Chick is a weirdo” Prezzo says, breaks up with Goldie.

Since their love affair began officially on Saturday, May 12, 2012, the housemates have managed to remain a ‘couple’ despite their frequent fights.

However, it seems as though Kenyan rapper, Prezzo, is now finally done with his Nigerian ‘lover’, Goldie.

He confided in his friend, Keitta, yesterday, Wednesday, June 27, 2012 about how tired he is with his relationship with the singer.

In his words, ‘I’m not even eating the food she cooks from now on. I can make eggs. I am done. Watch this space. It’s time to bring the old Prezzo back…This chick is a weirdo and I found myself caught up in the mix.’

Even when Biggie played Goldie’s song, Prezzo complained, asking Biggie to change the song and play ‘real music’.

Fans and viewers of the show have since attributed Prezzo’s outburst to the argument he had with Goldie earlier in the week, after which a sad Goldie started speaking to herself.

One thing  though: Goldie is yet to be informed of the break-up as Prezzo only confided in Keitta.

-Nigerian Entertainment Today (NET)