Beautiful girl dies after Sleeping with Alhaji and his monkey

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Cynthia, as we gathered, was picked up by an Alhaji, and after they had fun, he took her to his guest house, and gave her $2000 to suck and sleep with his monkey. She refused at first but after looking at the money again, she concurred.

After the ordeal the alhaji went to drop her and drove off and few hours later she started complaining of stomach ache, she thought it was a normal thing, but from the few things we gathered from the source, fews hours later, maggots started coming out from her private parts; her friend tried to rush her to the hospital but it was too late.She died before they could do anything.

‘It is true the poverty level of the country is driving everyone mad, but Nigerian ladies need to be careful with some extremities in their search for a means of livelihood’.

So much information wasn’t released concerning the lady, and it’s very understandable judging by the circumstances surrounding her death. Prayer is for her to find rest, even in death


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  1. Well nigeria girl need to start having value for their body. It very common for girls of now. I don’t believe in nigeria poverty level led them to all these but it as a result of self believe and value for their precious body. It time to wake up girls

  2. Those who say poverty is not d cause dont know d meanin n effects of poverty. Go n ask one of politicians who was poor b4 his ascension. D Bible says a person who is full is selectiv but in d mouth of d hungry, even a bitter thing is sweet. Greed is inborn trait in human but greed is of levels. Most greed in our society is poverty driven. Imagine $200 is less than N40,000. Will d daughter of a rich politician succumb 2 such bait? Certainly no. U dont know when d said girl last bought cloth for herself. Sometimes it’s worse than cancer.

    • Stop saying is poverty that make her have sex with animal is wrong, lady that has eyes, legs cannot do it by herself to sell, May God have Mercy on us.

  3. There is a way that seems right to man, but there at its end lies death. If you think prostitution is your best way of money, unless you repent, you’re already spiritually death and you’ll die both physical and eternal death! Be warned everyone(male or female).Thanks!

  4. Nigerians girls with money! How can a girl stoop so low and slept with a monkey? I QUESS THIS IS NOT ORDINARY. I pray that this will serve as a lesson to all girls who want to have this money at all course because most of them will not still listen.GIRLS, PLEASE BEWARE!

  5. I hope dis is true, 4 dat it is a lesson 2 girls, u ladies try 2 manage wat u hav wit u, becos life hav no duplicate. May her soul rest in peace.

  6. Assesment of one’s self gives him/her the clear understanding of his/her worth. If you really understand that you worth more than material things, as a woman, you will never scumb to prostitution muchless of havig sex with animal (monkey). Believe me today that some girls who are readind this colunm with us today, will still perform such act the next day. Let us not shy away from the truth, if our precious ladies will evaluate their worth, they can’t step too low for prostitution. Forget the poverty of the land, for some ladies who knew their worth, they are out there doing odd jobs, roating of corn by the road side, Enviromental sanitation and all that and making their ends meat from there. Pride is the problem not even poverty. You can hear some ladiesl saying ‘I can’t do that dirty job’ me eee roasting corn by the road side never!. Can I make how much from it?’. And that is how they started using their body as alternative in search of money.

    • alfredhenry,naa tru talk my broda,all of dem wan be like Omotola,Geneive etc,but they dont want to be like Dora Akunyili,Okonjo iweala……let Alhaji dey use dem small-small until the good ones that we make us pride remains

  7. sumbody must be a prostitute for sure, likewise a doctor, nobody wud hve be if the word ‘prostitute’ had nt existed. Do u no wat naiger girls are doing outside our shore, i’m even proud dat it was a black man’s monkey dat led to her death nt white.There’re many reason Y girls go into prostition nt just poverty nd illetracy sum reasons are beyond human knowledge.unfortunately for her,she was nt literate enough to understood dat no nigerian man wil hve u slept wit his monkey or Dog 4 N300000 without a prize(ritual)of wat benefit wil it be to him, if it has being a white man, i wud hve said it’s meant 4 video corverage which d man wil in return get his money back tru d sale of the video.We all know how peculiar witchcraft is to the nigeria soceity,it is a science no Africa has be able to transform nd make meaningful tin out of it.

  8. Most ladies are stupid and greedy, why will you accept to sleep with Alhaji and after that, agreed to suck and sleep with his Monkey again?

    Nigeria ladies needs serious deliverance. Her mate is selling pure water in the traffic, learning handwork to survive but because they want to use Black Berry that their forefathers has not used in their families then they will do unbelievable and die uselessly like Jezebel.

    May God have mercy on her soul but you will still see that one of them will soon fall victims again because they won’t listen, we are the ones pitying them.

    They are ready to die for money and that’s why they die uselessly bringing shames to their generations to come and Nigeria as a whole.

    Could you believe some of them will fight for visa to go abroad to be doing this nonsense Harlot thing abroad and most of their parents are aware. They call it Hustling and not Harlot Business.

    It’s a pity.

  9. But why would a beautiful gal like cynthia do such a thing and die a shameful dead?well its a lesson to the rest out there especially her friend.monkey, money joor ooo

  10. Alhaji’s at it again. Money is good but the love of it is evil. This alhaji has use this fine girl to make more money for [email protected] rasak makanjuola if you don’t know that poverty is in the land,go and fine out who is the father of cynthia. May her soul fine peace

  11. Poverty level is not an excuse to be foolish. This is the end result of greed and thirst for material things. No matter how much the Alhaji gives, it can not bring back life plus he is comfortable to part with that money because he knows he will get more. I wish and hope most young ladies will learn from this and be contented with what they have and leave these ALHAJIS ALONE.

    • Alhaji is on business,Cynthia is equally on business,but business pass 4rm now till tomorrow,our ladis will not hear,they want to ride car that their fore father never see.And to some extent i disagree that it is poverty,if u catch armed robber,he will tell u naa poverty,ritual killer na poverty,kidnapper nko?na poverty……can u tell me who in Nigeria do not xperience one difficulty or the other,then can we now all troop out an embraced stupidity all in the name of poverty?can u imagine an armed robbery that built 5different house at 5different choice location in Nigeria(culled 4rm u tube)and when finally caught he said na poverty,alaji case with cynthia was not her first business,only God can say how many alaji cynthia don cheat in the past b4 nemesis catch up with her,and to you Alaji,we read about Cynthia today,we shall soon read about how nemesis will catch up with u and ur children u are training with blood money sooner possible,and finally to U ladis,check the status of ur customers b4 u transact with them,cos dey pass u.u are thinking of buying a car,they are thinking of building mansion in Abuja,u are thinking of flying Arik,they are thinking of flying their privately own jet…………my finger are paining me,i cant command keyboard again,words are not only 4 the wise

  12. Forget dis things we are sayin’, these gals are cowards. They won’t stop until dey get enuf and they won’t stop dying until dey all d animals are dead, useless things

  13. This is just to WARN others! Greed is Death! Bribe being taken by Customs to permit smugglers freight in Arms, ImmigratiOn let’s in foreigners of doubtful character and Police collects bribe to permit oppression. At d end Armed robbers who hitherto takes permission from Police to rob now Kills them with ignominy, Bokko who bribes Immigrations to smuggle in Illegal aliens and Customs to smuggle in Arms now Kills them and every other person at ease. Girls U are expected to show LOVE and CARE and get to sleep with with reference started demanding Money saying “e no dey read meter” are now given money to be converted to money making ghosts/machines. Well, the Lion eater is now ending up in the Lions bowel. Let’s be wary of our Love for Money.

  14. A sad thing indeed the demons are out to destroy and devour anyone they can find. My friends pray that the evil day may find you strong. Do not fall into the sin of judging her. Nigeria needs your prayers because tomorrow you will find yourself in that position. I truly sympathise with the family for their loss. May God give them strength to move on and find peace.


    • Shut up communist or wetin ur name be self,even if naa roasted or fried story,it is educative and in a true mirror reflections of happening in our society,come to think of it,can u eat it raw?if it not cooked ?,keep bubbling and think positively on possible good contributions for the country,we cannot defends our Great Country with guns cos we are armless but we can spread useful info and awareness

  16. E b like na only illiterates de read this site bcos all the English wen these commentators de write na rubbish! Na by force to write oyinbo English? Why una no use pidgin? Make we for de understand? As for the poor girl make nobody judge or castigate her, God bless her soul! As for the alhaji, you no go die well, and as you kill another woman pikin na so all your generations go de die one by one and you shall live long to witness it b4 devil go finally kpai your life.

  17. This is an extremely brainless story! I wonder who reported this trash or the editor that allowed its publication. Either this is an outright fabrication or some junk done by amateurs. The Alhaji’s name nko? The location of the Guest house nko? So the girl died ehn? My friend if you want to do fiction, do that but to report such a sensitive story, details are needed to prove you did your homework. Circumstances of her death indeed! And those commenting on this half baked excuse of a story, we’ve heard plenty gist like this and we’ll still hear more. So, before you believe every junk people say, ask the right questions!

    • Dr.Turtle(Ijapa)totle or na tortoise,i dont know self,wetin u want again?until when you are told dat it is fish that is inside Sardine can,so far it is educative story,that keep you aware of happening arround us..kaffati.

      U wan know the guest house abi?u 4get say that guest house wey you carry that man wife go dat day,wey you use room 6,na their the thing happen.

      Now the questions is:
      1)do u want me to mention the wife of the person wey you carry go there?
      2)that same hotel wey dey give you room 6,na their it happen

  18. @ lekan.wat do u mean by ‘Nigerian press and their jagons’?.y do u hav 2 divert frm d story on ground 2 start attaking d great and wonderful source of d news? Am a journalist in embryo so i would lik 2 inform u incase ur deformed dat we are d EARPIECE & MOUTHPIECE of dis country!

  19. I will not say things like this dont happen but in tihis very case, how was it confirmed and ascertained that she slept with a monkey because from the article above she didnt confess to her friend or anyone that she just slept with a monkey neither was the alhaji apprehended and he confessed she slept with her monkey.. Maggots coming out of her private parts could be caused by something else maybe the ‘alhaji’ poisoned her or even made her sleep with something worse that a monkey but the fact that ‘Monkey’ was pinpointed makes this article incomplete or maybe some information was withheld as regards how it was ascertained that she slept with a MONKEY…

    That not withstanding worse things are happening A lot of Girls are now too high handed that they cant be contented with what they have, these days most girls used 2012 RANGE ROVER EVOUGE as their DP on BB. as though it is a brand of Hand Bag or Hair, I wonder how they intend getting the money to buy the car and its likes if sleeping with monkey is worth just $2k USD then maybe they will have to sleep with a Chimpanzee to be able to afford the kind of things they ‘want’ these and more is what leads them into risky temptations, well girls should learn to be happy with the one that loves them and never look elsewhere for extra comfort…


  20. Very good…na him good 4 all dis girls way feel say na dem create demselve…oya make she com seatdan chop de money make we see…..if na young guy wen still de hustle gist am b4…she 4 speak english 4 nose bcos e neva get money…..other ones if una like,make una learn lesson..if una no like like,make una go fuck alhaji wit him tortoise.

  21. wud rada put a bullet thru de brainz of de mau-4kin monkey 4 0 naira than stik ma dik in itz sh*t 4 de whole wrld…buh dizcovad dat em naija galz fink different…she wud giv ha p*ss* 4 a bb bold….omo…weda diz iz tru or nat….u cnt d8 a gal diz pweedy without paper smoking outa ur wallet…all the same if una lik mek una learn…itz ur bizzz

  22. She is green and fool and wish all other prostitute and girl the same end. Some girl feels that with money they can buy happiness. Burn to hell for sucking the duck of monkey.

  23. Girls pls b vry careful bcos in as much as u read abt Cynthia 2day, 2moro is ur own day of temptation. Pls b careful & ensure u overcome. RIP Cynthia. dos of u dat c prostitution as hobby, especially in d sea. pls change ur mind & have a re-think, bcos life is jst 1 & very sacred. DON’T WASTE IT

  24. Na lie d tin was hpne bt nt lke dat. Actually d tin hpne wip sme one who is livng in american. He cme to Abuja nd comet sex wit cynthia and his dog. Not Alhaji nd his monkey d jst wnt 2 embrans d Alhaji and his riligeon

  25. What a gory incident, better told than experienced… The heart of men is ful of evil… the innocents fall prey everyday without knowing. May God help this generation. Poor innocent young girl…the worst is that heaven has no consideration, no matter how worst your story may be…may u find rest anywhere. This will serve as a deterrent to our ladies out there…no matter how poor you’ve become, learn to be contented. Your quest for money should not lead you into something that is outside the usual… To you that alhaji and your likes, the worst awaites you and will catch up with you soon….

  26. The truth is everybody sin in different ways,let’s not judge less we get judged. Sin is sin & If this story is really true? Is very painful. This problems with ladies & there business (prostitution) is lack of information from word of God. If this story is not true? the writer should equally know that in Gods eyes all sins are equal. Stealing,lying, fornication, adultery, etc. u are no good than this girls. Nevertheless we all that’s contributing in this story should Know that Devil is really working hard. The question is? are you really working hard? You might not be a prostitute but you are not doing whta God demands of you. So pray that in your little error you are not victimized in it. In Jesus name. Aman

  27. Its an unfortunate story..there can only be one kind of rest according to the HOLY BIBLE not in aldulterated bible versions, that is Rest in HELL FIRE!!!! Wt oda rest could der be after slipin wt a monkey? Please!!! Praying for her soul is a blatant waste of time!!! Read the Bible people!!

  28. Na wa o…its bad enough she slept with the Alhaji for money,but the monkey too?..she died of greed and as sad as the story sounds,she did it to herself…she shld have known something was up whn someone offers you that kind of money to do BEASTIALITY….pin:21BB8342

  29. STORY!!!! Capital Lie!!! they keep producing fake stories lyk this wf the same story line, the other tym it was a snake, last one was a dog now a monkey? wf d same story line! u guyz shud nt blv d story…ds website has nothing to offer! next tym it will be alhaji and his RAT!

  30. That good for her is just the beginning of purnishment from the world more purnishment is waiting for u in the hereafter. Just thank God ur parent have some thing for burriel ceremonyt

  31. The authenticity of this story is doubtful, however its a pain and pity that Nigerians will not desist from engaging in this sinfull and ungodly acts all for the love money and power. In not too long ago a gory and disgusting pix of a lady’s private part was posted on FB with the story of what leads her to such a sorry state, there were comments from lots of folks and advise for us all but with the latest unconfirmed story if it turn out to be true then i will submitt that in Nigeria where there are millions of adages/proverbs the only one that Nigerians make use of on regular bases is the Edo new generation adage which says: IF WATER KILL PERSON NA WATER OTHERS STILL DEY DRINK AND BATHE WITH. Money is not evil but the love of money is the root of all evil. Youths of today i humbly advice and submitt that you set your priorities right stop this mass exodus from morallity to the fast lane of moral decadence which only leads to ultimate self destruction.

  32. Very swt looking indeed, well come to think of it, u can’t ve ur cake n eat it, d either animals(Alhaji n Monkey) had very heavy looking male organ. This was her point of consideration of accepting d $2000, sweet n quantitative headblowing SEX, I’ve heard n seen similar incidences. Most Southern girls dat love dating Alhaji n Arabians it’s a lesson. Shebi una wan long uncircumsized dick expect such anytime. Olo ri bu.

  33. whether d story is true or not, nigerian girls shld take note of d scriptural verse whiich says godliness wit contentment is great gain. Personally though, i’ll say serves her ryt.

  34. weda diz true or nt…atleast d story shud b a warnin 2 all da “wannabee” galz…u galz refusin 2 accept d story,make una no learn…una own go be tortoise or rat.

  35. Oh shit! A nyc gal lyk her
    1ns a hoe ul alwys b a hoe….sleeping wit animals is now trending in ths world.. Sum woman fck evrytin 4 money

  36. Poverty of the mind is the worst poverty, not poverty of material things. Many ladys lack good upbringing, how won’t they fall prey to ritual men. The Golden Rule is ‘Give us this day, our daily bread’

  37. Av U̶̲̥̅̊ ever sell pure water b4? U̶̲̥̅̊ dont knw wat pple suffer everyday.try sellin pure water or hawkin A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ U̶̲̥̅̊r market did nt move.A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ ur family is poor if U̶̲̥̅̊ will nt try somtin stupid urslf.did she tell U̶̲̥̅̊ she was doin it 4 bb?wen commentin,try A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ b reasonable. U̶̲̥̅̊ avnt c guy who do stupid things 4 money is becz it is A̶̲̥̅̊ gal U̶̲̥̅̊ guys wnt 2 condem her.

  38. Poverty is not d problem in Nigeria. Greed, lack of self esteem and lack of respect for God’s word is our problem. Skill acquisition center are everywhere. But we are not willing to learn and grow gradually. Shameful and pitiful death. No REST FOR SUCH A PERSON.

  39. i dont believe this rubbish called story. Did she confess before her death? I hope no so how come all this preaching?

  40. The lesson here is that every one MUST be contented. It was greed that killed the fly that followed the dead to the grave. The Bible says we should keep our body Holy! My people, shine your eyes, open your ears, talk to your legs; more horrific things are yet to manifest in this end time, believe it. So, REPENT, SEEK GOD WHILE HE IS YET NEAR, FOR THE HOUR IS AROUND THE CORNER EVEN NOW, IT HAS COME.

  41. This writer is actually insane. This girl was said to Ħa̶̲̥̅̊√ε̲̣̣̣̥ been found dead in a hotel. So where ur fucking contribution coming from??? U̶̲̥̅̊ will never find peace for blackmailing the Title ALHAJI. Useless Upright APE!!


  42. My dear people of God(CHILDREN OF JESUS CHRIST) The scripture says that you will reap whatever you sow, and also he/she that gains/eats from shooting and slaughterring must surely end-up from there.

  43. as a good historian,dis story is jus a fiction…becus dier is no source to show that the story is real.1st,no date or time.2nd,no name of d guess house.3rd,d friend and alhaji has no name.

  44. You actually make it appear really easy along with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually something which I believe I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very wide for me. I am taking a look forward on your subsequent submit, I’ll try to get the cling of it!


  46. Its disheartening that a pretty lady would stoop so low cos of a mere 2,000 dollars 2 suck a Monkey….Ouch…annoying as well…May her soul RIP…

  47. what stops her from going to look for a job to do,meet a decent man and settle down instead of sharp sharp money.see d repercussion.impatience and desperation…..what a shame…

  48. The lady died! Many more are still walking that road leading to perdition believing the secret would never be detected. Some may not die but lived in regrets for the rest of their miserable lives.

  49. Its possible because in 2008 it happened in Jos, Plateau State, when two NYSC girls slept with a man and he gave them N50,000 each to let him put a PYTHON snake inside their private part. Not long after they finishedt, one of the girls died instantly, while the breast of the other girl began to swell up and grow big for months and people were going to hospital to see her until she died.
    So ladies please fear your God.


  51. Off cos this is a fake story. No scientific explanation. That’s the nations poor education system showing its ugly head. Just a simple secondary school leaving cert would have made it possible for this dullard to adjust his tale in line with science and logic.

  52. For it is appointed unto men to die once and after that is judgement.wat prayer can u make for her to either com back or be forgiven by God repentance after death. She is gone she is gone.she will now be left wt God to give an account of whatever she may hav don while on earth.u all need to learn ur lesson and live a righteous life by pleasing God every day of ur life tru repentance and forgiveness of ur sin in Christ Jesus the son of God.that is the only way out.


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