Bishop Oyedepo Employs Top Lawyers To Defend Him In 2 Billion Naira Suit For Slapping Church Member

Bishop OyedepoThe multi-billionaire pastor has secured the services of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Mr. Dele Adesina to defend the matter which was filed by a Lagos-based lawyer, Robert Igbinedion, in April on behalf of the young lady.
Igbinedion in the suit sought for the enforcement of the lady’s fundamental rights to freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, human dignity, fair hearing, and freedom from discrimination.
He also prayed the court to award the sum of N2 billion as ëgeneral and exemplary damages’ against the bishop as well as compel him to publish a public apology in two national dailies and one international satellite television.
Initially, when the matter was filed, two members of the church, F.B. Agbanwu, the church solicitor and Olugbenga Adeboye, a senior legal officer in the church, filed a preliminary objection on behalf of Bishop Oyedepo.
However, at the last adjourned date, Mr. Dele Adesina in company of other lawyers announced his appearance in the matter and informed the court that he has taken over the matter.
Although most of the issues raised in the 32-page prelimary objection by Dele Adesina (SAN) were similar to those raised by the first defence team, Mr. Adesina argued that the court is incompetent to adjudicate on the matter as the case borders on assualt.
He contended that slap being an act of assault is outside the provisions of chapter four of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the African Charter on human and people’s right and as such the court lacks jurisdiction to entertain the matter.
The cause of action or principal claim in this application centres merely on slapping one Miss Justice by the 1st respondent.
The slapping of Miss Justice is an act that could be described as an assault which is a criminal offence punishable under the criminal code.
We submit that slapping being an act of assault, an item outside the provisions of Chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution and the African Charter, this court therefore lacks jurisdiction over same.î
Mr. Adesina also argued that the petitioner has not shown the court that the said Miss Justice who was allegedly slapped by Bishop Oyedepo, is a living person.
He maintained that until Miss Justice is produced in court, the court cannot assume that she is a living person.
Mr. Adesina further argued that that there is no record of anyone called Miss Justice – a sobriquet given to the young lady for the purpose of the suit – in any of its services organised in the past. Furthermore, he urged the court to determine whether Mr. Igbinedion is capable of ‘bringing this kind of application’ before it and whether ‘it is proper to bring this application against Bishop Oyedepo and his church respectively.
Responding on the issue raised by Bishop Oyedepo’s lawyer whether the lady who was slapped is a living person, Mr. Igbinedion told P.M.NEWS this morning that the reason he chose not to produce the lady in court is because he fear for her life.
He said certain unknown persons have been threatening to kill the lady if they sight her anywhere.
He added that he hopes to intimate the court about the development in his further counter affidavit to the court
The matter has been adjourned till 11 June, 2012 for adoption of written address.
In December last year, a YouTube video of Bishop Oyedepo viciously slapping a young lady who admitted that she was ‘a witch for Jesus’ during an altar call went viral on the internet.
A second video that surfaced days later showed the bishop justifying his action, adding that it is ‘his ministry to slap’ and that ‘if he sees another witch, he’ll slap.’
By Henry Ojelu


  1. It is wrong to accept the immotions of ones anger.i think this particular condition has been done by a contrary powers,this bad coincidence was to exaggerate bishop oyedipo.The astonishment about this situation is that this particular woman which was slapped cannot even reconcile if she’s God chosen.pls i think the only justice to this is amnesty just as the lord said.i want to use this medium to announce that the end time has come,let us not allow the devil to coagulate our effort that has been done.reconciliation is the only key to life.thanks

  2. Igbo pple and money mr Igbinedion. What is ur interest in this case I knw d lady isn’t complaining bt mr lawyer all 4 wetin he want gain is pressing 4 a suit is she buying another chic 4 2billion naira Nigerians and money am not in support of slapping chr members but this could be settled out of court

  3. @David,I wuld want to know wat concerns Ibo people wit d above discussion,maybe u ll av to tell d generality of Ibo race wat unfinished business u av wit them domb ass!!!!As if wen it comes to money u run away!!Better go clean-up ur foiled breath b4 we stick ur tongue out of ur mouth.Fool

  4. All these illiterates sef wen no fit write better English, una just de force unasef to write English why una no write for pidgin?? E go better instead of these rubbish….meanwhile why pastor go slap person??na him borm am? Him lucky bcos if I de there I go dash am correct slap also make the devil commot for him own eye…all my people make I warn una say nobody be God here on earth, make una pray, fast and work for una salvation! On judgement day everybody go answer him papa name ooo! Pastor go deny you sef,,,,

  5. this man mr igbinedion is just looking for a way to get popularity but he fogot the part of the scrripture that say TOUCH NOT MY ANOITED
    and do my prophet no harm

    and the 2billion prize money for just a slap??????????????

    thats what i call inhuman

  6. My people we are not God, we cant have the final say, the man of God slapped a girl for calling her self a witch for jesus, john the baptist called the soldiers by jordan ‘brood of vipers’ do we say he insulted them? Sometimes the holy spirit works in ways that are in-human be careful what you say, God is listening, for the person who want to slap the man of God please pray for yourself God heard what you said.

  7. We fight against not flesh and blood, spirits of wickedness that control our activities. Those of God are totally protected of God. I am a god but not the Father let noone judge the man of God. If what he did was right or wrong God is. This battle is not our but Jesus so He defends His own.

  8. @david! Were dd u com 4rm? Who gave u dat name? Na so u mumu reach? Wetn concern igbo ppl wit ds matter nw? Abi igbi nd igbo na d same? I no go blame u 2much cz u chop ur schl fees, oya b4 i go vex clip ur mouth or paralize dat hand meee u tek write aamm, mek e be say u done use aamm write appology to d entire igbo‘s nd b fast abt it.

  9. Gentlemen and Ladies, don’t bring religion into this, what is Bad is bad. Oyedepo has no justification to slap. JESUS did not slap anyone in HIS Ministry, we always ask for forgiveness for those who slapped him. So why must David slap. It was simply an act of Power drunkenness. Igbinedion ride on challenging injustice.

  10. Thank God for the life of Barr. Igbinedion, he would have done much better if he had defended the course of the children on the streets of Nigeria denied of education for free. It’s obvious d whole case is born out of envy. Anyone can kil himself, Bishop is blessed.

  11. Is because we don’t have d love of God dats Why u re all blaming
    d pastor, people are been slap everyday for one reason along d street or the guys tell me if a lady call u mother or father a witch won’t u give her d beating of her life not to talk of calling d heavenly father. Think before u critices God is watching

  12. .@ lajide, first need to know if you read the bible or attend any church. when the people turned the house of God into a buying and selling firm, what did Jesus do? well you don’t have to know. i’m not for or against this persecution but, this case should not have gone to court. it should have been settled out of court. Mr. igbinedion is also not an Igbo please @david, you don’t castigate people for their tribe. there is evil in every tribe. @blessing, you don’t write on a public blog that people should kill themselves if they think otherwise. Does the statement make you better of? I’m sure its not scriptural; Remember all, the size of a church is not the size of God. Know your God and he’ll know thee too. God bless you all

  13. @ Blessing God bless you both right and back. What will be the fate of those whom their lives were lost in the plane crash? The radical lawyer should sit down compose himself gather enough evidences and fight for freedom from those are enslaving us (NEPA, MTN,GLO,AIRTEL,)

    Also, join hands together with the other learned colleagues to wage war against corruption, scams, and delight. but instead he is looking for a way of making flame and cheap recognition.

  14. To me,it is very wrong 4 Oyedepo to slap anybody,but taking the matter to court is not d best option naw…the. Place I av an issue wit is the point dat Oyedepo doesn’t wnt to tender apologies saying if he sees another witch he would slap.I tink I sense PRIDE sumwhere.

  15. @JUB you are quite sensitive to sense pride. The statement the bishop made was out of anger and rage. Slapping a witch means no deliverance but challenge. He should have just spoken a word. If God says”I lift my word above my name” that’s being humble and if Jesus could wash the feet of the unholy, then I feel to God is judgement and to law is passing. Let no man judge God for he is not man made.

  16. @David. There you go again! Dose Igbinedion sounds like Igbo name? This is how people buy problem ignorantly, No Igbo man can sue an ordained man of matter the mistake…..Please kindly delete that because you’re very wrong. Meanwhile, I believe the so called lawyer belong to a court or something. He must be a very greedy lawyer.

  17. these so called Igbo of an ethnicity and its people are so foolish…am I not right to have opined that you folks are money seekers in all ramifications? check out what that Igbinedion is driving at and you’ll be unsuprisingly convinced that Igbo people can go extra mile to achieve an end when it comes to monetary aspect. um, imagine demanding 2Billion for mere slapping! Igbo una funny us 4 dis country sef! LOL

  18. for me de lady slaped appear b4 the court and tell the world that pst David her pstor slaped her & should pay 2billion naira. if not then Igbinedion is in very hot soup.No christian can take a pastor to court for slaping. Igbinedion is a disguised rogue in lawsuit his numerical capacity only ends in 2blillion

  19. @lajide, watch what u say about God’s servant….It is dangerous to utter just any word against them, allow the God who called them into service to caution them because u might just bring the wrath of God upon yourself by judging them…a word is enough for the wise that hears well.

  20. Igbenedion is an edo name nt ibo, Jesus drove sellers out of d temple with cords my bible didnt say he flogged them. Oyedepo would have simply apologised and d mata would have ended, the spoilt everytin wen we started to boast as if he just won nobel prize. Pipo are slaped everyday but not everybody slap is on youtube. Luk at what happened in greece, a man slapped a woman an was arrested. Pastor thank God u are nt in prison

  21. Apologies to a witch Is never done in God’s kingdom. d lawyer and is candidate(s) will end up being disgraced.for if d bishop is called by God he knows and av seen beta dan us lets leave d battle for God can neva b defeated by an unholy dirty personality or powers.i rest my case and 4 u folks dont say wat ur conscience wil b sick of .

  22. The like of David should stop contributing sensitive issues such as this.Why insulting the Igbos?The Lawyer is not an Igbo man and besides,he is doing his job.Mr righteous, human right abuse is human right abuse every where,let the law takes its course and decides that his ministry is slapping.
    Munee uku.