Boko Haram claims responsibility for church attacks in Jos and Biu, says more to come

The dreaded Islamist sect Boko Haram has confirmed suspicions that the group was responsible for last Sunday’s suicide car bomb attack on Christ’s chosen church of God in Jos, and a gun attack at another church in Biu, Borno State.

The attacks left more than 4 people dead and several others injured.

“We are responsible for the suicide attack on a church in Jos and also another attack on another church in Biu. We launched these attacks to prove the Nigerian security wrong and to debunk their claim that we have been weakened by the military crackdown.” the groups spokesman Abul Qaqa said in a telephone conference with journalists.

According to Qaqa, the nation should expect more bloodshed.

The Boko Haram spokesman also confirmed that the sect carried out the killing of a customs officer and another officer of the State Security Service (SSS) in two separate locations in Kano on Saturday.

“By the special grace of our creator, we have today (yesterday) successfully attacked two churches in Jos and Biu,”

“As we said earlier, we would step up attacks on our enemies. This is a war between us and the Nigerian state and there is no going back,

“They [security agencies] claimed they have recorded over 90 percent success in their war of attrition, we want Nigerians to make deductions from what transpired recently. We would not bow out until we establish an Islamic State,” Qaqa said.

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  • I believe that these qaqa and his shekau must b d big fool satan has launched so far.don’t wori wen these ppl wil run out of patience,lets c if na una papas go kom fight 4 inocent ppl.y kan’t u idiots kom out plane and on broad day light and face d dance at army barracks,or match inside aso rock.useless criminals.
    jos match houses at night hiddenly and sloter malus enof bf d party wil comence.islam,i regret been a muslim.

  • Qaqa or what ever u call urslf, u are the bigest fool i’ve ever seen. If u think u and ur cohort are men enough why not come out and face the Army man to man? Come out let’s see who is who. Stupid Antichrist, can u fight for ur creator? Mumu.

  • Subhanallah Ahmad why would u say so? Didn’t u hav faith? So wat u need to do is dua, pray to God to bring the end of this Musibah…… May Allah Punish Boko haram sect and any other person dat hav hand in it.

  • Abul qaqa, d lives of innocent ppl wil fight u nd ur generatn and al una sponsors. But i want 2 assur u boko harams that u guys shud be carfl abt how u kill al in d name of islam. U guys shud try enta south(biafra land) so dat dis fucking con3 wil b on fire. Idiots. Knw it no part of dis con3 has a monopoly of violence. NIGERIA BE WISE!!!

  • The devil (Boko Haram) has come to steal, to kill and to destroy, but the truth is they will remain in doom forever! whatever the purpose of your disturbance is to this country, for sure it will come to an end, because every problem has a life spam. you cannot be bigger that or more powerful than the Almighty God our creator! forr He watches. it might please you to cause harms to innocent souls in this country Nigeria but you all should not forget, All you do will and must be dearly paid for, after which your filty purpose will be gone into thin air. You can rejoice and smile now, but you will still end up achieving nothing (you loose your soul) and suffer eternal torment. Since you enjoy killing you will not escape it too. BOKO HARAM YOUR TIME IS LIMITED! whether the government intervene or not it is SHORTENED!

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