Boko Haram: Pope Calls for Peace

Pope Benedict XVI, during his weekly address to an audience at the Vatican, called for an end to the terrorist attacks in the Northern parts of Nigeria BBC News has reported.

According to the Pope: “I am following with deep concern the news from Nigeria, where terrorist attacks are continuing, especially against Christians… I appeal to those responsible for the violence to immediately stop spilling the blood of innocent people.”

He also urged Nigerians to “ … cooperate in the construction of a peaceful and reconciled society in which the right to freely express faith is guaranteed.”

Fresh attacks in Kaduna and Yobe recently has led the governments of those states to declare curfew in the two states while the Federal Government is contemplating declaring a state of emergency. A lasting solution has to be found to this crisis as soon as possible.


  1. Oga Pope tanx 4 ur concern We appreciate but jst as ekoboy has comented “advice no fit work o”.. Dos fools are out 4 blood & d problm we are havin nw is our Govment; dey are nt serious, I bliv dey knw wia all dis rubish are comin 4rm. Ok chek it out; dey’r in control of d whole 4rces in d contry, dey hav all d inteligents & inteligent agencies 2 captur d structur of dis pupils bt rada dey react slugishly 2 wats goin on & I dnt tink dclearin a state of emergency wil solv d prblm atol, wat of oda states? Infact I’m tird of comenting cus I hav more 2 say bt it wunt do any gud… FG SHLD RESOLV DIS RUBISH BCUS INNOCENT CITIZENS ARE DIEING 4 WAT DEY DNT KNW & I KNW D FG CAN SOLV IT WITIN DAYS BUT I WONDA WAT IS STIL HOLDING DEM…