Compensation Promised To The Families Of Dana Airlines Crash Victims

A new joint conference was held on Wednesday as a representative of Lloyds informed reporters that compensation would be paid to the victims families, according to aviation standards.

The representative of Dana Airlines said that the international law and standards, stipulate that a sum of $30,000 us dollars (N4.6 million) must be paid to the victims families respectively within the first 30days of the accident, this serves as an initial payment. This will be followed by a sealing of $100,000 us dollars (N15 million) should be paid to the victims families as soon as they complete the requirements expected of them according to the law.
He added that the compensation is meant for the passengers families and the individuals affected by the crash
Family members of the victims of the crash have been asked to provide evidence that links them to the deceased.

By Adaeze