Firm Tasks Govt On Safety Law

In a bid to ensure safety of lives and property at work place in organisations and government parastatals, the federal government has been urged to promulgate a law on safety drills and make it a permanent feature in the activities of organisations.

The request was made by the Group Head, Human Resources of C& I Leasing Plc., Corporate Head Office, Lekki, Lagos, Mrs. Chichi Cole during the annual Health Safety and Environment (HSE) week of the company held in all its subsidiaries and branches across the country, saying the law would go a long way to avert danger in organisations.

She noted that the programme has become a yearly event of the company, basically to educate staff on the safety aspect of work and what they are suppose to do in case of emergency in order to ensure that everybody are safety conscious and then work in compliance.

Cole noted that the essence of the safety week is to call for attention of workers, to ensure safety in work place, to ensure that everybody is conscious of safety and is aware and to know what is expected of them.

Said she, “It entails education of the staff on the safety aspect of their work and what they are suppose to do, we also bring out safety issues on all the various departments in the company so that everybody would be conscious of it  and then work in compliance.

“Safety is an everyday issue for us here starting from the gatemen, how they conduct themselves to the receptionists and everybody in the group. So we deal with safety throughout the year in the subsidiaries and the branches.”

The HSE Coordinator, Taiwo Bodunrin, noted that every organisation that plans to succeed must place safety of their workers as number one priority because to remain in business, the welfare of the workers is very important. He added that if profit is given more priority, the profit may later be used in negative way because of accidents, saying to succeed and blossom, safety should be critically considered.

He advised that since safety is everybody’s duty, every management should always provide safe and conducive environment for workers and the staff should also holds it as their responsibility to ensure their own safety and safety of their fellow workers.


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