For Girls: How To Get Rid Of That Guy

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Ladies, there is no need to lie, and avoid that guy anymore. You can save your energy for other issues. Here are some tips to losing that parasite or stalker who is obsessed with you. Once you faithfully practise them, I assure you, he will be the one avoiding you.

*Whenever he asks to see you, dig out the worse looking pair of jeans and top you have, accesorise it with the scarf your mum wore when she was younger. Ensure you carry a clutch purse so that you can place it in between your armpit and arm. Hold this clutch tightly, you will give an impression that he will hope to forget!

*Nothing turns a man off like bad odour. So, before you see him, go to the market and buy fish, preferably one with lots of scales. Please change your clothes but do not shower. I assure you, that will be the last time he will be asking for a hug.

*Make loud unnecessary noise in quiet places. Be loud, sassy and foul mouthed. Curse every living thing that walks by and criticise his lifestyle. If he doesn’t lose the feelings, make sure you practise this next tip

*Ask him for large sums of money randomly, and ensure you always remind him about taking you and your friends out.
Flash him always and ask for credit.

*Pick a friend of his and tell him you have a crush on that friend. That will make him rethink his opinion of you. Pay attention to his friend and laugh at everything he says.

*Put the icing on the cake by informing him about your family history. Please insert in your sentences, how all your aunties and sisters gained lots of weight after their first year in marriage.

There are other tips but these tips listed above are the most effective.
After practising all these tips, and the guy is still love struck…run for your life!

Damilare Kuku

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  1. It is gud 2think b4 writing. Dis is an absurd tips. Wat benefit wil dey gain frm dis? I‘m very sure dt any gal dt follow dis tips wil miss d right man. I think dis writer av a screw loose. She want gals 2dress inappropraitely & nt 2b hygiene jst bcoz of d guys. Is dis hw d writer got a boyfrnd. I don‘t even thing she av one. Rubbish!!!

  2. I don’t know why some people particularly the guys are ranting here?? Some guys are as dumb as hell bcos if a girl doesn’t want you why not pls leave her the heck alone! Must you make her life miserable??? Bcos you want to deceive her and fuck her by all means?? Imagine your sister being stalked and harrassed by a low life who think its love?? Please ladies you don’t have to rili subject yourselves to all the above inconvenences just to shake off a demented baboon of an unwanted guy, send me a personal mail on an address I will post soon with his picture, present address, and other vital details and I will see to it that there is one less of a lunatic harrassing girls on earth!

  3. Its funny, not a bad write up. U hatters dat think its a waste of time….. Fuck U!
    If u don’t like sumfin, dre are beta ways for u to Xpress dat than to start talking rubbish

  4. Well, the writer tried but girls u don’t need to go 2 dat xtent. Goin 2 dat length ll definitely create a bad impression 2 u. D fact dat u dnt need a guy doesn’t mean u shud embedded urslf wt a smellin stuff.
    And as 2 u Presca,u dnt need 2 tk it personal.

  5. Haba…guys cant u see its supposed 2 b funny? Na joke nah? Anyways, if u do this 2 me i’d probably fall endlessly in ‎love cos ilove crazy chick…!ãήϑ by da way dat chick in da foto iz da bomb… Can we hook up…plzzzzz??.ع

  6. Why r U guys ranting, well, I understand dat sand hav been put in Ur Garri. I wish more ladies will see dis. Are there worse behaviours? Cos I’d prefer those. Guys (some) r not worth anytin good.


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