Good Luck on the Trip to Rio de Janeiro

The news of the president’s trip to the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is being taken by Nigerians with mixed feelings, and harsh criticisms might soon start trailing this move on the part of the president. This is not surprising. Is there any action taking by GEJ in recent times that has not been heavily criticized?

Let us try to look at the positive angle of his actions sometimes – either intended or not. The UN Earth Summit centers on sustainable development. As is widely agreed, GEJ has been scored high in terms of Nigeria’s economic development. Overall development of any country cannot be pursued – let alone sustained – without a good economy as the backbone.

The president has taken care of the first aspect (healthy economy?), being overseen by a very competent coordinating minister. Hence the trip might be important in order to know the next line of action towards sustaining a healthy economy. Meanwhile, seven (7) critical issues were marked out as areas of focus at the summit – Jobs, Energy, Cities, Food, Water, Oceans, and Disasters.

In all fairness, Nigerians can see the frantic efforts being made by the Federal Government in order to provide jobs – the shady conduct of the ongoing FCSC/Ministries of Labour and Education recruitment exercise notwithstanding. However, we do hope the president will begin to act more seriously on the other points, ESPECIALLY ENERGY. And finally, we wish him Good Luck as he tries to convince potential partners that it is safe to do business in Nigeria!


  1. Whoever wrote this article is a fool! How can you say its ok for a President to travel out of his country in a time like this when church bombings and riots are breaking out in some States? Maybe your relative is benefitting from the Government of GEJ abi? Can’t he send a representative? Doesn’t he know its circumstances like this that leads the military to take over? Or is it bcos he thinks the riot isn’t affecting his people? By the way what economic progress are you talking about? Is it the billions he stole and squandered tru fuel subsidy via his friends Otedola and co?, is it billions stolen tru pension scam?, is it increased fuel price of which the gains are still not accounted for?Is it people goin witout food thesedays? Pls support your economic progress theory wit facts or go n keep kissing GEJ’s stinkin foul ass!

  2. there is noting wrong with GEJ’s move to attend the summit which is part of exposure and other opportunities attached to it are numerous. No matter how much your house is burning, you need to have the ability to multitask. ADVICE ON HOW TO TACKLE BOKO WAHALA AND MANAGE DISASTERS CAN COME AT THIS SUMMIT.