How Iyanya, another music icon, saved himself from Dana plane crash

We are not yet over the death of Dagrin, and definitely Iyanya had saved us by convincing his manager, even though it took him up to 30minutes to achieve that, that they should go back to the studio rather than take the flight that ended up in pieces despite the fact that it had almost gotten to its destination. He explained in his tweet below.


  1. O boi thank your star!!! If the story is actually the way it is… Many are coming out to say they were supposed to be on that flight. First an army top gun, now Iyanya. Story must pop up. My friend with me there in Abuja lost a colleague.
    I passed by the site @ 7:53pm 6/05/2012 wednesday. The place has been leveled the building it crashed into have been demolished n the by it too in order for rescue workers to be able to dig up parts and search for bodies, painful.
    May Yahweh most gracious, the beneficient the merciful guard and keep us.


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