Immigrant to sue the UK for N2.8 billion —for making him UNHAPPY

AN immigrant is attempting to sue the UK Government for £11 million (N2.8 billion) for making him unhappy.

Daniel Kiunsi, who is from Tanzania in Africa, claims officials violated his human rights by confiscating his passport three years ago.

Mr Kiunsi says it caused his family ‘great unhappiness’ and insists the authorities should have provided for their ‘basic needs’ such as food, rent, council tax bills and other costs.

Kiunsi says he ‘scientifically calculated’ the figure of £11 million using internationally accepted methods and has issued a claim with the High Court in London.

The electrical engineer, who is in his forties, had been in the UK on a work visa but left to take a job overseas.

When he returned, officials seized his passport as he didn’t qualify to re-enter.

He was allowed to enter to arrange for his family to leave — but is still here.

Kiunsi, who lives in Upminster, Essex, is citing his right to liberty, a fair trial and private and family life — plus human rights laws relating to ‘torture or inhuman or degrading treatment’.

He told The Sun: ‘It’s the issue of the happiness.’

The UK Border Agency said: “We will challenge this robustly.”

Source: DailyMail UK.