In vogue: Beauty by throat piercing

Just like the world will continue to rotate, so is the trend of things, and fashion will always claim the top position of  change. Everyone in the world always want to keep abreast with the fashion trend, so as not to be left behind in this race to blend up with others with is an aspect of life that affects human self esteem.

It sounds, invasive, and more heart disturbing, but a trend is as trend, and in the world of fashion throat piercing is what is in vogue.

Celebrities abroad have taken up this trend in good light, and like everything that pertains to the western world, it is believed by experts that it will surely get its foot into our country Nigeria.

Many people have wondered how Charly Boy has been doing the  piercing of so many parts of his body even at that old age, but this particular trend seem to be much more as experts have said  throat piercing is very painful, dangerous and hard to maintain. Yet it seems to be the latest fashion trend taking over the world even among the celebrities.

Could Nigerians really take this very mind burgling trend of fashion like every other ones that have been imported? maybe time will tell.