INEC Sells Equipment Used in 2011 Elections

Yes, it is those same computers that INEC officials used during the electioneering process in 2011. The very same computers that had a lot of controversies surrounding them: some were said to have been found in the hands of unscrupulous elements; some were said to be malfunctioning; while some were claimed to have been outright stolen.

At another point, in the earlier part of this year, some of these machines were said to be rotting away wherever it is that they were kept. The machines were said to have cost INEC about 35 billion naira to procure. Alas, these same machine are about to be put up for sale by the electoral commission.

Information coming from the National Commissioner, Information and Publicity Committee for Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Chief Solomon Soyebi, reveals that the machines will be put up for sale immediately after a committee that has been set up to oversee the sales comes up with its recommendations.

Meanwhile, they target buyers have been identified. The information commissioner has said that the machine will be sold to state governments who are expected to make them available for the use of secondary school students. We only hope that another committee will not have to be set up to make sure that these machines are used for the intended purposes. However, the 132,000 machines (are they still up to that?) are said to be worth about 35 bilion naira, the same amount they cost when they were newly procured, still complete and in good shape!