Israeli Police Round Up African Female Migrant Without Clothes

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The insult Africans are facing in Diaspora has gone beyond what any man could take again AFP captures a naked African female migrant described as a prostitute in a series of raids by Israel’s immigration police aimed at rounding up and deporting illegal African immigrants. The scene was recorded on Tuesday near Levinsky Park, in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, where thousands of migrants reside.
The question levitated at all nooks and crannies is WHY WASN’T THE WOMAN ALLOWED TO COVER HERSELF?
Some days ago it was also said that a Nigerian was shot dead for stealing, and when the body was being checked after several days, it was found out that he had stitches all over, and most of his organs were gone. But has this stopped the embassies in Nigeria from getting loaded with people that just want to leave the country for a ‘better life’ as we always say?
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  1. This is an insult to Africa and her people. I agree with Johnson Aremu that the Israeli government should make a public apology to the woman and the continent. It is a SHAME!! I hope this will serve a lesson for our people whose goal is to travel in order to make money? I ask, in what way has Israel better from Nigeria or any other African countries? Nothing. However, unemployment, insecurity and load of bad leaders we have are contributing in no small way to the problems we are facing in Africa. Above all, lets cherish what we have and determine to change the African continent for a better place to be and live. Long live Africa!

    • Hi, it is insulting that Israeli police did such a thing but sorry, they should n’t apologize instead our fantastically corrupt leaders who have made life so miserable in our society despite enormous endowment should feel ashamed and apologize.

  2. This is an insult to human race (not only) to black race,it is not a crime to be an immigrant in a particular country, but this isrealite police, who are claiming to be most civilised among all races did is barbaric,inhuman and grave sin to GOD,which should not go unpunished

  3. such is life, is an insult to Africans not only her because you don’t know the particular country she is, so is very good lesson to others whose sale out their prestige or integrity,but the government of isrealie have to give those police penalty of damages.

  4. Is a Sin Against God for Any Authority to force a woman Naked in Public And Been an Illegal Immigrant is Not a Crime in the Eye of God.
    The Isreal Authority should make a world-wide Apology to This Girl.
    African Leaders see ur Errors and i pray God Almighty to help us.

  5. Una go support Israel till una die simply because dem mention “Israel” several times for bible. Some people go enter fire dey wonder why.

  6. This is unacceptable. The federal Government should look into this. ABike Dabiri and her colleagues in her committe should have this investigated and Jonathan and his minister for external affairs should react to this.

  7. Beware of the writers of Facebook Information because there are many anti-semitism around.Remember,God will punish anyone who misuses that name Isreal!

    • let the isrealis go to hell
      and i strongly blieved that no punishement shall be upon anyone that abuse the isreal cus even god said that the isreal’s shall go astray for not following his rules.
      And a very great lesson for we #Black Folks# Its unfortunate we still love the white folks in us those that called us Black Monkeys
      pls the Great African Leadre should learn from this and to realised there mistakes and make African Continent Great once and further more Again
      Great Africa! Great Africa!! Great Africa!!!
      God bless Nigeria our Fatherland

  8. African Leaders wake up!!!
    Fight corruption, for all these insults are your faults,
    Money that is meant for all is in few peoples pocket.
    Utilize our resouces the way other countries are doing so that our youths will stay bac and work here.
    No job for us here in our country, so the faustrated ones taught its easy abroad where most of the White does not want to see black poeple With eye and in our country they work freely.
    God hellp us

  9. I think this is what the young lady chose. She’s an illegal migrant, engaging in immoral and illegal occupation and chose to be arrested in an improper way. If such a woman is caught in Muslim country, she would be stoned to death

  10. The question is who own Israel and who are the Jews? The people who are there now do they belong there? Who owns Egypt and where is the land that was promised to Abraham…..Flowing with milk and honey. Someone owns papas land. Africans wakeup and pull your history from the rubble.

  11. Isreal or jaws whatever you call them are the most barbaric and wicked people you have on earth now. Listing to international medias I have no doubt you will believe me.

  12. Beats me though comments are years old, how can we be talking about an apology to the woman, when it looks like she came out unclad intentionally? Or isn’t the picture clear enough to show she’s walking towards the police as they are walking towards her OUTSIDE.


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