Jonathan asks Senate to approve renaming of UNILAG

President Goodluck Jonathan has sent a letter to the Senate, asking it to approve the renaming of the University of Lagos.
Jonathan’s letter conveying the request was read on the floor of the Senate at the commencement of plenary by Senate President, David Mark.

In the letter, Jonathan asked the Senate to approve the renaming of the Federal University of Technology Umudike to Michael Okpara University, Umudike; Federal Univeristy of Technology, Yola to Modibbo Adamawa University and University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University, Lagos.

The president’s request comes on the heels of public disapproval and protests over his renaming of UNILAG on May 29, 2012.

UNILAG students reacted to the renaming by embarking on three days of street protests.

The students have also sued Jonathan over the name change while the alumni association of the institution has declared the renaming as unacceptable.

-Punch News


  1. I wonder what the president’s advisers are doing. I hope our president is not subjecting the national assembly and the legislative process to ridicule. which one comes first? I just hope our legislators will not allow themselves to be used as rubber stamp for this illegal decision.

  2. This is a clear case of negative democracy. It’s pretty shameful that d president cleans his anus before defaecating, puts d cart before d horse. D decision to change Unilag’s name to MAU in such informal manner was ill advised, ill thought, ill planned and very uncivilized. It’s not d first time Mr president has acted like a military dictator. Space will fail me to name instances. If it’s not checked, he’ll one day scrap d National Assembly bcos for now, they serve no purpose apart from sharing money. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  3. My President has a lot of GOODLUCK,PATIENCE and of course very caring ie EBERE. He is the best Presido Nigeria will ever have for a very long time. All he needs to do is clean up/transform the society by:
    1 Getting all youths 16-35yrs old busy doing something at least 6-10hrs/day
    – preparing/taking scholarship/bursary/student loan exams 5million
    – learning/doing maintenance skills/works – 1milliom
    – raising fish/livestock farms – 1million
    – breeding farm animals,goats,sheep,cattle,donkeys,horses -1million
    – cleaning local markets,using organic wastes for manure- 1million
    – As with old PWD maintaining town,ward,state,FG roads – 2million
    – Building news estates, barracks, prisons etc 3million
    2 Discourage/ban all non emergency night passenger land/sea commercial travels,
    – interstate 10pm – 6am
    – inter LGA 11pm – 5am
    – intra LGA 12am – 4am
    This will get Nigerians sleeping/resting at least 4-6hrs/night and save 20-30% daily fuel consumption , 6-9million liters/day or 0.6-1.0billion naira/day; Also keep innocent souls from violent hands of criminals/rapists
    3 Clean all ghost,medically unfit and aged people from govt pay roll and executive politics.

  4. Mr President has diverted completely from the purpose of which he was voted for. The light that we don’t have is not an issue any more to this man. He keeps waking up with strange surprises to Nigerians. He feels as a president, he can just wake up and decree what seems good to him. We are yet to see the beneficts of the subsidy removal rather infringing more hardship on Nigerians. Why didn’t he present the naming of the University to the National Assembly before coming on air on democracy day to decree it as usual? Now, each presido is in Lagos, it becomes a problem to the masses as all road will be blocked by his men. Other past president did not do so and some of them were even living in Lagos.

  5. UNILAG STUDENTS should accept d proposal of president Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan over name Change to MOSHOOD ABIOLA UNIVERSITY. For me, change of name does not affect d students prestige and intelligence. This is a way of honor to d man of democracy. It is a better step by d president. I advice d students to go back to their classrooms and study to get their Degree. I am also a student in one of Nigeria varsity.

  6. According to Ikechukwu uduji “UNILAG STUDENTS should accept d proposal of president Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan over name Change to MOSHOOD ABIOLA UNIVERSITY. For me, change of name does not affect d students prestige and intelligence”.

    Useless statement, is he not suppose to focus on providing facilities to institutions? the name has noting to contribute to the University of LAGOS and no one complained of the former name, so why is he changing the name. Mr Ikechukwu Uduji if he changes ur fathers name without providing a she goat or he goat for the naming ceremony will you accept? You better reply this question, idiot.

  7. The president has a clear mind nd his makin Nigeria the best place tu hav in Africa.Abiola was a freedom fighter nd i believ renamin d school 4 Abiola is a gud way we shuld consider in mr President weldone 4 d renamin of d school. Nd 4 d senate pls approve it fast