JTF storms terrorist hideout in Kano, kills 4, recover bomb laden vehicle

Soldiers of the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Saturday stormed a suspected Boko Haram hideout at Janbulo Quarters of Rijiyar Zaki area of Kano metropolis.

The early morning raid resulted in a fierce gun battle lasting for about 2 hours between suspected Boko Haram fighters and the JTF. Four suspected terrorists were killed in the ensuing firefight.

The soldiers reportedly raided the location after a tip-off over the suspected house believed to be an operational base of the terrorists.

JTF sources revealed that the hideout, a magnificient building, served as an operational base for militants terrorizing the ancient city of Kano.

A large cache of arms and ammunition, including high-capacity explosives, heavy weaponry and assorted military hardware was recovered from the target building after the JTF overpowered the gunmen with its superior firepower.

Residents in the area expressed shock at the quantity of arms and ammunition discovered in the harmless looking building.

A bomb laden Honda car, already prepared for a suicide car bomb attack, was also discovered.

“A dawn operation was carried out by the task force at the early hours of yesterday [Saturday] that resulted in a gun duel with the suspected terrorists. At the end of the raid, four suspects were killed in the hideout located at Jan-block” Spokesman of the JTF, Lt. Ikedichi Iweha confirmed to newsmen.

Lt. Iweha also revealed that a bomb laden Honda car was recovered from the building.

“From all  indications the vehicle was primed for a suicide mission” the JTF spokesman added.

He however declined to comment on the number of arrests made.

Yesterday’s raid came less than 24 hours after the JTF arrested four suspects at Waje Friday Mosque trying to plant an explosives in over 15,000 capacity worship centre located within an expanse of land that separated the predominantly Christian quarter from their Hausa Muslims host.

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