Kaduna Church Attacks: President Jonathan seeks divine intervention

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has expressed sadness over Sunday’s multiple suicide bomb attacks that struck five different churches in Kaduna.

The attacks left more that 30 people dead and at least 100 injured.

Mr Jonathan who expressed his sadness at a special church service to commemorate the 2012 Father’s Day in Abuja prayed for God to restore peace and heal the nation.

“I was quite thrilled about what was going on in the church and when I got the information that while we were here, there were explosions in Kaduna and since I don’t even know the casualty rate and what is happening; I have been quite sad and I didn’t even want to say something,” the president said when asked to make a speech.

“But when the priest orders you, you must say something,” he added.

Mr Jonathan said that he has hope that God will intervene in the situation in Nigeria and heal the nation.

He solicited the support and prayers of every Nigerian for the peace of the nation and for the success of his administration.

Explosions at five churches in Kaduna state killed over 20 people on Sunday, leading furious Christian youths to drag Muslims out of their cars and kill them in retaliation.

Officials of the Emergency agency said the death toll is likely to increase while the number of injured person is given as more than 100.


  1. For goodness sake!!! what has d poor masses in d church done 2 these rascar,blood sucking animals(boko haram)? If they want change of systems in Nigeria, don’t they know d right place to go? They should go to the offices n houses of those in charge leave d poor masses alone. Those in charge are not in d church…..they don’t go to church………

  2. Boko haram should by now stop this nonsense if they want to enthrone shariah law it is very simple let form a party and contes election when they win then they can introduce their undiluted law but for now they must embrace peace else the north might be wiped off the map of nigeria.All should give peace a chance. If theY claim they are fighting the government a church is not government house MDAs or a ministry and if it is the ministry some churches have in their names that is confusing them these are not govt agencies. I am happy the president was in church when he heard about the attack may GOD strenghten him to muster the courage to deal a dicisive blow to BH. I think it is high time govt eliminates the BH king pin

  3. may the saul of those who died rest in peace, in Jesus name; even though the bible says that this most come to pass, even though he saidwe will not find it easy, He didn’t say that our enemy will have vict over us, he said if we ask anything of the father in my name so pls my christian brothers and sisters lets sick his face and put our enemy to shame; remembering that all authourity in heven and on earth has been given and that the devil has no power over us” we have already been saved through christ Jesus”

  4. The way out if you ask me is RETALIATION. Let all christians in Kaduna and other BH prone areas regroup with one voice and attack as many mosques as the can find on a FRIDAY during their prayers and KILL as many people (Men & Women) so that they too will have a feel of the pains.
    It is unfortunate that Muslim Leaders are pretending that nothing is happening and the presidency is preserving the perpetrators. We will not allow these refract kill all the useful people leaving the almagaries or what ever they call them. Northern MUSLIMS, You are inviting a second civil war nicknamed RELIGIOUS WAR. Be warned.

  5. Please my dear brothers and sisters in nigeria can any one of you tell me or show me who are those Boko Haram that we are mentioning them. Is some people that want to cause religious crisis in nigeria that they are saying is muslim. But if you said that is muslim whom are they were are let the government harass them. The can not because is the government was doing this. If is not the government we want to known whom are those fucking animals

  6. If this has a political undertone as some say, why cant they also bomb the mosque? In my opinion bh = religious reason > political reason. Although our president has no welfare of d people at heart as seen in fuel subsidy removal and increment of electricity tariff, he does not need a prophet to tell him that Nigeria cannot exist as a single nation again. Just like what Saro Wiwa stood for materializing after his death, what Martin Luther King Jnr stood for materializing after his death, what Gen. Ojukwu, Ikemba Nnewi stood and fought for will materialize now that he is death. The writing is already on d wall. Goodluck shud brace up cos even though it’s not written exactly like this in d Bible, heaven help those who help themselves.

  7. what i’ll advise my christains brothers n sisters in d northern states are to make their home their church.When these bastard animals couldn’t locate any soul in church on sunday again, may b they’ll start going to d mosques every Friday looking for those they ‘ll devour.

  8. it appears as if the xtians are fast loosing their patience. They are not only pushed to the wall but pushed into the wall. Their recent reactions to Kaduna bombing is long time expected. am sure northern elders and politician can solve the problem if they mean to do it

  9. Mr brian if u don’t understand the meaning of transformation just shut up. For transformation 2 take place all of us must suffer it. The T/formation agender of president Goodluck Jonathan is the only solution to many problems in Nigeria, so try and see reasons with mr president. As for notherners they will be paid in full

  10. Iam very happy with the decission of xtians youth in Kaduna yesterday. Every mallam will open his dirty mouth claiming that this boko haram are not muslims, do they have their own quaran or is the same quaran they use? They claim responsibility for yesterday attack even qouting in their devilish quaran that their god said they should fight jews until they submit to their selfish and devilish religion. And they claiming that islam is religion of peace. Point of correction; islam is pieces not peace period.

  11. My own contribution 2 issue of BH is that d nothern leaders are d back bone of d so call BH. To me its just that they are using the attarck 2 victimise president Gudluck regime & to my own best of knowledge dey bulb churches bcos dey bliv dt 99% are muslim. To me dey are muslim by name not by practice.