Lagos state designs measuring bowls for markets

New measuring bowls have been introduced by the Lagos state government with the aim of curbing and mitigating the rate of cheating of consumers that buy grains and other products that these measuring materials are being used to sell.

The government said the new measurement, which takes effect on Wednesday, will be the only instrument to be used in the markets.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Commerce and Industry, Mr. Seye Oladejo also said apart from trying to maintain a standard acceptable by all, food contamination will also be reduced by this action and food poisoning hopefully reduced as some of these bowls tend to cause a lot of them.

He also talked about how abused the right of consumers have been and how worried the Government has been over it

“The new bowls are in five different volume capacities. They are 250cl, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres and 20 litres, and the special adviser appealed to traders in the state to see the new bowls as a tool that dignified their work.


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