Mark To Northern Leaders: Boko Haram May Break Nigeria

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 President of the Senate, David Mark on Monday sounded a strong warning to Northern Leaders to check the rising violent activities of the deadly fundamentalists group Boko Haram, saying its activities could lead to the nation’s disintegration.

Mark, who made the remark at the Senate Retreat in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, also declared that the northern leaders’ code of silence on the issue in the face of the Boko Haram’s continuous violence shows that the leaders are as guilty as the perpetrators of the mayhem.

“If the elders in the North cannot speak out and stop this menace let them tell us. Let them come out and say so boldly, because the belief out there is that some elders know about these people and decide to keep quite. If care is not taking, the way things are going, if the Boko Haram menace is not halted, it can lead to break up of Nigeria. Because there is an extent to which the people can take it,” Mark stated.

Mark, who also debunked often-touted insinuations that poverty is the root cause of the crisis said, “It is all about religious fundamentalism and ideology.

“Poverty is not the cause, otherwise if every poor person decides to carry arms then Nigeria will seize to exist. So if people talk about poverty and hunger as the cause of the Boko Haram menace I say no.”

The Senate President further added that bombing of churches almost every Sunday and killing of innocent Christian worshippers has stretched the patience of the people to the limit; such that the leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to persuade their followers not to seek retaliation. “There is limit to human endurance,” he chipped.

Nonetheless, Mark cautioned Christians on the danger of retaliation saying, that doing so means that they (Boko Haram) have succeeded in achieving their target. “Leave vengeance to God”, he appealed.

“I think it is time we educate the suicide bombers in the North that it is a wrong belief that killing innocent people would automatically take you to heaven where they would inherit 17 virgins. Of course it would be an uphill task for one person to handle 17 virgins,” he contended.

He said religious leaders and preachers should desist from indoctrinating their adherents into suicide bombings, adding that government should think seriously on issuing licenses to preachers as a way of checkmating the evil ones among them.

Mark also called on government to seek international collaboration with its neighbours as well as Western countries on ways to tackle and uproot the Boko Haram sect.

While declaring open the retreat the 2011 Senate Retreat taking place at the Ibom Meridien and Golf Resort, the Senate President attributed the emergence and upsurge of terrorist activities in the country to some “disgruntled and over-ambitious politicians.”

Also addressing senators at the retreat tagged “The National Assembly and National Security: Securing the Future for Development”, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan noted with sadness that unguarded remarks and statements by ‘do-or-die’ politicians had led to destruction of several lives and properties in the northern parts of the country.

President Jonathan warned such politicians to stop promoting ethnic and religious politics adding that national security should not be sacrificed on the altar of partisan politics.

He called for joint collaboration between the executive, legislature and judiciary arms of government on the need to review and strengthen existing laws on terrorism to reduce the activities of the Sect.

Meanwhile, host governor, Godswill Akpabio while welcoming the participants described the retreat, as a divinely arranged coming at a time Nigeria is experiencing security challenges.

Akpabio said that a strong union between the executive, legislature and Judiciary was capable of solving the Boko Haram problem.

According to the Governor, “the bombs and the killings would not deter the government of President Goodluck Jonathan from delivering on its mandate of transforming the country.”

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  1. President should do something bout boko haram befor they eliminate Nigeria.I suggest disintegration of Nigeria into 2 or 3 as soon as possible to save innocent souls.

  2. OmG so truth still exist in this country? They are changing their stand for reality. After they want to use bokos to attract government fund by saying its political and poverty, but their spoke man always give government their stand, they pretend. For me let fed gov give them their own state sothat the can create their own Islamic state and sharia law, if that will stop brutal killings of innocent people .and i doubt if Nigeria is ready to fight jihad and terrorist

  3. Is mark telling us that he is not among de elders in de north?what contribution has he made in bringing any meaninfull solution or he is no longer part of the north

    • point of correction. Senator Mark is from Benue State and u will agree wit me that Benue is middle-birth contrary to your opinion..

  4. All of u are d same.Speaking grammer wil nt solve dis problem but to match word with action.u pple have deceived Nigerians so much by ur big grammers.This group of pple wil come speak grammer and go,another group wil come speak their own.Men of reincarnated incubus!Excuse me!Morons!Nonsense!

  5. Well, our dear senate president. I have a message 4 u. It’s quite unfortunate that reaching u the political leaders of Nigeria directly or privately is almost mission impossible. But I have to relay the message anyhow like this because if I keep it to myself it might bounce back at me. I don’t know what u did or what u’re doing that warrants the type of dream I had for u and the Lagos state governor (Baba Tunde Fashola) I dreamt about both of u been removed, sacked or impeached. I think the three words meant the same thing in government institutions. I advice u verify the genuineness of the dream about the two of u and make a possible move before it will be too late. Plz and plz, take this serious for my dream is not to be toil or joke wit. Things of the flesh, is of the flesh. While things of the spirit, is of the spirit. If u wish to contacts me, [email protected] or 08034741543…. 08182612755. Thanks and God bless you.

  6. My honorable senate president, I have a message for you. Although, the message should have been private, but it’s quite unfortunate that you political leaders of Nigeria are unreachable. Well, I have to relay the message this way because if I keep it to myself, it might bounce back at me. I had a dream about you and the Lagos state governor(Baba Tunde Fashola) the two of you were sacked, removed or impeached. I think the three words meant the same thing. In my own humble knowledge, I wouldn’t know what you did or what you are doing to warrants the treatment. but whatever it is, I advice you people should take the message serious and act fast before it will be too late. Once more, my dreams are not to be toil or joke with. Verify the authenticity of the dream and make haste while the sunshine.Because things of the spirit, are of the spirit. While things of the flesh are of the flesh. If you wish to contacts me: [email protected] 08034741543 or 08182612755. Thanks and God bless you.

  7. sir david mark, u r a former military man, what do u think d pres. GEJ should do 2 stop d boko haram frm continued mindless shedding of innocent blood? remember that u are also one of d eminent northern leaders.

  8. mark you are fool, what game are you trying to play? get the support of the southerners to fulfil your political ambition of becoming the next president or what? what effort did you made to resolve the current crisis in your state b/w your tribe and fulanis? sitting there saying rubbish or are you not part of the northern elders?

  9. nigeria is divided into two parts,the daylight and the darkness.the perpetrators of evil like the boko haram,its believers and sponsorers are the agents of darkness cos they are being brainwashed to kill inorder to inherit 17 virgins in cannot imagine the illitracy that dominte the northern part of the land.if i may ask,how can they be thought that in the northern mosque inorder to distabilize our motherland.killing is murder,and murder is evil.the daylight people are the peace believing people,they percevere in the faces of difficulties,and they are those that are being thought in the churches that killing is evil and they run far from such evil.nothwithstanding, may God bless the good people of nigeria

  10. David mark is worst than boko haram. He is diabolic and evil. Is he not part of northern? What meaningful contribution has he made concerning insecurity menace in Nigeria? Why is he trying to behave like a chameleon? Poverty and social injustice are the root causes of Nigeria’s problem. I know one day all of them that put Nigeria into this predicament will regret in sorrow insha Allah. May God save,help and bless Nigeria and her poor helpless citizenries.

  11. Nigeria should divide. North and South. They are killing southerners in the north. It means they dont like southerners. So what are we still staying together for? I dont understand. They should rule their north and create their own muslim country. How can you be killing people and you don’t want them to go away from you? I dont understand. Honestly i dont understand.

  12. I agree Nigeria should divide. North and South. The northerners don’t want to divide Nigeria because of the oil in the south. Their fellow northern counterparts are independent. Saudi arabia, Libya, etc. They are individual countries. So the north should be on their own and form their own country. And the South will form their own.

  13. Nigeria should divide. Its obvious northerners dont want southerners. They are killing and bombing them there in the north. So what are we still staying together for? I dont get the point. What really do they want? To rule southern oil? It will never happen again in JESUS Name amen. Not even till my greatgrandchildren are greatgrand mothers and greatgrand fathers. Northerners will never rule southern oil again till this world ends in JESUS Name amen.


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